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Become an official
The professional sports official is an essential component to a sporting event. The official, regardless of their title (referee, umpire, etc.) has the ultimate responsibility of determining that the contest is safe, fair and impartial.

Most officials start at the youth and recreational program level. As you improve your skills and gain confidence you'll begin to ascend the ladder and work middle school and high school level games. From there, you may choose to seek advancement into the small college and major college programs where officials are "scouted" by assignors, league commissioners or coaches. The final step for a fortunate and successful few is the major leagues. Only after many years of hard work and selfless dedication might an official reach this pinnacle.

Do you have the right perspective to do the job? If you think officiating can be fun, you're right. Sports officials get so much more from officiating than a paycheck. If your perspective is in the right place, you'll find officiating to be a great way to make new friends, learn important people skills and much more.

Have you wondered what it's like to be a sports official? Observe some local games. You'll learn a great deal about officiating by watching other officials. After the game, approach the officials once they've had a chance to relax and tell them you desire to become an official. They'll steer you in the direction of the right people in your community.

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