Amateur Baseball Development (ABD) is a program for high school players that strive to reach the next level.

Our upper class teams attend the top recruited tournaments such as the Senior Fall Classic and Perfect Game. Our lower class teams are trained and introduced to the recruiting process and attend more local tournaments. ABD Nevada is more than club team, a program of coaches and teams networking from Northern California, Southern California and Hawaii.

ABD plays a major role in consulting players and parents on the recruiting process and how to avoid financial pitfalls. ABD is NOT a recruiting service, we provide direction and motivation to help players find the right fit in college. In conjunction with Field Level, players are provided a profile page and recommendations of schools to research as possible fits.



Tariq Stanton Green Valley '10  Southern Utah University 
Trent Gibsom Coronado '10  Becker College 
Robert Shiroky Green Valley '10  CSN 
Jordan Stewart  Foothill '10  CSN 
Jake Ferdinand  Foothill '10  University Reno Nevada / CSN 
Robby Rosenthal  Centennial '10  Cal State Montery 
Kyle Moyes  Foothill '10  Whitman College 
Dylan Ellis  Foothill '10  CSN 
Cameron Harper  Green Valley '10  CSN 
Zac Corona Centennial '10  Delta State 
Bryan Harney  Foothill '11  Barstow College 
David Edson Faith Lutheran '12  USC 
Zachary Skipper Faith Lutheran '12  Hancock College 
Jonas Wellan Centennial '12  Morehead College
Andrew Congleton  Centennial '12  Mesa College 
Brent Dague Spring Valley '12  Chaffey College
Mitchell Shields Shadow Ridge '12  California Lutheran University 
Boomer Sherrill  Desert Oasis '12  Siskiyous College
JB Eary  Faith Lutheran '12  Puget Sound University
Michael Wager Shadow Ridge '12  Tabor College
Stephen Joseph Bishop Gorman '12  San Diego State University
Cody Shuster Palo Verde '12  Dominican University-Chicago
Joshua Murtha  Faith Lutheran '12  Mesa College
Chris Hopballe Palo Verde '12  Undecided 
Royal Bradley Green Valley '12  Azusa Pacific University 
Logan Hold Shadow Ridge '13  CSN
Brett Bovee  Palo Verde '13  CSN 
Anthony Martine Durango '13  CSN 
Ben Fitzhugh Shadow Ridge '13  Central Washington University 
PJ Gonzalez Arbor View '13  Colorado Mesa University 
Evan McMahan Arbor View '13  USD 
Jeff Belknap Coronado '13 Harding University
Tyler Trageton Faith Lutheran '13  Trinity University 
Brandon LaPointe Arbor View '13  College of Western Nevada 
Cody Schmidt Desert Oasis '13  College of Southern Idaho 
James Anderson Coronado '13  Mesa College 
Ryan Chen Arbor View '13  Cochise College
Brett Haney Green Valley '13  Taft College 
Cameron Mormon Arbor View '13  West Hills College 
Isaac Velasquez Clark '13 Barstow College 
Jordan Moniz Liberty '13  Otero College 
Jordyn Compehos Desert Oasis '13  McCook College 
Erich Uelmen Faith Lutheran '14  Cal Poly Slo 
Ryan Moyes Foothill '14  Puget Sound 
Brad Steiner Palo Verde '14  Chapman University 
Josh McKibbin  Centennial '14  Cerro Coso College
Luke McArthy  Coronado '14  Califonia Luthern University 
Paul Wolfram  Palo Verde '14  Pacific University 
Nick Cardinal  Foothill '14  Colorado Mesa University
Bligh Madris Foothilll'14  Colorado Mesa University
Michael Warning  Coronado '14  Mesa College 
Dwight Taylor Legacy '14 Cerro Coso College
Justin Rivera Arbor View '15  Antelope Valley University
James Cummings  Shadow Ridge '15 Barstow College
Mike Davis  Shadow Ridge '15  Barstow College 
Cruz Daddario Faith Lutheran '15  Menlo College 
Jared Drizin Centennial '15  Bucknell University
Jarod Penniman Green Valley '15  Chapman University
Grant Mohn  Shadow Ridge '15  Lewis & Clark College, Portland 
Ryan Brown  Arbor View '15  Dominican University (IL) 
Antonio Rainone  Bishop Gorman '15  CSN 

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