Niki's Love For Basketball: History

1999 - First Year - Rainbows
6 year old Rainbow
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I started playing basketball in the Spring of 1999 at age 6 and played my first game on October 16th, 1999. It was a 28-8 win over the Bears in the Boys & Girls Club 1st/2nd grade league. I was the first player out of all the 1st graders selected in the Boys & Girls club draft. My first coach was Don Anderson. My dad had coached Dons oldest daughter, Kaylena when she was a 4th grader and she had made the All-Star team out of the Boys & Girls Club. My first team was called the Rainbows. We went undefeated in league play and also won the yearend tournament to finish 1999 with a 9-0 record. I didn't score any points on that team but played great defense and had a lot of fun. My basketball record was 9-0.

2000 - Shock & Rainbows
First All-Star Team
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The first year of the 21st century started pretty quick. As soon as the Boys & Girls Club season was over, I was asked to play on my first All-Star type team. The team was call the Shock and was coached by Don Anderson & Rick Whitten. This would be the start of many teams that I would play on coached by Rick. This team played in the Boys & Girls Club league in Siloam Springs. My dad, who worked at the Boys & Girls Club in Bentonville would soon quit there and start working over at the Club in Siloam. I tasted a couple of firsts with this team.. My first points would come on free throws in my first game and in our third game of league play I would taste defeat for the first time. It was something that I didn't like and didn't want to get used to. We lost one more game in that league and it came in the tournament finals to the same team. We came in second in league play as well as in the tournament. Our record was 10-2 and overall I was 19-2.
The Boys & Girls Club in Bentonville started its league in November of that year and I was still on the Rainbows but had a new coach. His name was Scott Berna. We again went thru the league undefeated and won the league championship with a 9-0 record and overall I was 28-2.

2001 Wildcats
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2001 - Wildcats, Express & Rainbows
2001 Express
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The 2001 year again started quick as a 3rd grade team traveling team call the Wildcats asked me to play with them. I was only in the 1st grade but they must have seen something they liked and I started playing alot of ball. Like I said before I would start playing for a guy named Rick Whitten. He was the coach of this team. I experienced another first with this team, playing out of state. We went to Joplin, MO and played in the 4 seasons winter league up there and won the league. We played 13 games from Jan. to April and we ended up 8-5 and overall I was now 36-7.
Softball came into play that summer. I thought I would play to see if it was something that I might like to do. I played in the 8 & under machine pitch league. The name of my team was the Express and my coach was John Sparks. He was a good coach and we practiced all the time and it showed as we won the league championship with a 12-1 record. I was also named the team M.V.P.
It was again time to play club ball and this would be my last year on the Rainbows. This year I was coached by Jennifer Meeker. This would be the year that I broke out and scored alot of points. I was a 2nd grader now with the school year starting and we had a pretty good season. We went 6-4 and were the league runner-up but we were put out of the tournament in the semi-finals. I now was 42-11 overall.

00-01 Rainbows
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Runnin Rebels 2002
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2002 - Runnin Rebels, Lady Tigers, Comets & Wildcats
Lady Tigers 2002
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2002 saw me playing alot of basketball as well as giving softball another go round. I played on 6 different basketball teams starting with the Wildcats team. I played on a 4th grade team and we were playing up most of the time and we went 4-18. That summer my dad took over the team and we did alot better and finished up with a 15-5 record.
Summer came around again and I tood another swing at Softball. I had alot of fun the summer before and I sort of liked softball for a change of pace. I again played in the 8 & under machine pitch league. The name of my team was the Comets and we were coached by Susie Bohne. We were not near as good as the year before and finished with a 5-8 record. Somehow I was again awarded the teams M.V.P. honor.
By the time softball was over it was again time to lace up the basketball shoes and the Runnin Rebels out of Siloam Springs came a callin. They had 2 teams, a 9 & under team and a 10 & under team. We practiced alot and only played 10 games on each team. The team was coached by Porky Lewis and Steve Cooksey. Our record on the 9 & under was 7-3 and the 10 & under team was 8-2. While that team was playing I also was part of a 5th grade Wildcat team. Rick was coaching this team and we played 17 games from Jan. to April with a 7-10 record. I also played Boys & Girls Club ball. This year I moved up to the 3rd grade league. The name of our team was the Lady Tigers and we were coached by Jennifer Meeker. We had a pretty good team and won the league championship and came in second in the year ending tournament. We finished with a 8-3 record. I now had an overall basketball record of 91-52.

Wildcats 2002
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Summer Wildcats 2003
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2003 - Wildcats, Stars, Hawgtide, & Yankees
Winter Wildcats 2003
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2003 came and this year was the busiest so far. I played alot of basketball and would you believe it softball too. The Wildcats teams took up most of my time. I played on a 3rd/4th grade team, a 4th grade team and also a 5th grade team. Softball came into the picture alot more as well. I played in the summer and was talked into playing in the fall as well.. What was I thinking??
My 3rd/4th grade Wildcat team finished with a 4-11 record. We were playing all 4th grade teams in all our tournaments and we only had 2 4th graders that played for us. It was tough but made up alot better as you will see later.
Now to Softball.. I can not believe I went all out for this softball thing. I played summer ball which was not kid pitch and my team was named the Stars. My coach was Randy Rye. We were not good at all and finished with a 4-8-2 record. Can you believe there were ties..I had given up pretty much on softball after that summer until Mitzi Lewis asked be to play on her fall team. She said I could play on her 10 & under team as well as her 12 & under team. The younger team was the Yankees (not good at all) and the older team was call Hawgtide. I really had fun on the older team. We only won one game on the younger team going 1-8 and were 5-7 on the older team. I decided after playing fall softball I was going to hang my cleats up for good. But you know me never say never.
My dad put together a team of all 4th graders and we were called, you guessed it, the Wildcats. We played 25 games going 19-6.. See I told you all the lumps from the earlier team would pay off. We took 2nd place in the Joplin 4 Seasons League, 3rd place in Tulsa MAYB and we were the CBL Champions. We had a pretty good team and I really had a lot of fun with my dad. Rick also put together a 5th grade Wildcat team and we played a handful of games going 3-6.
Towards the end of the year the Club season started and I was now moving up to the 4th/5th grade league. The name of my team was the Mustangs and our coach was Chris Roehl. We won our first game and the rest of the information will be in the 2004 stuff. My overall basketball record is now 118-75.

