NSC Nitemares Soccer Club Inc: Welcome

Wednesday, August 14
NSC is an independent club of registration!!


The Nitemares Soccer Club Inc known by "NSC" is an association of independent coaches with teams for youth soccer players from U9 to U19 boys and girls. 

NSC enables coaches to organize independent competitive or recreational youth soccer teams. NSC provides player registration with United States Youth Soccer (USYS) through Cal South and allows the teams to play in the Coast Soccer League or another gaming league of thier choice. Based in Chino, California; NSC provides registration services for teams anywhere in Southern California.


Lower Club Fees * Great benefits and Club Amenities * Team Autonomy * No Club "Politics" * League of Registrar * Network of Coaches and Independent Teams  * New Teams Welcome 

The NSC provides teams with lighted practice fields, home game fields, a website, full player, coach and administrator USYS registration with full insurance coverage. Each NSC team operates as an independent unit with the minimum club expenses to operate at whatever level each team decides. Each NSC team decides what gamming league to play in (Recreational, Signature or Competitive), when to practice, what tournaments to attend, how to coach and manage the teams.

If you are interested in more information or joining the NSC please call: (909) 590-5111 or email: scr4boys@verizon.net