New Jersey District 12: District Handbook

D12 League Best Practices

Beginning in January 2009, D12 Presidents will discuss their league best practices and share how they administer the Little League program in their community. The outline for each league presentation will be poste here.

Upcoming Presentations:

January 2009 CPLL
March 2009 Sunnybrae
April 2009, HTRBA
December 3, 2009 Bordentown LL
January 20, 2010 Nottingham LL
April 14, 2010 Allentown Upper Freehold
October 2010 North Trenton LL
January 2011 East Windsor Little League
March 16, 2011 New Egypt Softball Little League
January 2012, Robbinsville
March 2012, East Windsor PAL
April 2012, Lawrenceville
May 2012, Florence
December 2012, Ewing
January 2013, West Windsor
March 2013, Millstone Roosevelt
April 2013, Florence Softball
December 2013 Sunnybrae
January 2014 Six-Eleven
March 2014 CPLL
December 2014, HTRBA
January 2015, West End
March 2015, Bordentown
December 2015, Princeton
March 2016, Robbinsville
May 2016, Lawrence
December 2016, Ewing
February 2017, Nottingham
March 2017, Florence Baseball
December 2017, West Windsor
February 2018, Six-Eleven
March 2018, Florence Softball










HTRBA_December 3 2014HTRBA_December 3 2014

West End _BP_2015West End _BP_2015

BLL Best PracticeBLL Best Practice

Princeton LL Best PracticesPrinceton LL Best Practices

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Batting Helmet Manufactures Letters

1.16 - Each league shall provide in the dugout or bench of the ofensive team six
(6) [seven (7) for Intermediate (50-70) Division/Junior/Senior/Big League] protective
helmets which must meet NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for
Athletic Equipment) speciications and standards. Use of the helmet by the batter, all base
runners and base coaches is mandatory. Use of a helmet by an adult base coach or any
defensive player is optional. Each helmet shall have an exterior warning label. Helmets
must have a non-glare surface and cannot be mirror-like in nature. he helmets provided by
each league must meet NOCSAE speciications and bear the NOCSAE stamp as well as an
exterior warning label as noted above. Warning! Manufacturers have advised that altering
helmets in any way can be dangerous. Altering the helmet in any form, including painting
or adding decals (by anyone other than the manufacturer or authorized dealer) may void the
helmet warranty. Helmets may not be re-painted and may not contain tape or re-applied
decals unless approved in writing by the helmet manufacturer or authorized dealer.

Manufacturers LettersManufacturers Letters

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2018 House Tournaments2018 House Tournaments

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