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AA-A-Tee Ball Common Questions

Here are some answers to common registration questions:

Equipment Needed:

Must have a glove.  A bat is recommended, particularly if going to practice on your own.  Its not required though.  Four to five helmets are provided to the Coach of the team.  You may want a helmet if you are practicing on your own, or if your player doesn't like to share or wear a helmet another player has worn.  Cleats are your choice.  Baseball pants are your choice but are more common than not, starting at AA.  Batters gloves are player's choice.  Lastly if you buy all of that, its not a bad idea to get a baseball bag to hold it all!  Some bags are back pack style.  All typically have a hook to hang or suspend on a chain link fence.

When are practices?

Baseball practices are determined by the Coach or Manager of your players team.  He or she typically consults all the parents to find the best location and time slot.  Most coaches are flexible.  For the younger ages because teams are primarily school based, typical conflicts for one, are conflicts for the others.  

Practices will start as soon as teams are determined and the fields are opened.  Late March or early April typically.

What days are practices held?

The practice schedule is set by each team individually, so there is no way to know up front what your practice schedule will be. This will be a decision made between a manager and the families on the team.

How are team created?
For AA, A, and T-Ball, we group by school and/ or any comments made at the last question in the registration process.    Teams are crafted by the VP, GM of Cal Ripken and the Registrar.

More questions and answers can be found in FAQs page.

Feel free to contact the registrar on any question: