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NH ASA Printable Forms  

  Team, Individual Player & Umpire Registrations will begin December 1st, 2015. 

2016 NH ASA Junior Olympic Team Classification Guidelines:

Class "A" Division Teams in this division have no roster restrictions other than the majority of the players on the roster (51%), must live in New Hampshire.  The level of competition is highly competitive. Examples of teams that will be classified as an "A" team are:

 1.        A team that meets the requirements of  Class "B", but wishes to play up in classification.

2.       A team classified as "B" (previous season) and won that year's State Championship or other ASA Championship event.

3.       A team classified as "B" (previous season) and dominated play in that classification, and will retain the majority (51%) of their roster.

4.       Teams classified as "A" may not play in any class lower.


Class "B" Division This level of play is for teams that do not believe that they can compete at the "A" level. 

                                               Examples of teams that may be classified as "B" are: 


1.      A team made up of players from multible cities/towns, with the majority (51%), residing from one city/town or school district.

2.      Teams classified in "B" may play up in classification, but may not play in any class lower.


The NH ASA Commissioner reserves the right to verify the classification, eligibility and potential re-classification of all teams participating in any ASA event.  



2015 Registration Forms
***Please note:

These forms need to be filled out and mailed into NHASA "Together".

JO Travel or Tournament Team Registration Form   

JO Individual Registration Form  

2015 League Team Registration Form  
***Please note: This form is to be used by non-JO travel/adult teams and non-tournament teams.

2015 Adult Individual Team Registration Form 

   2015 Umpire Registration Form 


2016 Invitational Tournament Sanction Form  

NH ASA JO State Tournaments will be held June 24th - 26th, 2016.

No invitational tournaments may be scheduled for the same weekend as State Tournaments.
Please plan your tournaments accordingly.


2016 Championship Tournament Bid Procedures

2016 Championship Tournament Bid Form

Submit your Bid to Host a NH ASA Championship Tournament.

Venues will be voted on at our Winter Board Meetings.


Tournament Roster Form  
*****Please print on 1 page, front & back.

Pick-Up Player Form

NH ASA Player ID Program

NH ASA Player ID Cards