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Port St Lucie, Florida


N.I.K.E.-1 Logo
Need 2 Increase Knowledge Everyday
Sunday, January 1
We Are :-

N.I.K.E.-1 (Need 2 Increase Knowledge Everyday #1 Priority) Basketball Program's goal is to assist student-athletes, domestic or foreign, as they try to balance their needs to achieve educational excellence, with their desire to play and perfect their skills in the game of basketball. The organization seeks to prepare the student-athletes with the opportunities to flourish both in the classroom and on the basketball court.

It Happens To "The Best"

Monday, May 22
Administrators & Coaches for N.I.K.E.-1 Basketball Program Inc.

Bryan P. Griffith: Founder, CEO/President & Treasurer/Head Coach
Dean A. Murray: V/P Player Personnel/Head Coach(Pro-Level)
William Junie Sanders: V/P Marketing / Player Development
Darnell Williams: V/P Player Personnel / Marketing

Saturday, July 14
BAHRAIN CLUB Top Player Nigel Byam 6'7" 215lbs (N.I.K.E.-1)

Nigel Byam has taken the next step in his basketball career, playing overseas in the country of Bahrain. Nigel was the top player for his club averaging 29ppg, 16rpg, 5blks for the 2011-12 season, currently looking to hook up with another team in Europe or Asia for the upcoming season 2012-13 and beyond. Nigel is a very good basketball player with great athleticism and rebounding prowess. Can score inside or on the perimeter. Good Luck for the upcoming year Nigel!!!

Tuesday, April 19
New Inductees to N.I.K.E. -1 HOF Class of 2016

This year 4 guards were admitted :

Karim Telfer, James Clark, Jerel Blassingame, Tamir Smith and Lamar Phillip ...All possessed great qualities as players and individual people. Welcome, and thank you. 

e l i a s.jpg
Sunday, October 21
Young Nigerian Players to be on display for Nike-1...

Continuing the tradition of helping young talent from Africa, Nike-1 has added a few young talented players with high potential.

Casmir and Elias just to name a few.


Saturday, August 25
N.I.K.E.-1 Hall of Fame

William "Junie" Sanders *
Dean "Superman" Murray *
Terrance "Tone" Springer*
Rashid "Rock" Pinckney*
Fred Brown Styles*
Darnell "D-Flight" Williams*
Tyrone "Ty" Grant*
Melvin "Boo-Boo" Rivers(Pate)*
Andre "Flight" Duke*
Shaun "Boogie" Russell*

Honorary Inductees
Shaun Richards
Nolan Bartholomew
Dayan Murray
Lucas Henry
Harrington Williams

   2003 Inductees
Rodney Seale
Mike Lee
Willie Johnson
Phillip "Hagie" Cameron July 07, 1972 - May 13, 2003
   2004 Inductees
Seldon Jefferson
Eric Lilly

***No Inductees for 2005***
   2006 Inductees
D.L. Samuels

   2007 Inductees
Ronay Waterton
Andre Riviera
Lamar Phillip

***No Inductees for 2008***

   2009 Inductees
Justice Graham

   2010 Inductees
Charles Jones
Kaheem "Rookie" Draper

2011 Inductees
Garnett Thompson
Chudney Gray
Lamont Jones

2012 Inductees

Kerry Hendrickson

Jebah Clayton

2013 Inductee
Iquan D. Wiggins

2016 Inductees

Karim Telfer

James Clark

Lamar Phillip

Tamir Smith





Junior Victor
Junior Victor
Saturday, April 7


N.I.K.E.-1 is teaming up with the unknown basketball hotbed called Impression Academy in Asaba State, Delta Region, Nigeria...It is a small institution with big talent...Here are a few of the young talented players who may be starring at a school near you...

Junior Victor

Augustine Amechi

Michael Obindu

Casmir Ikenna Okwarabie...


Michael Obindu

Nigerian Nike-1
Michael, Junior, Augustine
Saturday, April 14
N.I.K.E.-1 in Africa (Nigeria)

Young 14 yr old talents from Nigerian being readied for state-side basketball...

Saturday, April 8

"PRACTICE is the Price of Mastery. Whatever you practice, over and over again becomes a new habit of THOUGHT and PERFORMANCE." -- Coach B...