Niki shooting for 4th-Wildcats
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2004 - Wildcats, Mustangs, 4th Gd, Club All-Stars & Bombers
Niki driving for 5th-Wildcats!!
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In March, my Boys & Girls team, the Mustangs, lost in the quarter finals of our league tournament and with that loss, that team was done. We ended up 7-3 overall and finished tied for 3rd in league play. I did make the 4th Grade All-Star team from the Club and we played in the SBA Spring Fling Tournament in late March, and finished 2nd and ended 2-1. My 4th Grade Wildcats team finished their season the first week in April and we were 12-10 in 2004 and 31-16 overall. We took 2nd in the Fayetteville MAYB, 3rd in the Tulsa MAYB, 1st in the 1st Annual Valentines Hoop Classic, 1st in the Springfield MAYB and 2nd in the Shocker Shootout. I also played on a 5th grade Wildcat team and we played in a few tournaments. We took 3rd place in the 4 Seasons Tournament and 2nd in the Levi Englert Tournament, both held in Joplin. We took 3rd in the Alma MAYB and ended in May with a 1st place finish in the Farmington MAYB. We ended 12-7 for 2004 and 15-13 overall. At the end of April a newly formed 11 & Under Wildcat team started play and we took 3rd in the state Y.B.O.A. tournament, 2nd in the SBA May Madness Tournament, 1st in the SBA June Jamboree, 2nd in Bentonville MAYB and 1st in the Champions Summer League in Tulsa. We finished the summer with a 24-10 record and finished 16th overall in the Prime Time Nationals in Dallas in late July. Also toward the end of April, I played in a tournament for the Blue Bombers 10 & Under team. We went 3-2 and won the Y.B.O.A. Bracket "B" Championship. In late May I started playing on the 4th Grade Bombers. That team ended on Aug. 1st with a summer record of 19-13 overall and 19-4 in games against other 4th grade teams. We took 2nd in the Farmington MAYB & 2nd in Clarksville MAYB and were the champions of the Springdale & Fayetteville MAYB tournaments. In late June I was asked to play with the Bombers 5th grade team and we took 2nd place in the MAYB in Fayetteville. That team when I played on it was 4-1. The Bombers & Wildcats took the month of August off and started back up in September. The Bombers will have a 5th grade team and an 11U team that I will play on. The 11's played in the UBT tournament held at Champions Sports Complex in September and came in 3rd and have a 3-2 record. The 5th grade Bombers started play in late October and we won the 4 Seasons Fall Tournament played in Joplin going 3-0 and stared CBL in November. We went 10-0 in CBL and went 3-2 in the season ending league tournament to take 2nd Place. Our record as of now is 16-2. The Wildcats 6th graders started up again in the middle of September and we played in the Joplin 4 Seasons Fall League. We finished 7-1 and were League Runners-up. We started playing in the CBL in September and played in the 6th/7th grade division. We went 6-4 in CBL and 2-2 in the season ending league tournament and took 2nd place. We are 15-7 overall. With the end of CBL that will mark the end of my Wildcat career. My Boys & Girls Club team (Mustangs) started back up again in Dec. and so far we are 2-0. I will update this page as much as possible. Hope you have enjoyed a little history of myself. As of December 19th my overall basketball record is 236-133 and 155-34 in games in which I played teams that were my age.

