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 USA Softball ACE & Background Information

 All Coaches working with each team to be ACE Certified. 
 Link ~ Background Check Program
Required of All Staff working with each team 18 years or older to be BG Checked 
*These are yearly requirements to be satisfied prior working with your players.
****Access our Registration, Background Check & ACE Certification Program at
Mandatory for All Invitational Play & Championship Play
a. Any Junior Olympic team participating in championship play must have at least one ACE certified coach (current year) on the field/dugout during championship play games.
b. (NEW 2010) All JO team personnel assisting in the dugout must have a USA background check (current year)
(NEW 2013) All other coaches, scorers, etc. (18 years and older) that will be in the dugout or on the field, during games, must visually display proof of a USA background check (current year).
(USA Softball of NH "Recommends" that you ACE certify more than one coach)
 2018 USA Softball Code & Playing Rule Changes

 Click on Link ~ USA Softball Code & Playing Rule Changes

   Certified USA Softball Equipment

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 ****Pertaining to bats, balls, warm-up bats & warm-up attachments


FAST PITCH for 2013 and BEYOND for ASA/USA Softball
There will NOT be any changes for Certification Mark and Test Standard for all bats used in the game of ASA/USA Fast Pitch Softball for the 2013 season. The current 2000 and 2004 Certification Marks will continue to be the appropriate Marks for Fast Pitch, and any new models produced by the manufacturers will continue to display the 2004 Certification Mark.