Ty G
Ty owns this real estate..The Paint
Nike-1 member and former St John's Redmen still going strong

All Too Easy...It's childs play
Tyrone Grant, 6'7 has adjusted to life after college,after being signed by the Charlotte Hornets. Ty has previously played for The Trenton Stars of the IBL. In 1999 Tyrone was the #1 selection of the Brooklyn Kings of the USBL.After a successful 1st year in Italy and return from a hand injury Ty again continues to display his skills in Italy playing for the club Olimpia Milano "The legend continues"....

Saturday, April 14
Invitations go out to Foreign Basketball Players from The Caribbean and The Continent of Africa

N.I.K.E.-1 Basketball Program Inc. continues in its effort to assist athletes from developing nations, by inviting selected foreign born players to our Training and Developmental Workout Sessions, in addition these few selected players may get the opportunity to distinguish themselves with an opportunity to further demonstrate their skills and talent level by being invited to participate as a member of N.I.K.E.-1 in the upcoming Summer league Pro circuit. The training and workouts are in preparation for the upcoming 2012 Nike Sponsored Pro/Am Summer Leagues; The sessions stress the skills needed for Defense, Offense and Conditioning. During the camp there will be an opportunity to be selected to play for NIKE-1 for the season, and gain the much needed exposure for future professional assignments both in the USA and abroad (Europe/Asia/South America)  or be offered college scholarships to a top level academic institution. All participation is by invitation only.

The selected participants must submit the $500 fee before June 1st 2012

Bunja Yaboe 6'9" (The Gambia)

Ibrahim Olaniyi Oladimeji 6'9" (Nigeria)

Foreign invitee is expected to arrive no later than June 15th 2012

The invited foreign player will be accomodated with room, board and transportation, in addition any unforseen occurance such as medical, etc... will be handled by the efforts of N.I.K.E.-1 Basketball Program Inc. 

Good luck to all and remember "Come ready to learn, acquire and perform... "

Coach / Founder

Bryan Griffith

N.I.K.E-1 Basketball Program Inc.


Chris @ Kilgore
Sunday, November 8
N.I.K.E.-1 has good young player from Ghana

Christopher Angsomwine (above) came in from Ghana for the 2007 Christmas Holidays. During this visit he was observed by the NIKE-1 coaches and they were pleased with what they saw. Chris showed a great understanding of defense and playing the post position on defense. He must however learn to become more aggresive in learning to be an offensive threat, especially as a post player. Chris will develop his physique and when that occurs he will be a surprise to many who may have doubts about his potential. Chris is now a member of the kilgore J.C. (Tx). he is a soph, with solid academic numbers and will certainly be an asset to Kilgore in their quest for prominence in the tough Texas JUCO league.

Thursday, February 28
N.I.K.E.-1 branching out to the Regions of Africa

Jacob is looking for that opportunity
Le programme de basket-ball de N.I.K.E.-1 a activement travaillé pour ajouter l'Africain (travaillant durement) les joueurs à son programme.

{N.I.K.E.-1 Basketball Program Inc. has been actively working to add African (hard working) players to its Program}. One player of particular interest is an athletic 6'4" Shooting Guard / Small Forward (Yacouba Doumbia) known as "Jacob". Jacob is currently attending a sports institute in Mali. He is looking to arrive in the USA soon to further his academics at a Prep school or a top JUCO program with the assistance of NIKE-1 Basketball Program and look to reach his basketball potential.

Jacob's favorite player is Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs).

Un joueur d'intérêt particulier est "la garde un 6'5 de tir/petit en

avant (Yacouba Doumbia) connu sous le nom de" Jacob ". Jacob sert

actuellement un institut de sports au Mali. Il regarde pour arriver

aux Etats-Unis à autre ses universitaires un programme du dessus JUCO

et pour regarder pour atteindre son potentiel de basket-ballavec l'assistance de Programme de Basket-Ball NIKE-1.

Le joueur préféré de Jacob est Tony Parker (les Éperons de San Antonio)

sizing up the prey
Tuesday, May 29
N.I.K.E.-1 PG having a super soph season in Europe

Jerel Blassingame is having a Super -Soph Season in Europe having been crowned the "Guard of the Year" in Sweden. Jerel had similar accolades in his "rookie" year in 2005-06 in Cyprus...additionally you can read more on Jerel as he put up big numbers playing in Israel at the latter part of the 06-07 season...
Paste the following link to your browser or click to view box score

R Clemente
Ramon, All-American
Saturday, April 28
Ramon makes it with hard work, skill and determination. He is an All-American.

