Newfound Boys Basketball: Pride Patches

Players can earn Newfound Pride team patches for game success

Happy FaceAll players earn a Happy Face patch for a team victory.

** This is new for 09-10

Orange ball Players earn an orange basketball for double digit scoring in a game.

** This is a change for 09-10

 Players earn the Green Shamrock for leading the team in scoring for a game.

Brown ball Players earn a Brown basketball for
10 total rebounds in a game


Red ball Players earn a red ball for 5 or more offensive rebounds in a game.

** This is a change for 09-10 

 Players earn a Red A for 5 or more assists in a game.


 Player earn a Red D for 5 or more steals in a game.


  Players earn a Lightning Bolt for each defensive charge taken in a game.

Gold star Players earn a Gold Star for shooting 60% or better (minimum 5 attemps) from the field. 

Red star Players earn a Red Star for shooting 75% or better from the Free throw line (minimum 4 shots)
 Blue starPlayers earn a Blue Star for social or academic excellence off the court.
** This is a change for 09-10
 The Hustle Award.  Players earn a Green Star for game hustle, practice hustle, leadership, coach's choice. PRIDE and TEAM!