Niki in B & G Club
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Bombers 2005
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2005 - Bombers, Mustangs, Wildcats & Flames
PT Shot
Wildcats 2005
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January started out with me only playing on two teams now. The Bombers 5th grade team and my Boys & Girls Club team the Mustangs. The Bombers are 20-8 for 2005 and 36-10 overall. We came in 2nd in two Springdale MAYB's and 2nd in the Hardwood Heartbreaker in Tulsa. We played in the ASSA Winter 5/6 Grade League and finished with a record of 9-3. On March 7th we played and won the league ending tournament. My club team finished their league at 6-1 for 2005 and 8-1 overall. We were the No. 2 seed in the league ending tournament. We won our first game against the Owls 31-7 but lost our semi-final game in overtime 18-14 to the Jayhawks. We finished with a 9-2 overall record. That was my very last Boys & Girls Club game as I will not play again next year. My overall Boys & Girls Club record was 58-14 for a winning % of 81%. The teams I was on won 2 Championships and 4 2nd Place finishes. The Bombers tried to put together an 11U team but that was a mess. So for March coach Ray put together another 5th grade team to play until coach Dave's 10U team was done. We played in 2 tournaments, taking 2nd in the NWA MAYB in Springdale & 3rd in the Branson, MO MAYB. We were supposed to play in one more but our division of the tournament did not make. That team finished 4-3. So at the first of April, since I was not doing a whole lot of anything and the Bombers could not seem to get their act together and I was really BORED, I started practicing again with the Wildcats 6th grade team. I didn't know if I would play any games with them but at least I was on the floor doing something. By the end of April we got our 5th grade Bomber team back together and started playing tournaments again and took 2nd place in the Springdale April Shootout and the Mother's Day Festival. We took 3rd place in the Farmington MAYB at the end of May. We were also in the middle of a coaching change. Coach Ray stepped down and Coach Dave would help new coach Scott Adams, assistant boys coach at Fayetteville High School, coach the team for the rest of the summer. The first week in June we played our first tournament under the new coach and it was the AAU Super Regional tournament that was held in Springdale. We got to play two of the top three teams in the nation. Needless to say we didn't fare to well. But it was fun getting to play against that kind of talent. The middle of June saw the Bombers take the Fayetteville MAYB Championship. We took 3rd in the Fort Smith MAYB and our last tournament that I played in we won the MAYB Classic held in Springdale at the end of July. The Bombers went on to play in the MAYB National tournament held in Stillwater, Oklahoma August 4th-7th. I think they went 2-3 in that tournament. Our record is 48-23 for 2005 and 64-25 overall. I did not go with the team to Oklahoma because I was in San Deigo, CA at the Adidas Jr. Phenom Basketball Camp. This was a camp that you had to be invited to attend and they only took 100 girls from all over the country per age group. It was the first such camp of it's kind for my age group. It was alot of fun and a great experience, one that I will never forget. Got to meet alot of people and made some new friends. I also played with the Wildcats before that and we played in the 6th-7th grade league at the ASSA. We won the league with a 8-0 record and also won the league ending tournament. We finished with at perfect 10-0 record. We took part in the Bentonville Lady Tiger Jr. High Team Camp in late June and as 7th graders to be, we took 2nd place in the 8th grade division. We were 10-4 in the camp. We also played in the Prime Time National Tournament at the end of July and we went 6-2 in the tournament and came in 6th in the Nation. We would play our last tournament of the summer in the Summer Slam tournament held in Springdale the week before school started and finish 2nd. The last team that I played on in the summer saw me getting to play with the Show-Me Flames out of Missouri. I had played against them a number of times but this time I got to play with them in a MAYB tournament, in the 6th grade division, in Branson, MO. We won the Bracket II championship and had a 3-2 record for the tournament. Since the Bombers took almost two months off, which was WAY to long for me, and the Flames knowing that I was not doing anything, they asked me to play with them in the Webb City league that began in early September. Sure why not, again on the floor trying to learn and get better. We finished league play at 5-0. Things worked out so well, I decided to only play with the Flames for the remainder of 2005. We started the league playoffs in mid October and won the Championship going 3-0 in the tournament. We played and won the 1st ever Webb City, MO Overtime Gym Jr. High Girls Tournament Championship in mid September and took 2nd place in the Hardwoods Fall Fastbreak Festival in Tulsa, OK at the end of September. October would see us take the Courts Tip Off tournament Championship in Springfield, MO. In late October we won the Overtime Gym Classic. We started the Winter League at the Overtime Gym in early November and ended league play at 6-0. We also won the league ending tournament in mid December. The middle of November saw the Flames win the Champions UBT Championship in Tulsa, OK and take 2nd place in the Courts Ozark Open in Springfield, MO before Thanksgiving. The first part of December the Flames came in 2nd in the M.A.Y.B. Winter Kickoff Tournament in Newton, Kansas. I was asked to play again with the Wildcats 7th grade team in the fall CBL in Springdale and so hey why not, that was more time on the floor doing what I love. That league started in early November and we finished up league play with a 9-1 record and League Champions. Our only league loss was to the Titans. The League Tournament was held on Dec. 16th and we won it by beating the Blue Bombers and then the Titans in the finals. The Wildcats 7th graders ended 2005, 11-1. I don't know how much more I will play with them in 2006, but we will see. The end of 2005 saw the Flames start the first ever Jr. High League at Overtime Gym. That league will run through January 2006. We are 2-2 in that league and as a team the Flames are 41-6. My overall record when I played with the Blue Bombers was 97-46 or a winning % of 68%. We won 7 Tournament Championships and had 10, 2nd place finishes. Playing as a Wildcat my record is 148-88 or a winning % of 63%. We have won 8 Tournament Championships and have 9, 2nd Place finishes. At the end of 2005, my overall basketball record is 368-174 and 242-58 in games in which I played teams that were my age.

Flames 2005
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2006 - Spiders
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2006 - Flames, Wildcats, Thunderation , Spiders , Bentonville Black & NWA Attitude
2006 - Lincoln Black
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The end of 2005 saw the Flames start the Jr. High League at Overtime Gym in Webb City, MO. That league ran through February 13th, 2006. We finished the league at 10-2 and took the League Championship and the No. 1 seed in the league ending tournament. We won our Semi-Final game but lost the Championship game. We are 29-6 in 2006. We have 2nd place finishes at the M.A.Y.B. Snowball Classic held in Springdale, AR, the Missouri Winter Games both held in January and the Show-Me State Winter Games played in February. At the end of February we played in the Jr. High Snowball Classic in Columbus, KS and came in 5th. The first weekend in March I attended the Adidas Jr. Phenom Regional Camp held in Springdale. Just like last summer, it was alot of fun and got to meet new people and reunite with some old friends. I was awared as one of the top 40 players at the camp. The end of March saw the Flames win the M.A.Y.B. Winter National Championship. Over Easter weekend the Flames came in 2nd in the 6th/7th Grade Division at the NCAA Girls Spring Showcase Tournament held in Springfield, MO. The last of April would see the Flames win the USSSA Missouri State Tournament held in Springfield, MO. May would begin just like April ended with another tournament championship. This time it would be the AAU Fireball Classic, held in Little Rock, AR. The Flames would go 5-0 in the tournament and take home the championship. In late May, the Flames won the ASSA Memorial Day Tournament held in Springdale with a perfect 5-0 record. The 2nd week in June would see the Flames go to Wichita and win the M.A.Y.B. Summer Kickoff Championship going 6-0 at that tournament. The Flames would only play one tournament in July and would go 5-1 at the Show-Me State Summer Games played in Columbia, MO. I did not get to play in this tournament since I did not live in Missouri. The last tournament of the season for the Flames was the M.A.Y.B. National Tournament in Stillwater, OK. We went 6-2 there and finished 7th. As a team, the 6th grade Flames finished 103-16 overall. I also played with the 7th grade Wildcats in the Jr. High League at the Dome in Joplin. We finished at 8-2 in that league and 2-1 in the league ending tournament and took 2nd place in both. We were 21-4 overall. Also in late March, the Joplin Thunderation 8th grade team ask me to play in a tournament in Branson, MO. Since the Flames did not have anything to do that weekend, I said I would play for them. I had a lot of fun and was asked to play with them whenever I could fit it in my schedule. I never did play with them again. We went 3-2 in that tournament for 5th place. As a team when I play with them we are 3-2. In late April I started playing with the 8th grade Wildcats in the CBL Spring League in Springdale. We finished with a 6-1 record and were league Runner-up. The 13U Wildcats played in the state BCI tournament over Mother's Day weekend in Conway and finished 5th with a 2-2 record. The 8th grade Wildcats played in the St. Joe, MO M.A.Y.B. over Father's Day weekend and finished 3rd. In July we played in the Springdale, AR M.A.Y.B. and finished 2nd and the M.A.Y.B. in Fayetteville, AR and took 3rd. The 8th Grade Wildcats ended 17-11. In mid-September, my dad put together a team of 7th & 8th graders to play in a couple of tournaments and of course we were called the Arkansas Spiders. This was my dads old team that he used to coach and I had always wanted to be a Spider. We played in our first tournament in Springdale at the Holt Memorial Tournament and went 3-0 to win the championship. The next week we came in 2nd at the 4 Seasons Fall Tournament going 2-1. Our last tournament was back in Joplin the 1st weekend in Oct. and we won the championship going 3-0. As a team we were 8-1. Coach Hicklin, from Lincoln Jr. High, put together a team of 7th graders that are played in the CBL in November & December. This team was called Bentonville Black. We ended our regular season at 5-3 and that was good enough for 2nd place in the league. In the league ending tournament we went 1-1 and took 2nd place in that as well. We ended 6-4. Coach Hicklin wants to do more after the first of the year. We will see what happens with that. The NWA Attitude asked me to play with them too in the Fall Jr. High league that was played in Springfield, MO at the Courts. Most of the games were played on Sundays so that was not be a problem. Games began Nov. 12th and ended December 13th. Our final record was 7-3 and we also took 2nd place in that league. Who knows what 2007 will bring but one thing for sure, I will not be back in a Flames uniform. Just never really felt like I was a part of that team. Maybe it was me, but just need to find another team. I am sure I won't have any problem getting my fill of basketball in 2007. At the end of 2006, my overall basketball record was 481-208 and 296-70 in games in which I played teams that were my age.

