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formerly known as the NESC Roosters
NorthEnd Soccer
NorthEnd Soccer
Columbus, Ohio
  Sports Archive  

Thursday, November 30
Tony (Blue Hat)
Where's the 'beard?

Columbus (AP) - In a stunning burst of logic, NorthEnd FC forward Tony Contakis has announced the retirement of his Graybeard Rookie moniker, opting instead for the simple title of Graybeard.

Citing his status on the team as the reason, Contakis stated: "I will be retiring the Graybeard Rookie name at the end of the year. Let's face it, I am not a rookie anymore (though I still might play like one). In 2001, I will be known simply as Graybeard - kind of an ode to being an old, graying family man, if I do say so myself."

No word yet on whether the reported "Gillette Mach 3" endorsement contract he recently signed played another role in the changing the Graybearded one's nickname even further.

Sunday, June 10
Beer Cup Friendly

In cooperation with Bank One, the NorthEnd Social Club participated in its first official Friendly:

WHO WAS THERE: Members of the NorthEnd and Bank One Corporate Challenge, Friends, Family, and Fans.
WHAT HAPPENED: The First Annual BEER CUP Friendly.
WHERE IT HAPPENED: The soccer fields between Polaris Parkway and Main Street right off of Cleveland Avenue.
WHEN IT OCCURRED: Sunday, June 10, 2001 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.
WHY: To play some soccer and meet some new people...

Mark Berhardt notched six goals, helping the NorthEnd pace itself to a comfortable "victory" in the first ever Beer Cup Friendly. Pat Conroy and Drew Johnson also found the back of the net for the team.

It was a great experience had by all as the team worked hard on strategy and technique. Our hope is to have another Friendly again soon.

Tuesday, September 11
For Them (revision 1)

Columbus (AP) - After much anticipation, the NESC returned to action during the Fall session of the Columbus Co-Ed Soccer League. Playing in the Antrim Division, the NESC began September 15. The results are as follows:

09/15/2001    Result: Marauders 3:1 NESC
09/22/2001    Result: Skrude 2:1 NESC
09/29/2001    Result: CARP 1:1 NESC
10/06/2001    Result: Huntington FC 3:3 NESC
10/13/2001    Result: Outsiders 3:2 NESC
10/20/2001    Result: Marauders 6:0 NESC
10/27/2001    Result: Skrude 4:4 NESC

Due to the horrific events surrounding the terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington D.C. and other parts of the United States on September 11, the NESC dedicated its Fall season to those victims whose lives were lost or touched by this terrible tragedy. This season was FOR THEM.

Though the team did not win any games, the true victory came in the fact that everyone played and had a really FUN time. This was a very memorable season!

Monday, January 15
NESC Rooster

Columbus (AP) - After much anticipation, the NESC returned to indoor action on October 28 at Sportsite. Playing for the first time with its sponsor Roosters, the NESC Roosters made a favorable showing for a young team:

10/28/2001    Result: Rowdies 9:5 NESC Roosters
11/04/2001    Result: Team Name Here 11:6 NESC Roosters
11/11/2001    Result: Advocates for Kids 12:9 NESC Roosters
11/18/2001    Result: Crucifiers One 15:7 NESC Roosters
12/02/2001    Result: Crucifiers Two 9:4 NESC Roosters
12/16/2001    Result: Columbus Ski Club 1:8 NESC Roosters
12/23/2001    Result: Rowdies 10:4 NESC Roosters
12/30/2001    Result: Team Name Here 7:8 NESC Roosters

We had wonderful support from friends and family as the NESC Roosters endured triumph and tribulation as the season rolled on. Thank you for being there!

Check out the new page - Our Season - where Stephanie chronicles her impressions of our adventures during the Indoor Season.


Spring Regular Season Div 5 Champs

The NESC Roosters began the Spring Season with the same joy of playing the game they love so much - SOCCER!


Unexpected, but very welcome was the wonderful success the team has had thus far in the Columbus Co-Ed Soccer League, Division 5, where the Roosters remained undefeated through all regular season games, earning a berth in the Championship game.

Here was the notice from the head chicken himself - Brian "Kamikaze" Rivera:


Here's the e-mail that I just received from John Altieri regarding our championship game on Saturday. Just make sure you have a strong cup of coffee, if needed.

Please try to be at the field by no later than 9:20 AM or so...

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 12:16
From: "John F. Altieri"
Subject: Championship game this saturday
To: Brian Rivera , Louis Diorio

Division 5: Roosters vs. BG United, 9:30 AM at Jesse Owens   

OOPS! Another thing...

Sorry I didn't mention this previously, but I would appreciate it if everyone who will be playing during the summer season could bring me their $10.00 deposit to secure their roster spot (except Z-Man, who has already paid me). I've used my own $$$ to cover the team deposit of $200.00. We'll collect the remaining balance from everyone just prior to the season starting, once Steph works out the sponsorship deal with Roosters.

If you can't be at the game on Saturday, please send the deposits to me at:

101 Curl Drive, #235
Columbus, OH 43210


And it was a most exciting game. The Roosters took the early lead off of a beautiful goal by Steve Sirk. BG United countered with their own tally several minutes later.

The score was knotted at halftime, 2-2.

Rob Jones put the Roosters back in the lead with a beautiful header in the second half, but again BG United stormed back and actually took over the lead with seven minutes to play. However, the Roosters made the end of the match quite interesting by scoring a dramatic goal with less than two minutes left.

The match ended 4-4 and went to penalty kicks.

Needless to say, despite the strong effort on the part of the NESC Roosters this hot Saturday morning, they fell to BG United in penalty kicks 4-2, thus losing the Championship. However, spirits were extremely high as this was perhaps the best season ever for our squad. Besides, who cares if we didn't win the "CHAMPS T-shirt" because we were all in this for the FUN anyway.

If you have any questions, comments, or snide remarks, direct them to


Friday, April 11
Indoor Champions 2003

The NESC Roosters were on hiatus for the Winter and early Spring months. However, we still played Indoor Soccer and simply had not reported as much.

However, we are pleased to announce that the NESC Roosters have finally won their first CHAMPIONSHIP in team history!

Here is the latest from the "snoopiest" Rooster around, Trisha Seiler:

Howdy dudie folks.


-Trish :0)

Tune in the Spring for more of your favorite episodes of the NESC Roosters as they go back outside to play...

NorthEnd Soccer
NorthEnd Soccer
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