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Indoor Soccer Rules--Iowa Games(1/2 page below)



FIFA rules shall apply as guidelines for play, with the exceptions listed as follows.  All players and coaches are responsible for knowledge and interpretation of the FIFA and Winter Games house rules.


All players must have one of the following forms of I.D. with them or they will not be permitted to play (current player cards, photocopy of birth certificate with photo attached, drivers license or passport).

NO I.D. - NO PLAY!  The coach must present I.D. cards for all of his\her players to the Site Director prior to his\her first game for roster verification.


No play will be allowed off the side or end walls, All play will be required to be executed within the boundaries marked on the playing field.  Every effort will be made to have the largest playing field possible available to your team.

FIELD SIZE: Width: Minimum 40'Maximum 80' Length: Minimum 80' 140' GOAL SIZE: 6'high X 10'wide

ENDLINES: If the ball crosses the endline, it is out of play.  If caused to go out by the defense a comer kick shall be awarded.  If caused by the offense, a goal kick shall be awarded.

SIDELINES: If the ball crosses the sideline it shall be put back into play by a KICK-IN.
(NOTE: No throw-ins will be allowed).

PENALT)(XGOAL AREA: A single rectangular area in which scoring is restricted from within.
Size as listed: U-1 2 and below divisions - 5 feet to the side and 8 feet to the front of each goal post.  U-1 4 through open divisions - 1 0 feet to the side and 15 feet to the front of each goal post.

PENALTY SPOT: A spot marked 20 feet from the mid-point of each goal line.

If the ball strikes the lights or superstructure above the playing field, the referee shall award an indirect free kick to the opposing team.  The kick shall be taken from the place where the infringement occurred on the playing field.  If the infringement occurred above the penalty area, the ball shall be placed on the penalty mark and the' indirect free kick taken by the appropriate team.


A felt covered indoor soccer ball is used.  No other ball may -be used.  Each team is responsible to supply one (1) good game ball.  The referee shall determine which ball shall be the official ball used during competition.  A #4 is used for Under 8 - Under 12, while a #5 is used for all other divisions.


1 . Players must be on the team's tournament r6ster in order to participate.  Violation of this rule will result in the forfeiture of all games played by the offending team.  See Section 2 for use of ineligible player(s).

2. A player can only play for one team; regardless of whether the teams are in different age divisions or not.  If a player is rostered on more than one team and participates in a game for each team, the Soccer Commissioner shall determine which team is proper.  A team will forfeit any
preliminary game in which the ineligible player has participated.  This determination must be made prior to the completion of the preliminary round.  If an ineligible player is not discovered until a semi-final, or final match, all play prior to that match shall stand.  The match in which the ineligible is discovered shall be forfeited by the offending team.

Iowa Games Winter Sports Festival
Indoor Soccer Rules

3. All divisions will be allowed four (4) field players and one (1) goalkeeper.
4. Minimum number of players to start a game is four (4).
5. A minimum of three (3) players on the field is required to complete the game.
6. Substitutions may be made at one of the following occurrences:
A. After a goal.
B. On an injury time-out.
C. On goal kicks.
D. On comer kicks.
E. After a yellow or red card is issued.
F. At the half-time or between quarters.
G. (Goalkeeper) during any dead ball situation.
H. Players from bench after permission from official, by either team during any dead ball out of the field of play (goal kick, comer kick, side kick-in).
NOTE: The following restrictions apply:
A. Player leaving MUST exit at the team bench area ONLY.
B. New player entering the game MUST enter at his\her bench area ONLY.
7. Each rostered player shall play in the game, but there will be no minimum playing time.  It is the responsibility of each coach to supply the referee with a copy of their team's roster containing Player's name and number.

1 .No black-soled shoes or cleats of any form will be allowed.
2. Casts, even though padded will not be allowed.
3. Shin guards are mandatory.
4. All players, with the exception of he goalkeeper, must wear the same color shirts.  The players' shirts should be numbered with each player having a different number.
5. Goalkeepers must wear shirts which are distinguishable from all other players and may also be used.
6. It is the responsibility of the visiting team to change jerseys of colors that are similar.  At minimum white shirts, should be used.  The Iowa games T-shirts that each player.  receives may also be used.
7. All shirts are to be tucked in, with socks covering the shin guards.
8. Players are not allowed to wear jewelry of any kind (i.e.; earnings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.


1. All games will be officiated by volunteers supplied by the teams playing in the tournament.
2. Referee decisions are final.
3. Referees shall caution player(s), coach(es) and bench personnel who:
A. Are guilty of misconduct or unsportsmanlike conduct.
B. Dissent.
C. Are guilty of sliding tackles except as noted below (#6).
D. Persistently infringes the laws of the game.
E. Enter the field of play without permission.
F. Persist in verbally abusing the referee(s).
4. Cautioned players must be substituted for and will not be allowed to re-enter the game until the NEXT HALF.
5. Referees shall eject players, coach(es), and bench personnel who are guilty of:
A. Violt3nt conduct or serious foul play.
B. Use of foul or abusive language.
C. Persistence of misconduct after having been cautioned.