2006 - NWA Attitude
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2007 - NWA Attitude
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2007 - NWA Attitude, Bentonville Jr. High Track, Cross Country & Lincoln Lady Leopards
2007 - Jr. High Track - Bentonville Black
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2007 began with me still playing with the NWA Attitude. We were coached by Ron Brewer. I learned alot and it was alot of fun. I played a little with them at the end of 2006 and we did pretty good so I have decided to stay with them. This year we will began play in the 4 Seasons Sports Complex Jr. Girls Winter League. We started Jan. 6th and ended Feb. 17th. We were 9-1 in that league and were league champions. In early February we played in the Dean Keeling Memorial in Joplin, we were 1-2 there and finished 3rd. On March 10th, we played in the Boys & Girls Club Cat Classic held in Joplin, MO and won that one with a 3-1 record. The next weekend we faced some tougher talent in Branson, MO at the SWC Shamrock Showcase and won that tournament with a 4-0 record beating the Missouri Lady Lightning in the finals. The second week of April saw us play in the USSSA State tournement held in Springfield, MO. We ended up 4th there with a 2-2 record. The last weekend of April saw us play in the Hardwood Spring Fling Challenge in Tulsa, OK. We went 3-1 there and came in 2nd place. Over Mother's Day weekend we went to Little Rock to play in the first ever Arkansas M.A.Y.B. State Tournament. We went 3-2 in that tournament coming in 2nd again. We lost both games to the Missouri Show Me Flames. The end of May saw us go 5-0 and win the ASSA Memorial Day Tournament held in Springdale. I got hurt in practice the week before and did not play in that tournament. I twisted my ankle and could not play. The 8th/10th of June we went to Kansas to play in the M.A.Y.B. Summer Kickoff tournament. We did not play good at all and went 2-3. The only good thing was that I played and played alot and my ankle held up fine. The 17th / 20th of June I went to the Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball camp in Knoxville, TN. It was so cool. My team won the 5 on 5 championship. I was voted by my teammates as the Most Valuable Player for my team. I was also selected to the camp All-Star team and our team won the All-Star game 18-14. My last award at that camp was being voted the Most Offensive Player for the West Division by the coaches. It was a great time and I hope to do it again maybe next year. At the end of June, the Attitude played in the Hardwood Firecracker Festival and finished 2-3, and placed 3rd. July 13th/15th saw us play in the Branson, MO M.A.Y.B. and we went 4-1 there and came in 2nd place. The next weekend would have us playing in the Springdale M.A.Y.B. We would also go 4-1 there and again take home the 2nd place medals. The last couple of days in July saw the Attitude play in Hardwood National Champsonships, We only got to play 4 games but we came out 4-0 and were crowed the 2007 Hardwood National Champions. The first part of August saw the Attitude travel to Edmond, OK to take part in our last tournament,  the M.A.Y.B. National Tournament. We won our pool going 3-0 after a couple of close games and one blowout. We were sitting pretty as we won our first game of bracket play on Sunday. That is where the fun ended! Our next game was agianst the OK Select. They had won this tournament for 2 years in a row and everyone there was going to make sure it was 3. The Attitude fought and clawed to make it close but wound up losing by 7. The Select would win the tournament. Nothing would fall in the 5th place game and we finished 6th in the nation with a 7 point loss to a team out of Lubbock, TX. We finished the tournament with a 4-2 record. School ball would finally arrive in mid November. The Lincoln Lady Leopards 8th grade girls basketball team opened up its season on November 19th with a easy win against Fayetteville Ramey 47-5 and won the next night against Springdale George 48-12 to run its record to 2-0. The Leopards were back in action on December 3rd, against the Springdale Central Lady Warriors. That game went down to the wire and then some as the Lady Leopards ran their record to 3-0 with a 33-29 overtime come-back win. December 10th saw the Lady Leopards extend their record to 4-0 with a 28-17 win over the Lady Cougars from Springdale Southwest. The last game of 2007 was played on Thursday, December 14th at Rogers Oakdale and the Lady Leopards improved to 5-0. We were off until January 3rd when the Lady Leopards will start 2008 against the Harrison Lady Goblins.. At the end of 2007 my overall basketball record was 536-227 and 341-86 in games in which I played teams that were my age.

