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NorthEnd Soccer
NorthEnd Soccer
Columbus, Ohio
  Film Reviews  

Thursday, May 29
The Matrix Reloaded: It’s Even More Than Before
Once upon a time, “The Matrix” was this word-of-mouth blockbuster about folks clad in leather that could do really ...

Thursday, May 29
Wha’ Happened? A Mighty Wind!
If you’re like most people, there are those random Tuesday afternoons where you wonder, “self, don’t you think ...

Thursday, May 29
A Wink, A Smile and Nice Suit: Confidence
There is no denying that the con is one of the best stories to be told on film. It’s the anti-hero that uses brains, ...

Thursday, May 29
The Mutants Are Back In Town: X-Men 2
Ah, it’s back! That’s right, the Summer Blockbuster Season (SBS). And like last year’s “Spiderman” start, we ...

Monday, April 7
A Man Apart: A Tale of Trying To See A Movie Just for Fun
I see movies for fun all the time. In fact, that’s the main reason I go – this isn’t about writing reviews and ...

Monday, April 7
There Was A Story At One Time: The Hunted
How is it that two award-winning actors, a beautiful setting, a lot of action and a good idea make for a terrible ...

Wednesday, February 26
Why Film Was Invented: The Pianist
Roman Polanski is perhaps more infamous in the United States as the widower of Sharon Tate and for his guilty plea ...

Wednesday, February 26
Hairy, But Hollywood Hairy: Frida
For all that you may or may not have known about Frida Kahlo, you probably know that Salma Hayek spent a lot of ...

Wednesday, February 26
Need a Nap? Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Last year, Dreamworks hit big with its first major animated film. You might remember “Shrek” provided you haven’t ...

Wednesday, February 26
How Did We Get Here Again?: Ice Age
It all starts with a saber-tooth squirrel. That’s right squirrel. I don’t know if there really were any saber-tooth ...

Wednesday, February 26
Because He’s The Most Boring Husband EVER: Unfaithful
The Oscar Nominations have come out. This means that I will compulsively seek out every single film nominated ...

Wednesday, February 26
A New Generation of Bad Book Reports: Treasure Planet
I will give Disney this – Treasure Planet is a rather faithful adaptation of Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure ...

Wednesday, February 26
Hollywood Didn’t Run It!: About A Boy
I resisted seeing “About A Boy” simply because I’d loved the book. Actually, I really love anything that Nick ...

Wednesday, February 26
Life In A Day: The Hours
At first glance, you might think that “The Hours” is one of those films that you’re supposed to think is good if ...

Wednesday, February 26
And All That Jazz: Chicago
I love musicals. Musicals are perhaps the greatest entertainment invention in the known universe. You see, absolutely ...

Wednesday, February 26
Yup, That’s What Writer’s Block Is: Adaptation
It is with great irony that I write this review a month after actually seeing Adaptation. There were many things ...

Sunday, February 2
Yes, He Really Is That Charming: Catch Me If You Can
“Catch Me If You Can” has all those elements that you’re supposed to hate if you’re of the jaded, worldly type. ...

Sunday, December 29
A Grittier, Dirtier Time: Gangs of New York
Smell that? That’s the smell of Oscar Season, my friends. Yes, the time where my movie-going will be upped to ...

Sunday, December 29
Still Questing Away: The Two Towers
First, I must admit that I knew I was going to have some problems with this film from the get-go. See, we all ...

Sunday, December 29
Can’t We Just Kill To Kill Anymore? Red Dragon
I was torn on the title for this, as it could have easily been “adventures at the dollar theater,” but that wouldn’t ...

Sunday, December 29
Die Another Day: A Human Resources Cautionary Tale
James Bond’s twentieth. By now we all know what to expect. From the fantastic opening sequence to the Bond women ...

Sunday, December 29
Another Year, Another Big Monster: Harry Potter
If you’ve not heard of Harry Potter, you’re either living the most sheltered life possible or you are one of the ...

Tuesday, November 19
Comedian: The Orny Adams Show
It was an interesting weekend in Columbus. A violent hailstorm came and went. In its wake at our home, we were ...

Tuesday, November 19
Punch Drunk Love: The NOT Adam Sandler Film
Paul Thomas Anderson is a brilliant director. He makes big films about small stories. There was “Boogie Nights” ...