6. No slide tackling will be allowed, however goalies will be allowed to slide in the penalty area while defending against a goal, provided contact is avoided with the opposing players.  It is the referee's discretion as to action taken for violating this rule.
7. Following each match, the referee shall report the score to the Site Director.  The referee should have each -coach sign the score sheet before it is returned to the site director.

1. Preliminary Games
Two (- Twenty (20) minute halves )
Five (5) - minute half time
2. Medal Round Games
Two (2) - Twenty five (25) minute halves
Five (5) - minute half time
3. Clock will run continuous, stopped only at referee's discretion.
4. All games shall start according to the schedule.
5. Forfeit time is five minutes after the hour.
6. All games will end no later than five minutes.before the next scheduled time.

1 - Games shall -start promptly at the scheduled time.  Forfeit time is ten (1 0) minutes after the
scheduled time.
2. Minimum players to start the game is four.
3. The home team decides choice of goal.  The visiting team shall kick-off.  The home team is always the first team listed on the schedule.
4. The succeeding half shall start with a kick-off from the center circle by alternating teams.
5. The ball may be played in any direction at the kick-off.

1 The ball shall be considered out of play when:
A. it completely crosses the sidelines or endlines, either in the air or on the ground.
B. It hits lights or superstructure (See rule.).
C. It lodges behind net\goal.
NOTE: Last touched by defender - comer kick.
Last touched by offensive player - goal kick.
2. The ball is put back into play by:
A. Sideline- Kick- in from outside the touch line.
B. Endline- Goal kick or corner kick (See rule 11).
C. Players have 5 seconds to put the ball into play after the ball has been placed on the spot for a kick-in, goal kick, or corner kick.


1 - A goal is scored when the ball has completely passed over the goal line, between the goal posts, and under the cross-bar, provided it does not violate Rule X.2. noted below'
2. No goal may be scored by directly striking the ball within the penalty area (i.e. any type of shot from within the penalty area).
NOTE: Any attempt to score within the penalty area will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing
team, from the point of the infringement.


When the ball is played over the two blue lines and the center line in the air without being touched by a player or hitting the floor, the opposing team shall be awarded the ball at the center circle.


( Please note items 4A, 4B, 5, and 6)
1. A player who intentionally commits any of the following offenses shall be penalized by a direct free kick from the point of the infraction, unless in the penalty area where a penalty kick will be awarded to the offended team.
A. Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent.
B. Tripping or attempting to trip a-n opponent.
C. Jumping at an opponent.
D. Charging from behind.
E. Charging violently or in a dangerous manner.
F. Striking or attempting to strike an opponent.
G. Holding an opponent.
H. Pushing an opponent.
1. Handling the ball.
J. Slide tackles of any kin are illegal, (except as noted in Rules VI. #6).
K. Charging the goalkeeper while he has possession of the ball.
L. Encroachment: not giving 1 0 feet on a restart until the ball is played.
2. Any player committing any of the following offenses shall be penalized by an indirect free kick.
A. Dangerous play.
B. Obstruction.
C. Charging when the ball is not within playing distance.
D. Delaying the game - keeper has five seconds to get rid of the ball.
E. Charging the goalkeeper.
3. Player(s) guilty of the above may also be cautioned by the referee.
4.A. In the U-8 through U-1 4 divisions, any player receiving a yellow card must be substituted for and
may not re-enter until five minutes has, elapsed and there is a normal substitution situation.
B. In the U-1 6 through adult divisions, any player receiving a yellow card must leave the field of play.

5. In all divisions, any player receiving a red card shall leave the field of play.  The offending team shall play short handed for five minutes.  After five minutes, the team may then substitute another player for the red- carded player.  The player receiving the red card shall not be allowed to participate in the current game or the next.,
6. Coach(es), assistant coach(es), and any bench personnel guilty of any of the above fouls, misconduct's, or offenses will be subject to the same penalty card restrictions and the offending team will play short for two minutes.
7. Anyone involved in a fight will be immediately expelled from further competition.


1. All players, except the player taking the kick and the opposing goalkeeper, shall be outside the penalty area, but within the playing field until the ball travels the distance of its own circumference.  Time shall be extended for the taking of a penalty kick.
2. Punishment for any infringement of this law:
A. By the defending team, the kick shall be taken again if a goal has not resulted.
B. By the attacking team other than by the player taking the kick, if a goal is scored it shall be disallowed.
C. By the player taking the penalty kick, committed after the ball is in play, a player of the opposing team shall take an indirect free kick from the spot where the infringement occurred. The player may not be substituted for and the offending team will play D. Goalkeeper movement shall be decided on by the referee.  If a goal is scored, it shall be deemed good; if goal is not scored the referee shall award a second kick.
3. In the event that penalty kicks (as defined in FIFA rule-book) must be used to determine a winner, (semi-final and final games only) the format will be as follows;
A. Each team will select five players to kick.  Only players on the field at the conclusion of the 2nd overtime may be selected to kick.
B. Teams will alternate kicks - first team to kick will be determined by a referees' coin toss.
C. If the score remains tied after five kicks, teams will alternate kicks, one at a time until a winner is determined.
D. Goalies may be changed after any shot.