In March I also ran track. I ran for the Bentonville Jr. High Team. The team was made up of about 7 Jr. High kids from Lincoln and the rest of the team is from the Jr. High at the high school. I was the only 7th grader from Lincoln that got to go to the out of town meets. My first meet was in Springdale at Southwest Jr. High on March 15th. I ran the mile and came in 3rd with a time of 5:50 and came in 6th in the 800 at 2:50.85. It was real cold and windy but I had a great time and had personal bests on both times. My next meet was in Bentonville on March 22nd. I ran the 3rd leg of the 4 x 800 relay and my time was 2:51.03 and we came in 2nd in that race and came in 7th in the Mile with a time of 6:10 which was real bad. I was ready for spring break. Our next meet was Monday, April 2nd in Fayetteville. This was real hard because due to springbreak, I did not run any over the break. I only ran the Mile there and came in 6th with a very slow 6:25. Later that week on Thursday, April 5th we went to Eureka Springs. What started out to be a cool, windy day, turned into a very cold, snowy evening that saw the meet be called off after the field events and a couple of running events. I did get to run again, this time the 2nd leg of the 4 x 800. I had my best 800 time of 2:48.12 and we came in 2nd. On April 12th we ran in the Rogers Meet our last meet before conference. I ran the 3rd leg in the 4 x 800. I ran a 2:51 and we came in 5th. My mile was not bad, I ran a 5:59 and came in 6th. The conference meet was ran in Bentonville on Friday, April 20th. I ran the 2nd leg of the 4 x 800 and ran a 2:46.03 and that was now my best 800 time. We came in 5th and qualified for Regionals. My mile was a much different story. Getting boxed in for about 2 laps and not being able to run my race, I finished 9th with a 6:08 and failed to qualify for Regionals. I was very disappointed in that but at least I will be able to run something. On April 30th our 4 x 800 team ran in regionals. This took place in Bentonville. We were coming off our best week of practice, at least I was, and it showed. I ran my personal best 800 meters of 2:39.52 running the second leg of our race. We came in 4th overall. Our official time was 10:53.11. I had a great time in track and can not wait till next year. I might even run Cross Country in the Fall.

Well Fall is here and of course I am running Cross Country. Practice started when school started in August and of course it's at 6:30am every morning. I have no idea why anyone wants to get up that early and run 3, 4, 5 miles everyday but after my first race I know. Our first meet was September 14th and I after running my first ever cross country event in Elkins, AR, to mine and I am sure everyone else, I came in 2nd in 6A/7A division. My time was 14:07 which is not real bad, only a girl from Central beat me and her time was in the 12's. I will get better, but for now, I will take it. We came in 2nd in our division as a team. That was real good seeing 3 of our best runners were not even there. Our next race was September 21st in Siloam Springs. We had our complete team there this time and as a team we took 2nd place. Taylor won it, Paige came in 4th and I came in 13th but still ran the same time (14:07) as I did last week. Madison was 18th. We also took 22nd, 23rd & 25th. This course was much harder with hills and all and it was about 15 degrees hotter. Still I have got to do better. On September 29th, our third race of the year, we went to Holiday Island which is outside of Eureka Springs. It was a perfect day to run and it showed as we Taylor agian won the race, Paige was 3rd, I was 5th (14:21) and Madison came in 7th. We also took 11th, 12th & 14th to win our division of this event with 27 points. The course had to most hills so far and also alot of curves. Today was awsome. A quick turn-around had us back on the grass again on Tuesday, October 2nd in Van Buren. Man was it hot!! 93 degrees, windy and humid. That did not stop Taylor and Paige. They came in 1st and 2nd. I came in 9th with a 13:03 in the 1.77 mile event. A 9th grader came in 19th and 28th, while Madison finished 29th. Team total was 57. With that we were 2nd behind Elmwood (43) and way ahead of Bentonville Gold (83). We will get there. On Saturday, October 6th, was a day that I will not soon forget. My first 5K Road Race. The Habitat for Humanity Tin Cup 5K was the race and Fayetteville, AR was the place. In about 83 degree temps at 9am in the morning, I and about 100 other men and women started this 3 mile event. When it was over about 23:19 later, I would lead all women to the finish line to win my very first 5K race. It was an awsome feeling and one that I will never forget. I will do more in the future. On October 13th, our team ran the Chile Pepper in Fayetteville. We came in 2nd as a team with 91 points. Elmwood won it with 85 points. I came in 22nd overall, but got 18th in points with a 22:31 time. Oct. 23rd would be our last event of the season, the 7A West Conference Championships. Elmwood had won this event for the past 7 or so years and had beaten us everytime that we had race against them this year. But how things would change. On a cold and windy day, the Black runners showed what they were made of as they took 4 of the top 7 spots on their way to their first ever Jr. High Cross Country Conference Championship. Taylor won the event, Paige came in 3rd, Madison would run strong and come in 5th, and I would come in 7th (12:59) with my best time of the season. Jordin Marino would finish 26th and that would be enough to dethrown the Lady Raiders of their championship. I had a great time running and look forward to doing it again next year.

