New Longview Sea Stallions: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to be a good swimmer to start?

While some basic swimming knowledge is preferred, the coaches will help teach strokes and technique. "The SSL will allow for friendly competition during Dual and Championship Swim Meets, however, will maintain its emphasis on Recreational swimming." All children must be able to swim, unassisted, 25 yards (one length of the pool) to participate in a meet. This means, some children may start swim team practice but not participate in a meet until later in the season. We simply want our children to have fun while building more confidence in their swimming ability.

There are five practices a week! Does my child need to attend every practice?!

The reason behind a daily practice is so our swimmers can develop strength and stamina in the water. We do suggest the child attend three practices a week to swim in that week's swim meet. However, we understand many children are first time swimmers and the summer months can be packed with other activities as well as a change in child care routines. We expect some swimmers, especially our younger ones, might only be able to attend two practices a week. Our coaches will be happy to work with your family and swimmers.

Remember, every Thursday is Thursday Fun Day! The coaches will review the meet from the night before, pass out award ribbons, play games and eat donuts!

Do I need to attend practice with my child?

You are welcome to attend practice with your child, especially in the first week as they get acclimated to how practice runs. Due to our pool deck space, we do ask that parents sit outside on the lawn so our swimmers have space to stretch and place their belongings. 

Do I need to wear the team suit?

The team suit is not required to participate in practice or meets. However, if the team suit is not purchased, we do recommend a racing type suit for both boys and girls as other types of suits can create more drag in the water.

When are practices and meets?

In general, all practices will be held at the New Longview pool, five mornings a week. All practices are held before 10:30 am, typically on weekdays. Details on Practice Times will be announced online under "Practice Schedule" and will be updated after registration night on April 13. Thursday is FUN DAY with games and snacks!

All meets are on Wednesday nights. Swim Team starts May 31 and runs through July 17. Three "home" meets will be held at New Longview and three "away" at the other subdivisions in SSL. Please look at the schedule link for all swim meet dates.

What does my child need for practice and meets?

Multiple towels, one or two pairs of swim googles (optional), Lawn Chairs (for adults at meets), sharpie marker (meet only, to write events)

Who will I be swimming against?

Swimmers compete against other swimmers in the same age group (8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-18 as of June 1st). Boys and girls compete separately. Events always start with girl 8 & under then Boys 8 & under, etc. There are usually 2-3 heats per event depending on the number of children and lanes in the pool.

What are heats? 

The goal of each meet is to get a personal best time and have fun. :) The meet is organized by heats or races per event. Swimmers are placed in heats based on their personal best times. If a swimmer does not have a previous time, the swimmer will be placed in a heat usually with other swimmers with no previous time. 

How many events will I swim?

A swimmer can compete in a maximum of five (5) events (3 individual and 2 relays. The number of events will be based on the number of swimmers competing as well as the swimmers' ability to swim the stroke correctly. 

Where can I park at NLV for home swim meets?

We ask all NLV residents to walk or bike to the pool. For others, you may park on the street observing the NO PARKING sides of the streets. Please plan on arriving early and dropping off children and items for meet around the pool and then parking. Swim meets are hectic and crowded. Please plan accordingly.

Where can the kids sit during the swim meet? 

We ask that children set up on the south side of the pool area in the green space. We will try and keep the north side of the pool available for parents to set up lawn chairs and observe the meet/children racing along the hill.


Please consider eating at our home meets as all profits go to help support our swim team!!! 


The day after each meet, practice will start at 9 a.m. For EVERYONE! The coaches will review the meet, pass out ribbons, eat donuts and play games!

How can you help?

MANY volunteer positions are needed ASAP to get this team off the ground in the first years. You do NOT have to have a child on the team to help. Please sign-up online via the "Volunteer Sign-up" link. Descriptions of each volunteer role are listed there. This will direct you to the sign-up genius page mainly organized by home meet and away meet responsibilities. There are a few volunteer responsibilities (computer/ribbons, stroke/turn judges and starter) which we would like the same person for each of our three home meets.