NH District One Little League: 2013 Tournaments: 2013 9 & 10 Year Old Baseball Tournament (updated 21July13)

2013 9 & 10 Year Old Baseball Tournament (updated 21July13)
This is also known as the 9 & 10 Competitive Jimmy Fund Baseball Tournament.

The objective of the 9 & 10 Year Old Division Tournament is to provide nine and ten year old players the opportunity to participate in a baseball tournament at the District and State levels at the conclusion of the regular season. This double elimination tournament culminates in a State Playoff between the winner of District 1 and District 2. 9 & 10 Tournament rules are used in combination with the Major League regular season rules without use of any local rules. A coin toss will determine choice of home/away team or dugouts. District umpires will be supplied.

Jimmy Fund fundraising is an important part of tournament play. The Jimmy Fund motto is: "Little Leaguers take a swing at cancer". Let's not strike out. Hit a Grand Slam on your donations. 

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Tournament Files:

Little League District Baseball Bracket

Congratulations to Bedford for their District One championship

State tournament information:

9 & 10 Year Old State Baseball Bracket

Congratulations to Bedford for their NH State championship