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Monday, October 26
Guidelines regarding H1N1

October 23, 2009

USA Hockey, with guidance from its Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Stuart, has issued the following information regarding the H1N1 infection, including some basic recommendations to reduce the likelihood of spreading the infection.

USA Hockey recommends:

  1. Provide individual water bottles. Do not share water bottles.
  2. Regularly wash hands.
  3. Clean workout gear for each practice/competition.
  4. Keep gloves on during the traditional handshake with opponents.

Individuals with influenza may develop typical signs or symptoms of: fever (102°degrees F or greater), cough, muscle aches, runny nose, headache, or sore throat with the potential for more serious complications, including. pneumonia.

This year’s influenza virus strain has particularly targeted children and young adults. Transmission of influenza virus may occur from the day before the onset of symptoms and during the 5-7 days that these symptoms are present.

Infected individuals should stay home until signs and symptoms have resolved and they have not had a fever for at least 24 hours. The 24-hour no-fever timeline should be achieved naturally, without the aid of fever reducing medications.

Additional information regarding H1N1 is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Friday, October 16

I would like to send my heart filled thank you to my teamates for your love and support for the past difficult month. Also, thank you to the team for the donation to Hospice in behalf of Skip. He will always be watching us play. thanks again.


Tuesday, September 29

There will be a team beer blast on November 7 @ Kronies bar on Elmwood Ave. All players are responsable to sell tickets and donate a basket and their time. Talk to Nancy if you have any questions. If you can get donations from other businesses it would be greatly appreciated.


Tuesday, September 8
2009 SEASON!

Hello Coyotes!!!!

Welcome to the 2009 team for returning, former, and new players.

Looks like another fun year ahead of us.

Like to welcome Terri Stafford as player coach with Heidi Paris as assistant coach.

As you all know that Sept. 25, is the first team practice. The $200.00 downpayment for the year is needed. Make checks or money orders made out to Niagara County Coyotes.

A finallized bill will be available asap when the ice dates are given to the team.

If you have any questions, just talk to me at the practice.


Marianne Niezgoda-Skipworth