Newport Baseball & Softball: Welcome


The mission of the Newport Baseball and Softball Association is to provide an organization committed to producing the highest possible quality baseball and/or softball experience to the youth of Newport, Oregon. The Newport Baseball and Softball Association is dedicated to providing a safe sporting environment and quality staff in the form of directors, coaches, umpires, etc.

It is our goal to help youth:

(1) develop and improve the fundamental skills necessary to play and excel in baseball/softball,
(2) learn the rules of the game,
(3) instill good sportsmanship through spirited competition,
(4) realize the importance of the team concept, and most importantly
(5) have fun.

We realize the best way to accomplish our mission is through the collaborative efforts of the community at large, i.e. parents, community leaders, local businesses, local schools, associations such as Newport Baseball and Softball Association, and of course our youth.