USA Softball of New Hampshire: Adult Modified Pitch

USA Softball of New Hampshire 

Women's and Men's Adult Modified Information 


*ALL Tournaments are to be Sanctioned by USA Softball of NH.

*Teams are required to be registered with USA Softball of NH or in their State. 

*ALL Umpire's working are required to be registered currently with USA Softball.

**These requirements need to be satisfied for insurance coverage to be active.

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**Please use "only" the 2018 form to sanction tournaments for 2018, other forms not accepted.

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2018 Adult Team & League Registration Form  

Link - Adult Single Team and League Registration Form  

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2018 Adult Modified Pitch State Tournament Draw

(All Adult Modified Pitch State Tournaments, double elimination using official USA Brackets)

Friday, June 8, 2018 ~ Keene Recreation Department ~ Entry Fee: $275

Check in: Women's: 5:30pm-6:30pm ~ Men's: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Checks made payable to NH ASA, No personal checks. Acceptable forms of payment are: Money orders, bank checks, sponsor checks or cash. Team rosters must be turned in at this time. Note: Please retain a copy of your roster for yourself!

(Show in Person or Pre-register online ~ Scan/Mail in Roster, Fees & Entry Form) 


2018 Men's Modified Pitch State Tournament  

Please Pre-Register Online ~ 

Men's Modified Wooden Bat (9 Man) ~ Upper Division 

July 13th - 15th ~ Keene, NH

(9 Players on the field, 10 Batting option, DH and EH allowed) 

2017 Champions ~ Muddogs ~ PhotoFinalists ~ Cimo's South End Deli ~ Photo

2017 Results~ Upper Bracket 

Men's Modified Metal Bat (10 Man) ~ Lower Division

July 13th - 15th ~ Keene, NH 

  2017Champions ~ Liberty Mutual ~ PhotoFinalists ~ Post 31 One Hitters ~ Photo   

2017 Results ~ Lower Bracket 

      2018 Women's Modified Pitch State Tournaments

Women's Modified ~ Upper Division

July 27th - 29th ~ Keene, NH 

2017 Champions ~ Contenders ~ PhotoFinalists ~ Top Dawg ~ Photo 

2017 ResultsUpper Bracket

  Women's Modified ~ Lower Division 

July 27th - 29th ~ Keene, NH 

2017 Champions ~ Toyota of Keene ~ PhotoFinalists ~ Pleasant Scapers ~ Photo 

2017 ResultsLower Bracket

Note: 2017 Women's Modified pitching distance will be 43 Feet 


 2018 Men's Sanctioned Invitational Tournaments

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2018 Women's Sanctioned Invitational Tournaments 

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Women's State Tournament Results 

Results ~ 2016 Women's Modified Class E  State Tournament 

Results ~ 2016 Women's Modified Class C State Tournament 

Men's State Tournament Results

Results ~  2016 Men's Modified Class E State Tournament 

Results ~ 2016 Men's Modified Class C State Tournament 

Results ~ 2016 Men's Modified Class D State Tournament 

Results ~ 2016 Men's Modified Wooden Bat State Tournament