Niagara Frontier Officials Association: My Site News: CODE OF ETHICS

Believing that mine is an important part in the athletic program, I pledge myself to act in accordance with these principles:

I will honor contracts regardless of possible inconvenience or financial loss.
I will study the rules of the game, observe the work of other officials, and will at all times, attempt to improve myself.
I will remember that while my work as an official is important, I must conduct myself in such a way that attention is drawn, not to me, but to the contestants playing the game.
I will dress and maintain my appearance in a manner befitting the dignity and importance of the game.
I will shape my character and conduct so as to be a worthy example to the contestants who play under my jurisdiction.
I will be fair and unbiased in my decisions, rendering these without regard to the score or my next contract.
I will give my complete cooperation to the contestants which I serve and to the association or organization which I represent.
I will cooperate and be professional in my association with my fellow officials and will do nothing to cause them public embarrassment.
I will, in my actions on the playing field, be firm but not overbearing, courteous but not ingratiating, positive but never rude, dignified but never arrogant, friendly but not companionable, calm but always alert.
I will keep in mind that the game is more important that the wishes of any individual player or coach or the ambitions of any individual official.
I will be prepared both physically and mentally to administer the game.
I will not smoke on or in the vicinity of an athletic event, nor drink any alcoholic beverage within 24 hours prior to an event or while at an event.
I will not give any information which might be used by a team's future opponent nor will I visit with any player during a time-out period.