Next Level Hoops: Welcome

"Welcome to NEXT LEVEL HOOPS!"

Our mission is to prepare young players by teaching them the fundamentals skills and also teaching them how to practice those skills to improve as a player. We are firm believers that to be an effective player at any level, you must first conquer the basic fundamentals and grow from there.  Practicing the proper skills leads to faster and higher quality development. We will teach players how to make the most of their limited time and put together efficient workouts that will help them reach ...THE NEXT LEVEL!

We guarantee to teach your child in a safe, comfortable environment and to honor yours and your players’ time and commitment you have each made to us. We also believe in teaching life skills through athletics. We stress the importance of respect, discipline, hard work, teamwork, and the other life skills important to a successful life! My staff and I continually stress the importance of academics as a major part of an athletes daily routine.

We truly hope that each player we come in contact with leaves our clinics and teams as a better player and more importantly, a better person! Our guarantee to you is a commitment to your player, to teach the fundamentals of the game of basketball and cultivate a love for the game and a desire to play at the NEXT LEVEL. While we cannot guarantee your player will play in the NBA or receive a Division I college scholarship, we can guarantee your player will be given personal attention and given the tools to improve their game in a positive environment.