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NH ASA Printable Forms  



Tournament Sanctions & Team Registrations Will Begin Once:

"2016 "New" Forms are uploaded to this Section of our Website"


2015 Registration Forms
***Please note:

These forms need to be filled out and mailed into NHASA "Together".

JO Travel or Tournament Team Registration Form   

JO Individual Registration Form   

2015 League Team Registration Form  
***Please note: This form is to be used by non-JO travel/adult teams and non-tournament teams.

2015 Adult Individual Team Registration Form 


2015 Men's Adult Wood Bat Modified Team Registration Form 


2015 Invitational Tournament Sanction Form  

NH JO "State" Tournaments are always scheduled to begin on the 4th Friday in June (which in 2015 is June 26th)
No invitational tournaments may be scheduled for the same weekend as the State Tournaments.
Please plan your tournaments accordingly.


2015 Umpire Registration Form

Championship Tournament Bid Procedures

Championship Tournament Bid Form

Tournament Roster Form  
*****Please print on 1 page, front & back.

Pick-Up Player Form

NH ASA Player ID Program

NH ASA Player ID Cards