Niskayuna Baseball : Register/Registration Information

Thursday, January 1
Registration Information

T Ball to Babe Ruth

Recreation League Baseball Registration.

Please register at:

Key Features
- dri-fit shirts in place of t-shirts with smaller sizes for AA-A-T
- trophies for T ball and A levels
- dri-fit shirts for AAA
- complimentary dri-fit shirts for Majors
- new hat designs for rec
- improved Coach selection process and skill development
- Lower Level concession only by Field 3 and Field 4 participants

We encouage registrants to sign up early, so we can proceed with capital purchases for the season early, as well as plan for number of teams, uniforms, equipment and coaches as far in advance as possible.

For first time registrants, you must start by creating an account. 

For prior registrants, options available to you will be the only ones you see.

When registering, add as many email addresses as you would like to keep in touch with league news and updates.

To register, you must do so online.  To close your registration online, you must pay with a credit card. 

However you can start a registration online, and pay by check during a winter workout session by presenting to a Board Member or at a date to be determined.

All open or outstanding registrations not paid by credit card or a delivered check from the dates above, will be voided.

To register to play in Niskayuna, you must reside in the Niskayuna School District based on our Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Charter.

Proof of registrants birth date, if not already on file with the league, is required to complete registration. 

Registration for all other Recreation Leagues closes March 7 .   This is to allow us to count players, determine # of teams, and select appropriate amount of coaches.  We plan to announce all rec teams the first week of April.

Determine your participants playing age based on their age on April 30, 2015:

The levels of play:

See our Playing Levels page for a description of each level:

T-Ball:                              4 and 5 year olds *
*If your child is not 5 by April 30th of this year but is starting Kindergarten in September he/she is eligible to sign up for our T-ball program.

Single A:                          6 and 7 year olds *
*If your child is not A Ball eligible but participated in Nisky T Ball the prior season, you can petition the Registrar for entry into A Ball.  Your prior season's coaches assessment is used in determining moving up to this level

Double A:                        8 and 9 year olds*
*If your child played the prior Summer 8U Allstars and is only A ball eligible, you can register for AA via the Double A for 7 Year Old Registration Link.


Triple A:                         10 and 11 year olds*
If your child played prior Summer 8U Allstars and is 9 years old, you can register for AAA via the AAA for 9 Year old Registration Link.


Majors:                           11 and 12 year olds
*If your child makes Modified, we will bump to Babe Ruth if mutually agreed.  If 11 years old, and interested in playing Majors, register for Majors.  If the player is not  Majors drafted or chooses to play AAA
, he or she will be refunded the difference.

Babe Ruth:                     13 - 15 year olds 


Niskayuna Baseball, Ltd. Recreation Fee Schedule

Before discounts:


Before Feb 1, there is an early registration discount per registration of $15.  Also multiple registrations get $20 off the first registration, $10 off each subsequent registration.

T-Ball:                                 $100
Single A:                             $150
Double A:                           $170
Triple A:                              $185
Majors:                               $190
Babe Ruth:                         $195



Multiple Registration Discount: There is multiple registration discounts of $20 off the 2nd registrant and another $10 off the 3rd.  

Late Fees:  There is a $50 fee assessment for late registrations.

Hardship Scholarships:
If you would like to apply for a hardship scholarship, include in your registration a request and reason.   The Board reviews, and many times will discount the registration or find a sponsor. 


Donations: If you would be willing to contribute to a hardship fund, or sponsor another child, you will be given options in the registration online web site.  You will also be asked if you want to be kept confidential or if we can publicly share your name and contribution.  


Refund policy: Any registration refund and or policy requires approval by the Board.   The policy is found on the online Registration web site.  You can see if you choose Help, or when you register in that web page prior to check out it will give you the refund policy. Because the league pays processing fees for the online transaction, the refuned will deduct a percentage to handle the transaction fees.  Also depending on when and why you request a refund, various expenses may already have been incurred. For example: uniforms and hats.  The policy will be maintained on the registration online tool, and typically is 90% before a certain date and 75% after. 


How Teams Are Made:

T-Ball through AA

Teams are set by the GM of Cal Ripken working with the Registrar.  Requests for one Assistant by the Manager will be honored.  No other request for team is guaranteed.  If you have a reason not to be with another player or Coach, please include that information in your registration.  It will be kept confidential.


AAA, Majors

Teams are determined by an observation session held by the managers, followed by a draft by the team Managers.  The session is typically the third or last weekend in March and will be emailed to all registered players.  The draft session is a few days after the work out session, championed by the President and VP, and held between the Managers.  The Managers agree to draft slot of Manager and 1 chosen Assistant Coach children, and then the manager names are pulled from a hat.  The draft commences in a serpentine method in that order. (1,2,3,4,5; 5,4,3,2,1).  This keeps the teams balanced and competitive. 

Babe Ruth
Teams are determined by the League with collarboration of the Babe Ruth Managers by chosing new players entering their first year in Babe Ruth from the Majors level.  They are placed to an existing team from the prior season. 


How will you volunteer your time/talents ?

  • Head Coach or Assistant Coach to lead one of the teams in our program, including travel teams for ages 8 and up.
  • Team Parent able to organize/improve communication between the parents on the team  
  • Sponsor a team or sign for your company or other organization  
  • Ask to Join the out a Board member and ask how you can get involved
  • Join us at Field Opening and Closing Days
  • Support our Fundraisers
  • Support our Sponsors
  • Lend a Hand at Concession
  • Assist in Field Prep and Clean Up
  • Scorekeep
  • Attend Field Days
  • and so on.

Our hope is that many parents will involve themselves as managers and coaches. Parent volunteers for team managers are self-identified during the player registration process and contacted during the team formation process in early March.

The process for selecting Head Coaches and Assistants will begin in February. Most teams will be formed in March, with our Spring Season being played in April, May and June. 

To be a league sanctioned coach, you will 1) have a third party background check performed - this applies to the Manager and Assistant Coaches and 2) you must complete the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Coaches certification program.  Proof of completion is to be supplied to the GM of Cal Ripken or GM of Babe Ruth. 

Please keep in mind that our league is dependent on the volunteer efforts of parents. Please do your part to support the league operate.

Thanks for your support and interest in Niskayuna Baseball!  If you have any question email or ask anyone on the Board or email the Registrar