New Jersey Cup: Welcome

The 13th Annual New Jersey Cup is open to US Club Soccer-member clubs and teams in New Jersey. 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18/19-and-Under boys' and girls' teams.

10-U will be played 7v7.

11-12-U will be played 9v9.

13-14-15-16-17-U offers a Super Group (top, or most competitive) and a Premier Group.

18-19-U are combined into a single 18/19-U group. 

Teams that win their first game of the New Jersey Cup advance in the championship bracket, one-loss elimination. (Teams that lose their very first game played will get at least one consolation game scheduled.)

Super Group champions gain entry to US Club Soccer's National Cup finals. Premier Group champions gain entry to a National Cup Regional.

All teams must hold and present US Club Soccer player passes and a US Club Soccer roster at all New Jersey Cup games.  

No USYS/NJYS passes/rosters will be accepted. Individual teams can join US Club Soccer in order to play in the New Jersey Cup.

Some groups will begin preliminary-round games in March.  Preliminary-round games can be played on the weekend or during the week. A two-week window to play the game is normally offered.

The championship semifinals and finals will be May 6-7, 2017, in North Brunswick.





Thursday, May 4
North Brunswick Community Park Field Map

Thursday, April 27
Directions to North Brunswick Community Park

North Brunswick Community Park is all natural grass fields. 

2065 Rt.130 South
North Brunswick, NJ 08902

From Rt.1 South (traveling from South Jersey):  Turn right at Adams Lane - 1.2 Miles Turn right at US-130 - 0.3 Miles Turn Right at the North Brunswick Community Park Entrance.

From Rt.1 North (traveling from North Jersey):  Take the ramp to US-130 - 0.1 Miles Keep left at the fork to continue toward US-130 and merge onto US-130 - 2.5 Miles Just past Adams Lane the North Brunswick Community Park entrance in on the right.


Friday, November 4

1.       ...


Players may only play for one team participating ...

Friday, December 17


15-16-17-18/19U play 80-minute matches: 2 x 40.

13-14U play 70-minute matches: 2 x 35.

11-12U play 60-minutes matches: 2 x 30.

10-U play 50-minute matches: 2 x 25.

Overtime: if a game is tied after regulation play, the two teams will then play two, 5-minute, full-term periods. If the teams remain tied after overtime, the match will go to FIFA penalty kicks.

Preliminary-round games can be played on the weekend or during the week.

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The home team is responsible for getting referees for their game through their club's referee assignor. The home team/club is responsible for assigning fees.

The referees are paid whatever the home team/club normally pays referees for home games. The two opposing teams split the costs of the referees for a game. The home team must tell the other team in advance what the fees are and what their share is.

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Championship medals will be awarded to the winners only of each championship age group.

Red Cards

Any player or coach who receives a red card in a New Jersey Cup match is suspended for the next New Jersey Cup game.

Monday, March 14
Implementation guidelines for U.S. Soccer's Player Safety Campaign


All teams participating in the New Jersey Cup must have valid US Club Soccer passes for all players and coaches at all games. A valid, official US Club Soccer roster also must be submitted to the referees at all New Jersey Cup games. Referees will be checking at every game. All players' names must be imprinted on the official roster; no handwritten additions.

No NJYS/USYS passes or rosters will be accepted.

Wednesday, March 15
Indoor Games

Go to Handouts and download "Indoor Games," or download the attached.

Permission to play a New Jersey Cup game indoors must be received from the New Jersey Cup.

Handout: Indoor Games


Once a team is accepted there is no application-fee refund.


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Application Fees

10-U: $200/team.

11-U-and-older: $