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2008 - Lincoln Lady Leopards, NWA Attitude & Black/Varsity Cross Country & Black Basketball

The beginning of 2008 came and the Lady Leopards began it with a 30-19 win over the Harrison Lady Goblins to extend their record to 6-0. On Monday, Jan. 7th, we would play our crosstown rival the Washington Lady Wildcats. This game would be our only game that was going to be played at Lincoln. Both teams would come out a little shakey as the 11-11 halftime score would indicate. The Lady Leopards would go on a small run to push out to a 6 point lead, and would see it grow even larger with a convinsing 32-21 win. That win pushed up the Leopards record to 7-0. Jan. 14th would see the undefeated lady Cowgirls from Fayetteville come to town. Much like the Lady Leopards, also undefeated, this game would go down to the wire. The Lady Leopards would jump out to an early lead at 9-2. The Lady Cowgirls, would fine tune their defense and would have thngs all tied 11-11 at the half. The Cowgirls and Leopards would battle to the end. The Leopards would not come any closer tan 2 points and would lose 28-25. That was our first loss for the Lady Leopards. On March 17th the ladies would get back to their winning ways and roll over Elmwood 45-15. March 22nd would be a day that I would not soon forget. My shot was falling and I hit 13 points, 9 on 3's. I led the team with 13points. As usual, there is no rhyme or reason as to why one night I hit my shots and another I don't but when we played Springdale Southwest on Jan. 25th it was not. We still won easily with a 43-19 win. On Monday, Jan. 28th we put it on Rogers Oakdale 40-19. Our game with Elmwood that was to played that Thursday was cancelled due to snow and was made up later. Our next game would be Monday, Feb. 4th, against our crosstown rivals, the Lady Wildcats from Washington. We took care of business and won that game 37-31. The next time we took the floor would be on Wednesday, Feb. 6th for our makeup game with Rogers Elmwood. This was not much of a game and the Lady Leopards ran away 41-22. Feb. 11th would roll around and the Lady Leopards were out for revenge. The Lady Cowgirls had been the only team that had beaten the ladies in over a year. This game stayed close until the beginning of the 4th quarter as the Lady Cowgirls would make a run and win 42-30. Our last home game of the year would be against the Lady Wranglers from George Jr. High in Springdale. This was never a game as the Lady Leopards would cruise 40-15. The last game of the year was against the Fayetteville Ramey Lady Indians. This was never a game either as the Lady Leopards jumped out early and never let up beating the Lady Indians 42-24. That was the end of my 8th grade season. Track and AAU basketball will be on the schedule next. Well as promised, AAU was next on my slate. March 15th our season would begin in Memphis. Playing some of the best teams in the nation, we went 1-2 in that tournament and felt lucky to win one. We are trying to get better compitition and Memphis had it. The last weekend in March would see us play in Tulsa at the April Fools Tournament. We would take 2nd with a 4-2 record. The first weekend of AAU State was pool play. We went 1-1 and was the second seed out of our pool. The next weekend, April 12th & 13th was bracket play. On Sunday after we beat the Arkansas Bobcats/Lady Ballers we were sitting pretty being in the finals and having to be beat twice. Well you quessed it, we got beat twice by the Bobcats and took 2nd place in the tournament. But sometimes 2nd is not all that bad. With that placement, we are qualified for the AAU National Tournament that will be held in Norman, OK in mid July thanks to the Bobcats already qualifing in another tournament. The first of May saw us take 3rd at the Fireball Classic getting beat in the Semi-Finals by the Flames. We went 3-1 in that tournament. Memorial Day weekend was our next tournament and it was over in Tulsa. We went 4-0 there and finally won a tournament. The last weekend of the month saw us playing in the AAU Super Regional in St. Joseph, MO. This was a great tournament with some very good teams from 3 states. We played real well going 6-0 and take the championship. Fathers Day weekend, June 13-15 saw us stay close to home and play in the Fayetteville M.A.Y.B. tournament. We went 5-0 in that tournament to take the championship. June 20-22 had us playing our last tournament before AAU Nationals in Branson, MO. We were riding a long win streak but that came to an end against an 11U Missouri Valley Magic team that kicked our behind. We did go 5-1 to take second place. Nationals were cool. We did real good in our pool winning all three games. One of the teams were the #4 team in the nation. Bracket play was a different story. We got a bye to the sweet 16 and then got beat by the Missouri Dream Team by 5 points. Losing to them set us up against the Oklahoma Select. Wow, what a game. We had 6 players foul out and I had 4. We did lose by 13 and that was the end of our National tournament. That tournament was held in Norman, OK July 11th thru 18th. We went 3-2 and finished somewhere around 21st. Our last tournament of the year was the M.A.Y.B. National Tournament held in Edmond, OK Aug. 1st - 3rd. We played real good in this tournament going 8-1 with our only loss against the tournament champion. Ok it is now Nov. 13th and I am playing for BHS Black and we are playing our Black/Gold game. My team lost 20-12.. I had 5 points. The real action began on Nov. 18th when we started our own tournament called Cat Classic. Our first game was against the Lady Rangers of Fort Smith Darby. They were not very good and we beat them 24-13. I had 4 points. With that win we got to get our first look at the Lady Cowgirls of Fayetteville Woodland. They are the cream of the crop in our conference and showed it by beating us 33-17. I did not score. Saturday, Nov. 22nd we lost 29-25 to the Raiders of Fort Smith Kimmons to come in 4th going 1-2 in the Cat Classic. I did not score. Monday, Nov. 24th would be the beginning of our conference play. We played Fayetteville Ramey and beat them 44-18 to go 1-0 in conference play. I had 13 points. The next night we played Springdale George. They were alot better this year than last but we still won 33-27 to go 2-0 in conference and 3-2 overall. I had my best game so far for a Bentonville team and scored 17 points on 5 3's and 2 free throws. It was a great night. The first week of December saw us play in the Benton County Tournament that was played in Gravette. We beat Rogers Heritage 42-15 and Siloam Springs 31-28 to get to the tournament finals where we played most of my AAU team members that play on the Rogers Lady Mounties. We played good for a while but lost 38-26 to take 2nd place. We went 2-1 in the tournament. On Monday, December 8th we played Central. Central had just put a stop to Woodlands long winning streak beating them by about 13 about a week before. Well for 3 quarters we played pretty well but they had to much inside and gave us our 1st conference loss 43-30. Our last game with Southwest was cancelled that was to be played December 15th due to ice. So as of December 31st, 2008 my overall basketball record is 594-245 and 399-104 in games in which I played teams that were my age.  


