New York Lady Wraith Softball: Just Me, A SoftballPoem

From the time I was small I knew I was great

'cause my folks and my coaches told me so, they'd say "you'll make it, just wait".

But they never told me how great I would be

if ever I played someone greater than me.

When I'm in my own REC league I'm great with a bat

I can jack all those pitches at the drop of a hat.

But all of the sudden, there's a girl in my face

who doesn't seem to get that I'm the Queen of this place.

The pressure gets to me, I rush with the ball,

my throws to the bases have no direction at all.

My pitches aren't breaking, my locations unsure,

my bat is not steady, my swing is not pure.

The fault is my teammates, they don't understand,

the faults with my coaches, what a terrible plan.

The fault is the calls by that ump whose so blind,

since I'm the greatest, the faults surely NOT mine.

Then like a fastball it hits me and I start to see,

that the face in the mirror is none other than me.

It isn't my teammates dropping the ball

and it's not my coach in the dugout throwing bats at the wall.

That face in the mirror that was always so great,

had some room for improvement afterall, instead of just hate.

So I stopped blaming others and I started to grow,

my play got much better and it started to show.

And all of my teammates didn't seem quite so bad,

and I learned to depend on my friends, all those teammates I had.

Now I like myself better since I started to see

I was lousy at being great, I'm much better being me........

Based on a Basketball poem by Tom Krause and Ideas from Dr. Michael Fraser.

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