Niki's Love For Basketball: Ball Camps

2013 Point Guard College Game Time - San Antonio, TX

2011 Point Guard College Elite Camp - Commerce, TX

11th Grade
August 8th - 12th

WOW!!! What a blast. Learned alot as always and met some awesome people. Who can forget that I also broke a table. LOL.. I would recommend the PGC to everyone. You should go at least once. This was my 4th time and I plan to try and go again next year.
Oh also just found out this past week that I have been playing since June with a broken left wrist.. Probably will have to have to under the knife sometime soon.. Oh well.. Wish me well..

2011 Lady Bison Team Camp - Searcy, AR

11th Grade
July 10th - 12th

We won all of our games. Played pretty well. Hopefully we will be ready when our season starts.

2011 USA 18U International Team - Austria, Germany, Italy

11th Grade
June 12th - 30th

WOW!! That is all I can say.. Had a GREAT time.. Experience of a lifetime. We played pretty well until the finals against Czech Republic. We started out fast, but let them back in the game and could not come back. I guess the Silver Medal, halfway around the world, is not to bad. Loved my teammates and would not have missed this for anything.
We ended up 4-1 for the trip.

2011 Tri-Lakes Shootout - Branson, MO

11th Grade
June 15th - 17th

Did not go. Was at boot camp in Kansas getting ready for the USA 18U International Team.

2011 Point Guard College Shooting Camp - Dallas, TX

11th Grade
May 13th & 14th

Alot of fun and I learned alot.. Tons of shooting.

2010 Lady Bison Team Camp - Searcy, AR

July 10-12
10th Grade

Did not go. Was at AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL.

2010 Point Guard College - Oklahoma City, OK

10th Grade
June 29 - July 3

Another awesome experience! This just keeps getting better and better. Can not wait till next year. Even though I went to the same session, I learned so much more than I did last year. Made alot of new friends and got to catch up with some of my old ones from teams that I have played in the past. My team was the first team to win our way out of the last nights midnight session. Could not be more proud of my team.

2010 Webb City Team Camp - Webb City, MO

10th Grade
June 18 - 19

Went 4-1.. Lost to Nixa. very good team. Beat Webb City, Jenks, OK, Liberal and Carl Junction. Played pretty good. Can do better.

2010 Tri-Lakes Shootout - Branson, MO

10th Grade
June 9 - 11

Played on Varsity 1 Team and we went 7-1. Played pretty good most of the time. The game we lost, we played like crap and should not have lost that one. I had 15 assists in our last game. Went to Silver Dollar City on the first day. Had a lot of fun and great bonding time with my teammates.

2009 Lady Bison Team Camp - Searcy, AR

9th Grade
July 12th - 14th

Played with JV and 10th grade team.. Like playing JV alot more..We had a good time and won 5 games and lost 5 games with JV.

2009 Point Guard College - Pensacola, FL

9th Grade
June 15th - 19th

That is all I can say.. Learned so much at this College, there is not enough room on this website for me to say how much I learned. Met alot of new people and now it's up to me to bring it back to the court. Only time will tell.. Will probably come back next year.

2009 Tri-Lakes Shootout - Branson, MO

9th Grade
June 11th & 13th

Had a great time, stayed there for 2 nights. Roomed with Varsity players. Played one game up on Varsity. Played JV for the most part. We won all but 10 of 12 games. Did real good. I won the last game on Saturday with a running left handed semi-hook shot off the back board as the buzzer sounded. It was awesome!!!!

2009 Lady Razorback Team Camp - Fayetteville, AR

9th Grade
June 7th - 9th

Went pretty good. Played with both 10th grade team and JV.. Our 10th grade team did not do to good. Our JV team played real well and we came in second in the JV tournament on the last day. I did well and had a lot of fun playing with the JV.

2009 NWA Team Camp - Bentonville, AR

9th Grade
June 5th & 6th

Played up on JV and also with the 10th grade to be team. We won all of our games. There was not alot of compitition there. Real Easy!!

2008 Branson Team Camp - Branson, MO

8th Grade
July 24-26

Wow.. we only had 7 people there and believe it or not, we won all of our games. We played in the JV division and also play 3 Varsity games. We kicked butt!! We stayed in a hotel and it was also nice.

2008 Lady Bison Team Camp - Searcy, AR

8th Grade
July 10-12

Was only there the first day because of AAU Nationals. We went 3-1 that day and did ok the rest of the week. We did get in trouble for doing things to the 7th(8th) graders that were there. I had fun the time I was there.