March saw me running track again and I ran for the Bentonville Black Jr. High Team. The team was made up of 7th/8th graders from Lincoln and a few 9th graders from the high school. My first meet was in Springdale at Southwest Jr. High on March 13th. This year I am running the mile again and also the 3rd leg on the 4 x 800 relay. We got to run the 4x800 here and we won the event with a time of 10:35. Storms came and only 2 events were ran. Our next event was the Black/Gold relays put on by Bentonville on March 27th. We again won the 4x800 with a time of 10:40. That was good enough for a track record which was 11:00. My mile time was I thought a pretty good time but I came in 7th with a 6:15.37. Again storms came and things were cancelled about halfway through the event. On Monday, March 31st we finished the event. I was done with my events but we did get some good news, we won our first track meet, beating Central and Elmwood.  Finally, on Monday April 7th, we got to run a full event which was made up from the April 3rd event, without interuption. We did not have our full team due to injury and sickness. I ran in 3 events. The first was the 3rd leg of the 4 x 800 relay. My time was 2:39 and we won the event with a 10:41 time. Next I would run the mile. I really didn't want to but now I am glad I did. I ran a 6:05 and came in 4th. The last event for me that day was the 4 x 400. I had never run this race. I ran the 3rd leg and ran a 1:01 to forge ahead and with a stong anchor we would take care of business. We ran it in 4:26. We came in second this time to Central, by a mear 6 points. Elmwood again came in 3rd. Our next event was the Cowboy/Indian relays held at Fayetteville April, 3rd. It did rain some this morning but we went ahead as planned and our team came in 2nd with a total of 110. Ramey had 116 for first and coming in third ws Elmwood with a total 103. Agian we won the 4x400 (4:33.20), won the 4x800 (10:41.28) and I ran the mile in 6:04.00 for 4th place. This was the last event before Conference to be held in Rogers on April 17th. The Conference event went off without a hitch. An overcast day turned into a sunny late afternoon and early evening. Our girls were primmed and ready to run and it showed. All they knew was this was just like any other meet but was a little special. We started off the event by winning the 4x800 relay with a time of 10:35.39. We also won a couple of more events including the last event of the night, the 4x400 relay. Needing a win to secure 1st place overall. It was a tight race from the beginning as Ramey would jump out to the lead. Ramey would lead until the last of the 2nd leg. I took 3rd leg and off I went, running with all I had. You will be happy to hear that not only did I keep the lead, but extended it by about 30 yards. The last leg was all ours and we won with a time of 4:33.24. My last event that I have not mentioned, was the mile. I had so much fun running this and maybe relized some of the things that had me worried in the past. I ran the mile in my personal best time of 5:46.78 and came in 5th. At least this year I qualified. Last year I did not. The 7A West Regionals were ran on Monday, April 28th at Fort Smith Southside. It was a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky and a warm 75 degrees. The 4x800 was pretty easy as we won with a time of 10:31.49. My mile was next and in all the races that I had ran in this year, I had cut seconds off my time. This race was no different than the others and I came in 5th with a time of 5:48.72. It wasn't better than my conference time, but still good enough for 5th. My last race of the night was the 4x400. We had won this race all season long and tonight looked no different. Bentonville Washington had a different story for the end. Washington jumped out early and never were caught as we finised 2nd with a time of 4:33.97. That would give us 8 points and added to the 3 point lead that we had before the race, that would give us an 11 point victory over the Darby Raiders. Darby had won this event for the past 7 years. Bentonville had never won Regionals. I had a great time and we ran well. This will be a team that will not come around again for a long time. 

Well is starting to get cool again so it must be time for Cross Country. I started in June running with the High School getting prepared for this year. I thought I was going to have to choose between basketball and cross country. Well we all know what choice that would have been. So for about 3 weeks I did not run. Getting everything worked out, I am running in the morning with the Lincoln team, mainly Taylor, then heading over to the high school to practice basketball. It is working out real well for now anyway.  My first event of the season was a 5K run on August 30th held at Prairie Grove called the Battlefield 5K. I lead for 2 1/2 miles but could not hold on and came in 2nd. My time was good at 22:11. The girl that won had a time of 22:06. She runs for Fayetteville High School. In our next event that was held on Sept. 6 in Bentonville we came in 3rd place as a team and I also came in 3rd in the race with a time of (9:36). Taylor won the race. We had 71 points while Rogers had 50 and Bentonville Gold had 57. Our next race was Sept. 13th at Elkins. Most of this week, Hurricane Ike had brought a ton of rain to the area and the Elkins course was in bad shape. I had never ran in the mud and really did not look forward to it. Once I got started and got out in the front group, it was not to bad. I came in 3rd this year but cut 47 seconds of my time from last years 14:07 and had a time of 13:20. Most of our team was not there, so we had no chance in the team standings. Well I knew it was only a matter of time, but did not know it would be this soon, but on September 20th, I was moved up to the high school varisty team for the Southern Missouri Stampede held in Joplin, MO. I came in around 190ish which was not real good, but I came in 7th place on my team with a time of 22:15. Oh by the way we are ranked No. 1 in the state this week. What a difference a week makes! Running in my second varsity race came at the Simmons Classis that was held in Siloam Springs on September 27th. Running without a couple of our top runners, I felt even more pressue to run faster. I started out fast again as usual but this time when I got to the 2 mile mark, I didn't slow down. I kept running as fast as I could and when it was all said and done, I was 3rd on my team and 9th overall. My time was (22:03) a personal best for a 5K race. Not only did I run good, the top 5 did as well and we won the championship beating Rogers Heratige 36-39. That was awesome. My first varsity trophy. Our next race would be the OSU Cowboy Jamboree held in Stillwater on October 4. It was just a 2 mile race so it went pretty quick. I came in 56th overall, 5th on our team with a time of (12:53). Our team also came in 4th overall, beating Rogers (8th) and Heritage (10th). This turned out to be my last race of the season due to a knee injury. Well it was bound to happen sooner or later, but an injury has finally put me on the sidelines for a while and ended what would have been most likely a state championship but that will have to wait. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is what I have been diagnosed with. This is mainly the Chondromalacia of the patella (knee cap) or wearing away of the patella and the ligaments around it. After about 3 weeks of non activity and rehab, I will go back to the doctor to see if this will do it or I will need surgery. If that happens, they will go in and clean up the patella reattach some ligaments. After seeing the doctor on October 29th, I was told since the rehab was not helping my knee that the next step was surgery. This was scheduled for Nov. 11th. Then some strange things started to happen. My knee started not to hurt as much, I was not limping anymore, the rehab was starting to work. After speaking to the doctor again, he said just keep up the rehab and we would revisit on Nov. 7th to see where things stood. After todays visit, I was just going to do rehab for another month and to my surprise, the doctor cleared me to start playing basketball again. Awesome news! The Cross Country team went on win the 7A Conference and State Championships. 