Please click on headline for information on Ramon Clemente

Friday, February 22
NIKE-1's Daily Quotes to live by:

"Fear is an obstacle for some people, but it is an illusion to me" - M.J. #23
"There is WINNING and there is MISERY." -- Bill Parcells
"There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability." Robert Half
"It doesn't matter who scores the points, it's who can get the ball to the scorer." -- Larry Bird
"Excellence is not an Act, but a Habit." -- Aristotle
"Our Attitude is the primary force that will determine whether we Succeed or Fail." -- John C. Maxwell
"Courage is Resistance to Fear, Mastery of Fear, not Absence of Fear."-- Mark Twain
"Some people dream of SUCCESS while others stay up and work hard at it." - Unknown
"The failure to prepare is preparing to fail..."   
"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." - John Wooden

Coach B and Tyrone
Coach and Player
Sunday, February 11
Keeping an eye on that NIKE-1 Talent

Coach Bryan has been coaching for over 2 decades now and still enjoys to see his players perform. An example is Tyrone Grant who continues to display that talent that caught the eye of coach Bryan some 16 years ago. Tyrone, Junie, Garnett, Charles and the rest of the team along with head coach Dean Murray plan to defend that consecutive championship streak @ Nike Pro City Classic in 2007...Stay tuned...

Junie's Game Winner
Junie's game winner
Tuesday, March 7
NIKE-1 Legend's game still strong

Junie Sanders continues to show that he is a superstar player. While leading a team of young and inexperienced players Junie continues to demonstrate skill and leadership qualities. Junie is scoring 17ppg in 32 minutes per contest (53% FG Pct.) and 74% from the charity stripe and dishing out 4 assists per game. These quality numbers prove that the Legend lives...

Untitled from Black Rice on Vimeo.

Monday, May 22
N.I.K.E.-1 reaches out to the others an opportunity...

In keeping with the "Need 2 Increase Knowledge Everyday"...N.I.K.E.-1 has in place an individual who keeps the focus of looking to educate and develop student athletes the world over. NIKE-1 has extensive knowledge of the basketball situation in Africa regarding the athletic development of "Talented" Basketball Players from Nigeria to Senegal,Gambia,Ghana and Mali...It is a pleasure to have a player like Seun Akinwale on board as our liason in Africa and he will be responsible for making positive moves to assist NIKE-1 in placing student athletes in High Schools, Universities and Colleges in the US.

Seun Akinwale
Seun Akinwale
Thursday, March 9
New Addition from the Region of Africa

Keeping in tune with N.I.K.E-1 attempts to have a wider global base. A new addition to the NIKE-1 family is Seun Akinwale from Nigeria 6'4" Shooting Guard with very good offensive ability but a super defensive player that is looking to further his development in a College/University in the USA. NIKE-1 Basketball Program continues in its effort to assist all players with the desire and will to work hard to reach their goals in life. Click on headline to view Seun's page for further information.

Wednesday, April 5
ALL - CYPRUS LEAGUE 2005-06 Season Awards

Player of the Year:       Jerel Blassingame
Guard of the Year:         Jerel Blassingame
Newcomer of the Year:      Jerel Blassingame
Import Player of the Year: Jerel Blassingame

1st Team

Frankie King
Jerel Blassingame(All Import Team, All Newcomers Team)
Wykeen Kelly
Milutin Aleksic
George Banks

Monday, August 4
"Junie" Sanders is The King Of NYC Basketball...finally recognized officially by the sports world..Junie ...

Check out our "News" Page

Please check out additional articles on current N.I.K.E.-1 players in school and playing professionally abroad....

