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2011 Playoffs

  This League is a Past Travel League. If you are from JBurg, SGrove,'re looking for the IN-HOUSE League
Please Contact Your League Mgmt for details regarding registering in your "in-house" League Website

Championship Game 

Saturday, June 25, 2011 @ Antioch Osmond Field @ 3p

Game 13: #1 seed Antioch Wolverines VS #3 seed Genoa City Vipers

The 2011 Nippersink Pony Baseball Tournament of Champions

Winner: Antioch Wolverines



3rd Place Game

Saturday, June 25, 2011 @ Antioch Osmond Field @ 6p

Game 14: #2 seed Antioch Mustangs VS #4 seed Antioch




Final Four

Friday, June 24, 2011 @ LVBP @ 5:30p

Game 11: #2 Antioch Mustangs VS #3 Genoa City Vipers

Winner: Genoa City Vipers 5-4

Pitchers: #32 John L 4IP, #10 David F 3IP


Friday, June 24, 2011 @ LVBP @ 8p

Game 12: #1 Antioch Wolverines VS #4 Antioch

Winner: Antioch Wolverines 9-8

Pitchers: # Monaco 4IP, # Smithson 3IP


                                                                                  Elite 8

MONDAY, June 20, 2011 Games   Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Game 1: LV Gray VS LV Navy   Game 7: A-Wolverines VS LV Gray

Winner: LV Gray 3-2                                                   Winner: Antioch Wolverines 13-1

Pitchers: #12 Mullins 3IP, #11 Laufenberg 4IP             Pitchers:#Koch 4IP, #Monaco 3IP


Game 2: Antioch VS LV Orange    Thursday, June 23,2011

Winner: Antioch 8-3    Game 8: Antioch VS LV Green

Pitchers: #10 Matt 2IP, #37 Justin 2IP,                       Winner: Antioch 14-3

             #23 Pat 3IP                                                    Pitchers:#37 Justin 3IP,  

                                                                                                 #23 Pat 3IP

Game 3: LV Royal VS LV Green

Winner: LV Green 10-7

Pitchers: #8 Zurawski 3IP, #10 Grote 2IP 

     Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Game 4: GC Vipers VS LV Maroon                                  Game 9: GC Vipers VS LV Red

Winner: GC Vipers 7-4                                                 Winner:GC Vipers 17-8

Pitchers: #32 Jon 3IP, #9Taylor 3IP,                          Pitchers:#13Alex 4IP 

              #13 Alex 1IP                                                              #99 Philip 1IP

  #9 Taylor 2IP   (Game played Thursday June 23)

Game 5: LV Gold VS LV Red

Winner: LV Red 13-2

Pitchers: #6 Noah 4IP,  #5 Tyler 2IP,

              #11 Jake 1IP 


Game 6: LV White VS LV Black    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Winner: LV Black     Game 10:A-Mustangs VS LV Black

Pitchers: #9 Garrett 1IP, #7 Cody 3IP,     Winner: Antioch Mustangs 4-3

              #13 Jared 1IP, #2 Stefan 2IP                         Pitchers:#12Jason4IP,#3AJ 3IP

     *#2 seed JUST gets by LV Black!

      (Game finished Wednesday night)



**For website login instruction or information about the Nippersink PONY League, open the NEWS link! 

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Centerfield (Let's Go!)

Thursday, March 28
This League is a Past Travel League. If you are from JBurg, SGrove,'re looking for the IN-HOUSE League
Please Contact Your League Mgmt for details regarding your "in-house" League Website

Tuesday, April 12
Nippersink League and Website


Our website is a MEMBERS only website...for Players, Parents, Family, Sponsors, Friends, and Fans. You MUST register on the Nippersink Eteamz website only to access or view most material on our website, not just on the general "Eteamz" site. It must be on Nippersink. This can ONLY be done by registering from the website. NOT ON THE GENERAL ETEAMZ Community. Please click on "teams" located on the column on the left, then select your team. If you are then prompted with the screen below, please click on the first line if you ALREADY HAVE A LOGIN.  If you DO NOT have a login already, you must CLICK on the SECOND line and register.   You must also state your affiliation with the league. Player, Family, Friend, Sponsor, or Fan...and of which team you are associated with. If you enter a limited or vague text message, you may only receive Fan access. If you do not state the team, you will be granted FAN ACCESS ONLY. We appologize in advance for this minor delay, but it's for the safety of our kids/league.

EXAMPLE:  Don't have an eteamz account? No problem. Register by clicking on the "click here" for information needed to submit to request regsitration to your eteamz community. It's free and only takes a minute to register. If you recv fan access only and want to become a member, notify your manager and they will contact us for approval.  Thank you!

>Explore the Site!! Take time to click thru the Nipp website as after the 1st pitch, all the news, schedules, scores and game information is posted here. Read the POSITIVE COMMENT section as the mgrs/coaches begin posting their results after each game. 

>Play Ball!! Here we go again in Northern Illinois as the 2011 Nippersink PONY Season is coming upon us and this year is looking to be better then ever with all competetive teams! We appreciate everyone's time and talents this past season, and we know that you are giving it your all for all the PLAYERS involved.  We want every player to continue their development in a professional and quality environment and the Nippersink League knows that our Managers, Coaches, UMPS, Front Office, Community Director's, Parents, Fans and Players, are the ones that make the difference!

>The 2011 Nippersink Pony League is a 13-14U coed league comprised of teams from communities located in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Current member communities include Antioch, Genoa City, and Lake Villa.  These communities involved have been deeply commited to providing well balanced and talented teams over the past several seasons. The season begins in April and continues through June. Playoffs follow the regular season. All-Star games are also played at a specific site, on one weekend day during mid-season between selected teams. Equal numbers of players are selected from each team by their peer players. For further details, please stay tuned to this website and view updates as they are posted. Please also feel free to view the specific links of current member communities if you are interested in participating. All website members must follow website membership rules. If you are serious about playing within a league that hosts players with elevated talents only, this league is for you. If you are coming from a league of 12 yr old players, and because Pony baseball is a "giant" step forward from Little League, we request that you fully research this next level of baseball before you make the commitment to play in a higher level league. If you're seriously interested in elevating your players level of talent and you intend to commit to High School baseball when your player becomes a Freshman, then this league is for you.