New Jersey Cup: Welcome

The 10th Annual New Jersey Cup is open to US Club Soccer-member clubs and teams in New Jersey. U10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18/19 boys' and girls' teams.

U10 is played 8v8. New for 2014: U11-12 teams have the option of playing 11v11 or 8v8.

U13 and U14 offers a Super Group (top, or most competitive) and a Premier Group.
U18 and U19 is combined into a single group.

Teams that win their first game of the New Jersey Cup advance in the championship bracket, one-loss elimination. Teams that lose their very first played game move into the consolation bracket.

U13 and U14 Super Group champions and U15-16-17 champions will advance to US Club Soccer's National Cup finals in Greensboro, North Carolina. U13 and U14 Premier Group champions will earn a free entry to a National Cup Regional of their choice.

All teams must hold and present US Club Soccer player passes and a US Club Soccer roster at all New Jersey Cup games. A Game Report also is needed. The Game Report is available under Handouts on this web site.

No USYS/NJYS passes/rosters will be accepted.

Preliminary-round games can be played on the weekend or during the week. Preliminary-round games will start in March, 2014. Championship group semifinals will be May 10, with the finals on May 11, at Mercer County Park and Mercer County Community College.

Team officials only: 609-529-7514





The home team is responsible for getting referees for a preliminary-round game.

All U11-and-older games are required to have three referees officiating, including U11-12 8v8 games.

It's strongly recommended that U10 games have three referees, but a single ref will be accepted.

U10 single ref: $45

U10 three refs: $40-20-20

U11-14: $50-25-25

U15-and-older: $60-30-30

The two teams playing the game split the ref fees.

All referee assignments must go through the home club's referee assignor. All assigning fees for the preliminary rounds will be paid by the home team/club, not the New Jersey Cup.

If the referee assignor insists that the referees are to be paid more than listed above, the home team will pay the difference.


Rules and Regulations (updated for 2014)
1.       Where the color of the jersey is similar or identical, ...

US Club Soccer Player Passes

All teams participating in the New Jersey Cup need to have valid US Club Soccer passes for all players and coaches at all games. A current US Club Soccer roster also must be available at all games.

Individual teams may join US Club Soccer

Players May Only Play for One Team

Players may only play for one team participating in the New Jersey Cup. Players may not play for different teams in different age groups, or different clubs, even if their team gets eliminated.


U18/19-U17-U16-U15 will play 80-minute matches: 2 x 40

U14-U13-U12-U11 will play 70-minute matches: 2 x 35

U10 will play 60-minute matches: 2 x 30

Overtime: if a game is tied after regulation play, the two teams will then play two, 5-minute, full-term periods. If the teams remain tied after overtime, the match will go to FIFA penalty kicks.

Preliminary-round games can be played on the weekend or during the week.

Red Cards

Any player or coach who receives a red card in a New Jersey Cup match is suspended for the next New Jersey Cup game.



Championship medals will be awarded to the winners only of each age group: Super Group and Premier Group.

No Refunds

Once a team is accepted, there are no entry-fee refunds.