Wednesday, January 31
N.I.K.E.-1 Alumni Players (Hall of Fame in Italics)

Junie Sanders (University of Central Oklahoma / Pro - Argentina)
Tone Springer (Salem Int'l University)
Dean Murray (Onondaga C.C)
Rashid Pinckney (Potsdam State University)

Fred Brown Styles
Dayan Murray (Kingsborough C.C.)
Harrington Williams
I-Quan D.Wiggins
Darnell Williams (Xavier University)
Tyrone Grant (St. John's University / Pro - Italy)
Garnett Thompson (Providence College / Pro - Poland)
Ed "Booger" Smith (Arizona Western JC)

Jebah Clayton

Kerry Hendrickson 

William “Smush” Parker (Fordham University / NBA - LA Lakers / Miami Heat
Jerel Blassingame (U.N.L.V.)/ Pro - Cyprus / Greece / Israel
Kaheem Draper (Rookie)
Marvin Gay
James Clark
Rob Lewin (Troy State) / Pro - Spain
James Williams(Buffalo State)
Terrell Hightower
Andre Duke
Rashid Isler
Terrell Robinson (PS 263)
Tyrell Slater
Jason McLeod                                                                                                            
Kaleef McLeod
Malcolm Connor (ABA-Gallup Talons)/Chile
Dewayne Merit
Tamir Smith
Chinyere Vann (The only female player ever to play and start for NIKE-1)
Shawn Mark
John “Slim” Jones
Kareem “Slim” Lloyd (Boise State University)
Seldon Jefferson (West Virginia University)
Rodney Seale
Karim Telfer (Augusta State University)/ Pro-Romania
Yacouba "Jacob" Doumbia (Mali, West Africa)
Trevor Breland (Ventura College, CA)
Miguel Andrews (Pro - Venezuela)
Ramon Clemente (Paris JC / Wichita St. University)
Timothy Williams*
Sequan Denson
Robert Mitchell (Alan Houston)
Philip Cameron
Eric Lilly
Anthony Cameron (North Country CC)
Dwayne Marshall (Cal State Fullerton)
Travis Billy
Justin Bright
Gerald Garner
Shawn Richards
Lamar Phillip
Steven Brignol (Globe Tech)
Allen Griffin (Syracuse University)/(Asst. Coach Providence)
Shameel Carty*
Lucas Henry
Andrew Gould (Genessee C.C.)
Curtis Outten (Glendale CC, CA)
Keenan Givens
Zach Williams (Pro-Overseas)
Devon Millar
Rashein Little
Robert Ross
Duval Taylor
Adedokun Olanrewaju
Andre Rivera
Lloyd Clinton
Darius Waters
Mike Lee (SUNY Canton)
Melvin Rivers
Shaun Russell
Willie Johnson
Ricardo Durrant
Lazarus Williams
Dave Campbell
Tesfa Hamilton
Charles Jones (LIU - Chicago Bulls)
Lamont Jones (University of Bridgeport)
Tony Slater (Florida Pit Bulls - ABA)
Troy Marcus
Marcus Archer
Jamel Potts
Anderson Labaze (F.I.T.)
Bunja Yaboe (Gambia, Africa)
Alasana Ceesay (Gambia, Africa/U.K.)
Jermaine Abraham
Luis Charles (Gloucester CC)
Prince Abidoye* (Ventura College)
Salif Kante* (South Shore H.S.)
Mike Thompson (Pro-Mexico)
Kevin Gilbert
Joseph Miller
Nigel Byam* (Carl Albert State College, OK - St. Francis)
Anthony Soares* (Chaffey College, CA)
Rashaun Banjo (Pro - Chile)
Akim Neverson
Angelo Whitehead* (Ventura College)
Sean Watson
Donny Lyons
Karl Sanders
John Thomas (Mookie)
Sulayman Bah (South Shore H.S. / Victory Collegiate)
Chudney Gray (St. Johns University)
Ronay Waterton     
D.L. Samuels
Justice Graham (LACity)                                                                                                                                             
Nolan Bartholomew

Melshawn Scott

Sammy Obetoh




Teddy Vann - A Giant Remembered....

Teddy impacted my life one summer morning at Wingate Park as I was preparinbg for practice with my younger age team (N.I.K.E.-1)...from that day on he was a great source of advise and mentoring as well as a teacher in all forums. I made it mandatory that each day when he came by that my players and I would spend the required time "listening" to Mr. Vann before we practice. I was also introduced to my 1st and only female player Chinyere...I will miss you dearly my friend...R.I.P.



Bryan Griffith


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