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NLL to introduce Intermediate Baseball Division in 2015 

Northampton Little League is pleased to announce that it will introduce a new, Intermediate Baseball Division that will begin play in the 2015 season.

Games in the Intermediate Division will be played on a 50/70 diamond (50 feet from pitcher’s mound to home plate, 70 feet between the bases). The added division will provide Little League players with a more natural transition from the 46/60 diamond used in our Majors (A division) and Minors (B division) leagues to the full-sized 60/90 diamond used in Junior League and beyond.

NLL will continue to include Junior, Majors, Minors, Farm League and Softball divisions for 2015.

The Intermediate Division, which will include players ages 12 and 13, will provide a bridge in their progression toward the full-sized diamond. The added division will help NLL better group players that are similar in their skills, mental and physical development, and are similarly familiar and engaged in the game of baseball. By being able to place players in the most appropriate division, we believe players, parents and coaches will have a better experience in terms of competition, development and enjoyment of the game.

The Intermediate Division provides a game that more closely resembles “real” baseball, including rules regarding leading off bases, stealing and others that are in line with the sport on higher levels. For those players who are ready, it will allow players to be challenged and to play with and against like-minded players of similar ability in Northampton and our surrounding communities.

Without the Intermediate Division, many players spend five years on the same size field (ages 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12) before making the big jump to the 90-foot diamond in Junior League (ages 13 and 14). Players in the Majors and Minors programs still will be placed based on their ability, experience and development, with the Intermediate Division offering a third option and giving NLL greater flexibility to sort players in the most appropriate division. While the Intermediate Division will include players ages 12 and 13, more advanced 13-year-olds will be able to play in Junior League, and less advanced 12-year-olds would play in the Majors division.

Northampton Little League enters this new phase in its development along with other communities in Little League District 2, including Easthampton, Southampton, Amherst, Longmeadow, Belchertown and Agawam, among others. We anticipate playing a full regular-season schedule that include home and away games with these communities.

In recent years, Little League International has encouraged the expansion of its Intermediate Division and it holds District tournaments and a World Series with this division.  

We look forward to this exciting addition to Northampton Little League and expect the 2015 season to provide a better, more fun baseball experience for all. We will have more updates as the spring season approaches.