Niskayuna Baseball : Cal Ripken Majors

Sunday, April 28
Home Run Board

Majors Home Run Board:

Zack Fredenburg       11

Ricky Grugan             5

Jimmy Joyce             3

Aaron Whitley           3  

James Murphy           2

Andre Cantoria          2

Jonah Doudoukjian    2

Alex Terwilliger        2

Cole Hedden              1

Matthew Cutting        1

Jeff Halusic             3

James Falace            1 

Ross Engelmyer         2 




Monday, March 11
Majors Draft Day Session
2013 Draft
The draft for 2013 Majors will be Saturday March 23, 2013.  Time slots TBA.   Location: Union Field House.

Tentative Schedule is:

8:15-10:15       AAA including 10U and 9U travel tryouts. (10 yr olds, 9 yr olds, 11 yr olds)

10:30- 12:30    Majors including 11U tryouts (11 yr olds then 12 yr olds)
12-30-2:00       8U tryouts


Every player will have an opportunity to hit in a batting cage and field while be observed by the Majors Managers and their assistants.   Players will also have a chance to pitch and catch.

A few days later,  managers and assistants as orchestrated by the GM of Cal Ripken and VP of Niskayuna Baseball will hold a draft.  As an 11 year old, if not drafted for Majors then player can play in AAA.  A refund will be given on the registration.

Several days later, teams will be announced.

Sunday, March 17
Tryouts Schedule
MAJORS Tryouts Schedule

Baseball Tryout Times are set for Majors, AAA and the following Travel Teams: 12U, 11U, 10U, 9U and 8U.  If you didn't get an email, contact the registrar:

Tryouts are Saturday March 23 at the Union Memorial Field House.   Please arrive 15-30 minutes early to sign in, get your draft number and warm up.  Remember to bring water.

Players should be prepared for hitting in a batting cage and fielding while being observed by Managers and Coaches.  Additionally there will be opportunity to demonstrate pitching and playing the catcher position.

TRAVEL TRYOUT NOTE:  All players trying out for travel MUST bring two copies of their birth certificate with them to the tryouts. This information is needed by the Empire State Baseball League, who organizes the travel league. No exceptions.  All players trying out for travel MUST be registered and paid for recreational league baseball prior to the travel tryouts and not have an outstanding balance from a previous season. No exceptions. You can log on to your registration account to check your balance.
If you have any questions between now and tryout, please feel free to contact Brud Cutting - Travel and All-Stars Coordinator:

RECREATIONAL NOTE:  The Tryout is an opportunity for Managers and Coaches to evaluate a player's skill level.  Everyone will make a team, in either Majors or AAA.  However this allows the Managers to draft players and keep teams fair and balanced, as well as the leagues competitive.  The draft will be held in a few weeks, and team announcements will be made shortly after.

If you can not attend for your Time slot, or have questions on the draft please contact the Registrar.


Monday, April 22