2008 NWA Team Camp - Bentonville, AR

8th Grade
June 9-11

This was by far the worst team camp that I have been to. We did not play very well all week and lost our first game in the tournament. I don't think this has ever happened to a Bentonville team ever. We have got a long way to go to even be good. Here are our game results.

Gravette - W
Huntsville - L
Southwest - W
Huntsville - W - 2 team
Central - L
Greenwood - W
Ramey - W
Gentry - W - 2 team
Gravette - W
Woodland - L
Gentry - W

Southwest - L

Record 8-4

2007 Lady Bison Team Camp - Searcy, AR

7th Grade
July 12th - 14th

The 8th Grade Lady Leopards were in Searcy for the Harding Lady Bison Team Camp that ran from July 12th to 14th. The Lincoln 8th Grade Leopards went a perfect 11-0 against 8th grade teams from all over Arkansas. The girls went to Searcy with on 9 of their 14 girls that are on the team. I would say they handled being short handed just fine. Below are the teams that they played. Nice Job Ladies!!!

Thursday, July 12th
vs Eureka Springs (W)
vs Gravette (W)
vs Green County Tech (W)
vs Green County Tech II (W)

Friday, July 13th
vs Bergman (W)
vs Jessieville (W)
vs Valley View (W)
vs Danville (W)

Saturday, July 14th
vs Green County Tech (W)
vs Van Buren (W)
vs West Memphis (W)

Record 11-0

2007 NWA Team Camp - Bentonville, AR

7th Grade
June 26th-28th

Played as 8th grade Lincoln Leopards school team at the NWA Jr. High Team Camp. Jr. High teams from all over the region were there and we played 11 games plus a tournament on Wednesday. It was alot of fun and we did pretty good. We played in the 8th grade division and went 12-2 and won the championship. Here was our schedule.

Game 1 - Huntsville (W)
Game 2 - Huntsville (W)
Game 3 - Washington 7th (W)
Game 4 - Central White (L)
Game 5 - Washington 8th (W)
Game 6 - Gravette (L)
Game 7 - Gentry (W)
Game 8 - Huntsville (W)
Game 9 - Central Blue (W)
Game 10 - Central Blue (W)
Game 11 - Gentry (W)
Game 12 - Gentry (W) - Tournament
Game 13 - Huntsville (W) - Tournament
Game 14 - Central White (W) - Tournament Finals

Record was 12-2

2007 University Of Tennessee Lady Vols Camp - Knoxville, TN

7th Grade
June 17th - 20th

All-Star Team - West Division - Champions
Most Valuable Player - Team
Best Offensive Player - West Division
5 on 5 Champion - West Divison

Wow!! What can I say.. This was the most awesome time I have ever had at a basketball camp. Got to meet all the Lady Vols and Coach Summitt. This year I was forced to stay in the dorm during camp and man I am so glad I did. It was way cool. My roommate and suitemates were the best. Everyone and even some girls next door stayed in our room everynight of the camp. We had so much fun.

2007 Adidas Jr. Phenom Regional Camp - Springdale, AR

7th Grade
March 3rd & 4th
# All-Star Team
# All-Region Team
# 5 on 5 Champion

Wow what a difference a year makes. I was so glad that I gave this camp one more chance. I had the best time of my life. I went into camp alot more focused and knowing that I only wanted to do one thing and that was to be on the All-Star team. Yes it was political again and yes the big girls made it, but unlike this year, I made it too. I played real well and my team only lost one game. In the All-Star game I scored 9 points and my team won. Like years in the past, I had fun, but nothing like this.

2006 Lady'Back Position Camp - Fayetteville, AR

6th Grade
July 15-16

Competed in 6th - 8th grade division
1 on 1 Champ
3 on 3 Champ
Camp All-Star
Camp Dribble Tag Champ

2006 North Carolina Lady Tar Heel Camp - Chapel Hill, NC

6th Grade
July 2-5

1 on 1 Champion
Voted Best Offensive Player
5 on 5 Runner-up

This was a great camp. I really enjoyed getting to know different girls from all over the Northeastern part of the United States.

2006 John Brown University Summer Camp - Siloam Springs, AR

6th Grade
June 12-16

Was asked to play up in the High School Division and of course I did. Was alot harder against the bigger and older girls. I think I held my own pretty good. Saw alot of my old friends and even met some new ones playing up in the older division.

