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 2016 NH ASA Umpire Information

NOTE: As our 2016 Season starts, please make sure the games, leagues and tournaments you are asked to work are Registered ASA Teams, ASA Registered Leagues and the Tournaments are ASA Sanctioned!

***ALL of these requirements have to be satisfied for our NH ASA Rgistered Umpires to be Covered!! 


  NEW: 2016 "All NH ASA Registered Umpires" are required to have a "Preseason Background Check. (The BG Fee is included in the Umpire Registration Fee of $60.00)

 NH ASA is Currently Restructuring our Umpire Clinics. Clinics are for New Umpires and Returning Umpires. 

NH ASA strongly suggest each Umpire locate a Clinic that will fit their schedule and attend at least one Clinic prior to the beginning of the season. 

2016 NH ASA Registered Umpires  (As of 5/3/16) 

Note: Registration, Consent Form, Exam Procedure & Misc Informational Links Below! 

Link ~ NH ASA Clinic Plate Mechanics Information 


2016 NH ASA Umpire Meetings and Clinics 

March 5, 2016
Keene Parks & Recreation Department
312 Washington Street Keene, NH
 9:00am - 12noon
Rules and Mechanics Meeting
(**Umpires Clinic – April 14, 2016 @ 6pm, Wheelock Park)

Will Martin ~ NH ASA UIC, Doug Cumings ~ Deputy UIC Modified Pitch & JP Cavolo ~ District UIC Southwest

 March 9, 2016
Hudson Recreation Hall
2 Oakwood Street Hudson, NH
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Rules and Mechanics Meeting
  Will Martin ~ NH ASA UIC & Artie McCann ~ Deputy UIC Slow & Fast Pitch

March 19, 2016
Manchester Fire Department #7
679 Somerville St. Manchester, NH
9:00am - 12noon
FOR: “LOCAL UMPIRES” Covering Local Leagues
& Umpire Exam Review

Dan Boyce ~ NH ASA Assistant Commissioner & Luther Cooper ~ Deputy UIC Slow Pitch

March 19, 2016
Somersworth High School
11 Memorial Drive Somersworth, NH
10:00am – 2:00pm
“ALL” Umpires ~ Rules and Mechanics Meeting & Clinic

Will Martin ~ NH ASA UIC & Dave Nagy ~ District UIC Seacoast

March 20, 2016
HP Hood ~ 330 North State Street Concord, NH
10:00am – 2:00pm
Rules and Mechanics Meeting

Will Martin ~ NH ASA UIC& Brett McCrea ~ District UIC Lakes Region

 March 26, 2016
Memorial High School
1 Crusader Way Manchester, NH
 9:00am – 3:00pm
“ALL” Umpires ~ Rules and Mechanics Meeting & Clinic

 Dan Boyce ~ NH ASA Assistant Commissioner & Luther Cooper ~ Deputy UIC Slow Pitch

April 14, 2016 ~ “All” Umpires Clinic ~ @ 6pm, 101 Park Avenue ~ Wheelock Park, Keene, NH

 April 30, 2016 ~ “ALL” Umpires ~ Rules & Mechanics Meeting & Clinic ~ 10am-1pm, Claremont Rec. Claremont, NH


Umpire Registration Forms 

Please Submit the Consent Form with Your Registration

2016 NH ASA Umpire Registration Form 

2016 Umpire Background Consent Form 

(2016 Umpire Registration Procedure ~ Details on the Registration Form) 

BG cards will be mailed to you from our National Office; other materials will come from our NH ASA office. 

Umpire Exam Information 

Your Umpire Exam will be linked to your profile, once these items are completed: 1) You register with NH ASA and complete the consent form 2) Your Background Clears and 3) Your Registration is Approved by the NH ASA State Commissioner.

Link ~ 2016 Umpire Exam Online Procedure 

 (Umpire Test Completion Deadline ~ June 1st, 2016)   

RegisterASA Register ASA (Click on logo)

(Note: ACE ~ Does not apply to Umpires)

Link ~ 2016 Umpire Exam to Print 

 (Option to Print: Review and Answer prior to entering answers online) 


Miscellaneous Information 

  Link ~ Umpire Insurance Informational FLyer 

  LinkASA/USA Softball Umpire Awards 

    Link ~ 2016 Official Gear Catalog Now Available! 

  Link ~ Amateur Softball Association/USA Announces 2015-2016 National Umpire Schools 

NOTICE: "Gorilla Gold grip enhancer is legal for ASA Play" 

For additional Information contact

NH ASA State UIC, Will Martin @ 603-365-0096 (or)

  NH ASA State Commissioner, Alisa Durocher @ 603-721-9032

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