Tuesday, November 19
A Reason To Be Canadian: Bowling For Columbine
Littleton, Colorado’s Columbine High School brought us the very picture of all that we never wanted to see at a ...

Monday, October 21
My Big Fat Greek Wedding: It’s Not Just the Contakis Family
I am very late to this film. Yeah, yeah, biggest independent film ever. Feel-good romantic comedy of the year. ...

Monday, October 21
The Transporter: Why Ruin This With Plot?
Luc Besson. I like him, really I do. This is the filmmaker that brought me La Femme Nikita, The Professional ...

Saturday, August 24
Serving Sara: Soul-Crushing Horridness Disguised as Humor
Even though he has said “don’t worry, Elizabeth Hurley was hot,” I still feel the need to make amends to the roommate. ...

Sunday, August 18
Martini? Forget It, Red Bull, PS2 and Snowboarding: XXX
I called this movie months ago. I saw some early ads on and knew that this would be the Craptastic SBB. ...

Sunday, August 18
Okay, He Figured Out What’s Really Scary: Signs
M. Night Shyamalan is a true talent. First, we get “The Sixth Sense,” then we get “Unbreakable,” and now Signs. ...

Thursday, August 1
Only Because He Asked: Martin Lawrence RunTelDat
Martin Lawrence’s concert film RunTelDat, opens with a brief film outlining his career. Unfortunately, his direction ...

Thursday, August 1
Daddy Needed To Buy Me More: Austin Powers Goldmember
Goldmember. For those that may not know the story already, MGM originally sued to block the use of “Goldmember,” ...

Monday, July 29
“Word-A-Day” Calendars Have Their Day: Road To Perdition
First, to get it out of the way for everyone – Perdition: NOUN: 1a. Loss of the soul; eternal damnation. 1b. ...

Monday, July 22
Pick An Accent And Stick With It: K-19 (The Widowmaker)
First, my apologies to everyone that's heard me do the lame wrestling-esque, "I've just seen K-19, THE WIDOWMAKER" ...

Monday, July 22
You Know, I Once Saw A Better Version: Men In Black II
I was all ready for Men In Black II. The parental unit was in town, it was Fourth of July Weekend and Barry Sonnenfeld ...

Friday, July 19
So That’s What The Nuns Were About: The Rookie
The dollar theater. The pageantry of the crowds. Four feet of security glass just to buy a discount movie ticket. ...

Sunday, July 14
Help! I’ve Been Speilburglerized: Minority Report
Ah, it’s time for the Dark Summber Block Buster (DSBB). The DSBB is the well-intended, “hey, we know your serious, ...

Tuesday, June 25
Yeah, It Was A Little Close To Home: The Sum of All Fears
Once again, I got the hookup from my source, so husband and I were able to attend a free screening for The Sum ...

Wednesday, June 12
Point Counterpoint, Only Sexier: John Q
First, I must admit that this film is part of the Ray Liotta Stalker Must See Set (RLSMSS). Yes, I have a Ray ...

Sunday, May 26
I’m Flawed! No I’m Flawed! Respect Me!: Insomnia
Fresh off of celebrating Pat Conroy’s 30th Birthday, Husband and I took a short walk down to the Arena Grand to ...

Monday, May 20
Actors, Set Designers Rendered Usless: Star Wars II
As I write this after opening weekend, Episode II has already grossed 116.3 million dollars. This may seem impressive, ...

Monday, May 6
Watching With The Elite: Spider-Man Opening Weekend
Ah, the hype, the ads, the merchandizing, Kirsten Dunst doing the wet T-shirt thing…how was it going to be possible ...

Saturday, April 20
Headcount Isn’t Always The Answer: The Scorpion King
Ah, the Summer Blockbuster Season (SBS) is finally here! While the official start of SBS is traditionally Memorial ...

Monday, April 15
Two Bits Two Hours Twenty-Five Minutes: Vanilla Sky
First, to everyone that attended this year’s Oscar Party, I must formally apologize for offering my “hey, they’ll ...

Saturday, April 13
Changing Lanes: Clean And Sober
Last Week, I brought you the tale of a drunken non-thinking film. This week, I bring a clean-and-sober viewing ...

Friday, April 12
Drunken Remembrances: National Lampoon's Van Wilder
This really shouldn’t be my first review, but a little background might put his into perspective for everyone that ...

NorthEnd Soccer
NorthEnd Soccer
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