1. Any ball passing over the sideline, either in the air or on the ground, shall be put back into play by an indirect kick-in by the team not causing the ball to go out of bounds.
2. The ball must be put into play within 5 seconds after the ball is placed at the point that the ball left the field of play.
3. The offense shall be given approximately 6 feet (U8 - U14) 10 feet (Ul6 and older) by the defense in which to put the ball back into play.

When the whole of the ball passes over the endline and is last touched by an offensive player, it shall be put back into play by a goal kick from the defending team.  The ball shall be placed anywhere in the penalty area and must travel outside the penalty area before the ball is in play.

1. Handling the ball
A. Once the ball has been released from the goalkeepers hand(s) to a teammate, the keeper may not handle the ball again
B. Exceptions:
1. Ball touched by opposing team.
2. The ball passes over his own blue line.
C. Violation of the aforementioned rule shall result in an indirect kick being awarded to the opposing team from the point of the infringement.
2. Time limitations
A. Keeper has five (5) seconds to release the ball from within the penalty area.

1. The referee has the discretionary power to stop, suspend, or terminate the game whenever, by reason of the spectators, players, coaches, or parents, he deems such stoppage necessary.
2. The referee has the power to make judgments pertinent to the game on any of the rules not fully covered in the Laws stated.
3. The Soccer Commissioner in charge shall have the authority to remove any person from the tournament for unsportsmanlike conduct.  This authority shall be exercised only when the action in question is outside the referee's jurisdiction.

1. Preliminary matches
A. Brackets will be determined by a drawing, with consideration being given to teams from the same community and\or club.
B. Each team will play three games (except if odd number of teams).

C. No overtimes, ties will stand.
2. Semi-final\Final matches
A. Age divisions with 4 or 5 teams will not play medal round games but rather medals will be awarded based upon the points and tie-breaking procedures noted in Rule XIX.  Those divisions with more than five (5) teams will advance four (4) teams in each age division to vie for medals(SeeRuleXIX.). Age divisions with 6,8,or9 team will  not play semi-finals but rather will advance directly to the medal determining games.  The winner of each bracket will play one another for the silver and gold medal and the second place team in each bracket will compete for the bronze medal and the fourth place ribbons.
B. Age divisions with 10, 12,14, or 16 teams will play semi-finals matches.  In division with 10 or 12 teams the bracket winners plus one wild card will advance to play in the semi-finals.  In divisions with 14 or 16 teams only the four bracket winners will advance to play in the semi-finals.  The winners of the semi-finals will advance to the silver and gold medal game. -the runner-ups will compete in the bronze medal fourth place match.
C; Ties in semi-final, bronze, silver, and gold medal games will result in the playing of two 5minute overtime periods, then go to penalty kicks, per FIFA rules, if the game ends in a tie (See rule Xiii.).

1. In the event of a forfeiture, a score of 2-0 shall be awarded to the winning team.
2. Advancement to semi-final and\or final games, as well as determining medal winners in divisions where medal games are not played, will be based on preliminary games win\lose\tie records with points awarded as follows:
A. 3 points per win
B. 1 point per tie
C. 0 points per loss
3. If, based on the preceding system, two or more teams are still in a tie, then the following tiebreakers will be used in the order given.
A. Winner of most games.
B. Head to head competition.  If the two teams did not play in tournament competition or if more than two teams are tied, this criterion will not be used.
C. Highest goal spread - goals for minus goals against... maximum of 4 goals per game.
D. Fewest goals allowed.
E. Flip of a coin (home team calls -,winner advances).
4. Due to the number of teams in each age division, not all teams will play just three (3) games, some teams may play four (4) games to determine bracket\medal winners.


1. All teams must have a coach 18 years of age or older.
2. All coaches are responsible for the conduct of their fans throughout the tournament, abusive language and actions by spectators will not be tolerated!  The referee has the power to verbally warn, caution or eject the team coaches for the conduct of the spectators.

1 . EVERY PLAYER IS PARTICIPATING AT HIS OR HER OWN RISK!  Volunteer medical staff will act in their best judgment in an,, emergency medical situation.  All volunteers connected with this tournament wall be released from:, any and all liability for injuries or illness occurring during this soccer tournament.
2. Every team is requested to help ensure that the field and the surrounding grounds are left clean and litter free.
3. ALCOHOL in any form will not be allowed on any playing field or facilities.
4. The community of Dubuque is very gracious to allow us to use their facilities.  Be kind and do not disrespectful for their hospitality


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