*Bentonville High School Cross Country - Southern Missouri - (22:15), Simmons Classic - 9th (22:03), OSU Cowboy Jamboree - (12:53) , 7A West Conference Champions, 7A State Champions 

*Bentonville Black Cross Country - Battlefield 5K -2nd Place (22:11), Bentonville - 3rd (9:36), Elkins - 3rd (13:20) 

*NWA Attitude - 13U - 43-12, Hardwood April Fools Runner-Up, AAU State Tournament Runner-up, Hardwood Memorial Day Champions, St. Joesph, MO AAU Super Regional Champions, Fayetteville, AR M.A.Y.B. Regional Champions, Branson, MO M.A.Y.B. Regional Runner-up, M.A.Y.B. National Tournament, 5th Place Overall 

*Bentonville Lincoln - 8th Gd. - 15-2 - 10-2, NWA Conference Runner-Up 

* I played 76 games in 2008!!

* I played 72 games while in 8th Grade!!



Sunday, December 21
2009 - Lady Tigers Black Basketball, NWA Attitude Basketball, Lady Tigers

The Lady Tigers opened up 2009, on January 5th, with a blowout win against Rogers Heritage 41-6 and played their makeup game, from December, against Springdale Southwest the following Tuesday and won 32-23.  The Lady Tigers went to Harrison on Thursday, Jan. 8th and won 26-18 for a non conference game. The 2nd week of the new year started off with a 28-21 win over Bentonville Gold. We are now 9-4 overall and 5-1 in conference play. We were supposed to play Siloam Springs tonight #15th# but was cancelled due to snow. On Monday, Jan. 19th, we went to Fayetteville Woodland and got beat up 31-18. Thursday, Jan. the 22nd saw us lose to Rogers 31-28. After a week of from school due to the biggest ice storm that Arkansas has ever seen, the Lady Tigers beat Rogers Heritage again on Monday, February 2nd by a score of 49-15. On Feb. 4th, Springdale Central beat the Lady Tigers 47-42. On Feb. 5th, the Lady Tigers would lose a close game to the Rogers Lady Mounties 28-26. On Monday, Feb. 9th the Lady Tigers beat Gold 22-19. After a week off, the Lady Tigers used their time wisely and were finally prepard to face Fayetteville Woodland on Monday, February 16th. The Lady Tigers finally beat Woodland 28-26. On Wednesday, February 18th the Lady Tigers beat Springdale Southwest 37-20. Thursday the 19th saw the Lady Tigers continue to roll as they beat Springdale George 38-28. Monday night, February 23rd saw the Lady Tigers play their last regular season game. We beat Fayetteville Ramey 35-21. That win was our 5th in a row and upped our record to 15-8 and 11-5 in conference. We finished 4th place in the North division and made it to the regional tournament. On Wednesday, February the 25th, the Lady Tigers ended their season with a 37-17 loss to top seeded Fort Smith Kimmons. The Lady Tigers ended their season at 15-9 and 11-5 in conference play. AAU Basketball stated for me in March. Our first tournament was the AAU Pool play and State Tournament in Little Rock. In Pool play were went 1-1. The next weekend we went back and went 1-2 and came in 3rd in the state. We played in the Ark. Super Regional tournament, April 25th - 26th in Little Rock. We went 5-0 in the tournament and qualified for this years National Tournament that will be held in Virginia, in late July. In early May, we went back to Little Rock to play in the Fireball Classic. We went 1-3 but still came in 3rd place. We played up in the 16U division. We stayed close to home May 15th and 16th playing in Springdale at a M.A.Y.B. event. We went 4-1 and came in 2nd place. We lost the championship game to a 17U team. Over Memorial Day Weekend, we went to Tulsa and went 5-0 to win that tournament. The last weekend in May, we went to Russellville to play in a M.A.Y.B. tournament. There were 13 teams there and we went 2-3. We won our pool to advance to the championship bracket but we lost an overtime game to the Mavericks-Larkin and lost a 2 point game to a 16U team from Fort Smith Northside. We came in 4th. Our next tournament was in Little Rock at the Arkansas Main Event. We went 0-3 there. We lost a game to a 15U team as well as to a 16U team as well as a 13U team. In our last tournament before heading to Virginia and the 14U AAU National tournament by winning the Hardwood Tradition Tournament in Tulsa, OK on July 11th & 12th, going 4-0, breaking a 5 game losing skid. In Virginia at the 14U National tournament, played July 21st thru the 26th in Virginia, we went 3-2 and finished 13th overall. We again, just like last year, won our pool and lost both games in bracket play. We played in our last tournament, the M.A.Y.B. Nationals in Oklahoma City, OK in early August. Just like at AAU Nationals, we won our pool and unlike there, we won our first two bracket games. Then we lost two and came home. We finished the tournament 5-2 and 9th overall. All in all I had a great summer of basketball and our Attitude team finished the summer 31-17. As of August 9th, 2009 my overall basketball record is 635-230. and 440-126 in games in which I played teams that were my age.