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Photo Above: Left to right: Bob Hopley, NHASA State Commissioner, Roger Hebert, Manager (Inductee)
Paul Wilcox, Umpire (Inductee), Doug Dicey, Chairman NHASA Hall of Fame

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Friday, April 23, 2010 in Keene, NH
The New Hampshire Amateur Softball Association 
inducted two new members to the NHASA Softball Hall of Fame.



Inducted Members

Doug Dicey,  2006 Induction to NHASA Hall Of Fame

NHASA State Commissioner 3/1/1971-Dec. 30,2006

Served as ASA Rep. for 10 ASA National Tournaments

Served as New England ASA Regional Director 3 times 


Paul Wilcox, Induction April 23,2010 to NHASA Hall of Fame

Umpire: Worked State, Regional and National tournaments

Served as Deputy State UIC (Modified Pitch)

1972-2009, Passed away Jan.13,2011 


Roger Hebert, Manager Women’s Modified Pitch Team

Induction April 23, 2010 to NHASA Hall of Fame

His teams won three National ASA Women’s Modified Pitch Tournaments

His teams won 10 NHASA Women’s Mod State Tournaments 



  Always Remembered

Bob Hopley ~ IN MEMORIAM  ~ (October 14, 1942 - February 26, 2015) 

Glenn Colburn ~ IN MEMORIAM  ~ (July 14, 1949 - October 11, 2014)

Paul R. Wilcox ~ IN MEMORIAM  ~ (March 7, 1938 - January 13, 2011)  


Hall of Fame Questions?
Please Contact:
Doug Dicey, Commissioner Emeritus
PO Box 1122
Kennebunkport, ME 04046