Newberry Little League: Welcome


Newberry Little League is excited to be starting its 71st year as an official Little League Charter Member.  We are looking forward to adding to our storied history.  Please stay tuned and check out our calendar on here, team schedules and our Facebook page for current news and information!  Below you will find important dates for your child and our League. We are also please to announce that  the final light payment will be made this year! 


Thank You

Newberry Little League

Important Dates to Remember 

1. Lucky Lotto Calendars may be sold up until May 31st 2018.  Please turn in all sold calendars to your team mom, manager or the concession stand by this date! Please turn in calendars as they are sold.  If you can selll more that you were alloted ask and we will give them to you!

2. April 21st is Opening Day (Pictures will be taken this day.  You will be notified of your time by your manager or team mom.) 

3. April 28th is the LAST day to redeem all Hoagie Coupons at Miletos Sub Shop.

4. June 4th - 9th is the Annual Mary Mileto Minor League Softball Tournament.

5. August 4th is the Newberry Little League Picnic and Newberry Community Fair and Yard Sale

6. Please turn in all hoagie sales on February 24th 2018 from 10 am to 2pm.  Let us know if you cannot make this time and we will make arrangements to collect your orders.  We will collect orders at the Boys Press box.