* Marathon Game Champion
* 5 on 5 Champion (Undefeated 3rd year in a row)
* Full Court Gotcha Champion
* 3 on 3 Runner-Up
* Hot Shot Finals
* 3 Point Finals

2006 Adidas Jr. Phenom Regional Camp - Springdale, AR

6th Grade
March 4th & 5th

Tons of fun. Was alot better prepared for the experience that I got out in Cal. Took more control of what I did and what I wanted to get out of this camp. Got to meet new people and reunite with some of my old friends. I was awarded as one of the Top 40 players in the camp and recieved an invitation to the National Camp again this summer in San Deigo. My team only won one game but it was against the best team in the camp that 4 of its players make the All-Star team. To top it all off I had 17 points in that game and hit the game winning shot. That was nice.

2005 Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp - San Diego, CA

5th Grade
Aug. 4th - 7th

Very interesting camp. Found out alot of things about camps like these.. First it pays to be 5'8" or more if you want to make the All-Star team. Second.. if you are a true point guard, then once you pass it off, you never see it back. But I did meet alot of new people and made alot of new friends. Would I come out here again?? NO! Did I learn alot? OH YES!!

2005 Bentonville Jr. High Team Camp - Bentonville, AR

5th Grade
June 27th-29th

Played with the 6th grade Wildcats at the Bentonville Jr. High Team Camp. 2005-2006. Jr. High teams from all over the region were there and we played 10 games plus a tournament on Wednesday. It was alot of fun and we didn't do to bad either. We played in the 8th grade division and went 10-4 and took 2nd Place. Here was our schedule.
Game 1 vs Gentry (W)
Game 2 vs Bentonville Lincoln (W)
Game 3 vs Gravette 1 (W)
Game 4 vs Bentonville Washington (L)
Game 5 vs Gravette 2 (W)
Game 6 vs Pea Ridge (W)
Game 7 vs Bentonville Lincoln (W)
Game 8 vs Fayetteville Woodland (L)
Game 9 vs Greenland (L)
Game 10 vs Gentry (W)
Game 11 vs Bentonville Lincoln (W)
Game 12 vs Gentry (W) - Tournament
Game 13 vs Greenland (W) - Tournament
Game 14 vs Fayetteville Woodland (L) - Finals

2005 John Brown University Summer Camp - Siloam Springs, AR

5th Grade
June 13th - 16th

* Marathon Game Champion
* 5 on 5 Champion (Undefeated)
* 2 on 2 Runner-Up
* Free Throw Runner-Up
* Gotcha Runner-Up

2004 Stan Heath Jr. Hog Summer Camp - Fayetteville, AR

4th Grade
July 12-16
* Most Outstanding Camper Award
3rd-5th Grade Division

2004 Lady Hurricane Position Camp - Tulsa, OK

4th Grade
June 21-23
This camp does not give out any individual awards but its a great camp.. I learned alot about the point and shooting guard positions.. This was a very intense 3 days with tons of drills and a numbers of things I can work on myself.. It was a great time.

2004 John Brown University Summer Camp - Siloam Springs, AR

4th Grade
June 14-17
* 5 on 5 Champion (undefeated)
* Marathon Game Champion

Was sick all week trying to get over strep. Had 102 temp. all week but still no excuse. I did hit my two free throws with no time left to win the marathon game. Had a good time but wish I had felt better.

2003 Stan Heath Jr. Hog Summer Camp - Fayetteville, AR

3rd Grade
July 14/18
* 5 on 5 Champion
* Most Valuable Camper
3rd/4th Grade Division

2003 Lady Hurricane Summer Camp - Tulsa, OK

3rd Grade
June 16/19
* Moved up to compete in the 5th/6th Grade Division

2002 NWA Spring Camp - Bentonville, AR

2nd Grade
May 6/9
* 1 on 1 Champion
* Hot Shot Champion
* Obstacle Course Champion
3rd/4th Grade Division

2001 NWA Summer Camp - Bentonville, AR

1st Grade
July 23/27
* 1 on 1 Champion
* Hot Shot Champion
* Most Valuable Camper
1st/3rd Grade Division

2001 NWA Mini-Camp - Bentonville, AR

1st Grade
June 18/20
* Miss Lady Tiger
1st/3rd Grade Division

2000 NWA Summer Camp - Bentonville, AR

Pre-1st Grade
June 12/15
* 1 on 1 Champion
* Obstacle Course Champion
1st-4th Grade Division