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formerly known as the NESC Roosters
NorthEnd Soccer
NorthEnd Soccer
Columbus, Ohio
  NorthEnd History  

Ringing Clock

The actual events surrounding the creation of the NorthEnd FC (Football Club) are shrouded in the mist of history...or at least a fog of some kind. This may or may not be able to be explained by the fact that the those associated with its creation pretty much only ever saw each other at NorthEnd tailgates at Columbus Crew Stadium.
In any event, the team itself was born on September 30, 2000, when the group played its first game.


BISYS 7:0 NorthEnd FC

Well, the first game in NorthEnd history was notable for the first-ever soccer pantsing. Pantsing of an opposing player, that is.
In a moment of insanity, Tony Contakis took it upon himself to pants the opposing teams goalkeeper. Everyone was stunned, especially the referee who did not know if he should yellow card Tony or simply laugh at the situation.
Not surprisingly, Matt Bernhardt was able to find an incident of a self-pantsing in a 1930s-era Uruguayan match. He is scary with the soccer knowledge he possesses.

NorthEnd Soccer Photo

Row 1 (lying down): Drew Johnson, Cindy Ellis.

Row 2: Jamie Fellrath, Susan Bonowitz, Andy Rauscher, Brian Rivera, April Householder, Maria Conroy, Trisha Seiler, Stephanie Morgan.

Row 3: Mike Weible, Keith Collette, Eric Werwa, Andy Zartman, Mark Mellenger, Steve Sirk, Matt Bernhardt, Carole Depascale, Amy Harber, Johnny Bravo, Pat Conroy, Mark Bernhardt.

Missing: Tony Contakis

Spinning Soccer Ball

After five frustrating games of not finding the back of the net, the NorthEnd scored its first goal.
The play was started by forward Drew Johnson. Actually, it was started by his belly. The ball ricocheted off Drew's belly and careened downfield about 30 yards before the Graybeard Rookie himself, our own Tony Contakis, chased it down, wound up, and TOTALLY MISSED the ball.
The opposing goalkeeper was so flustered by this devious mind-game from the Graybearded one, that he left his net open. Contakis was able to recover from his eloquent feint and tap the ball in for the first-ever NorthEnd FC goal.

NorthEnd - Original Logo
Our original logo.

In April, 2001, the NEFC changed its name to the NorthEnd Social Club - signifying that we weren't just about soccer. This involved our original webmaster, Jamie Fellrath, having to go through and change all the reference to the NEFC to the newer, more correct NESC. Which is what he had named this site in the first place, of course...

Several of the initial founders of this group used this shift in identity as an opportunity to move in a different direction to pursue soccer-specific interests, leaving the rest behind. This abandonment allowed others within the original group to step up, breathing new life into the NorthEnd Social Club.

NorthEnd Social Club with Rooster
The NESC Roosters logo.
Over the course of the next year, several key individuals worked toward the rebirth of the NESC team and re-establishing the fun principles that brought us together in the first place - a love for the game of soccer, a close bond of togetherness, and a desire to partake in "spirits," namely BEER.

During the Fall, 2001, the NESC obtained its first true sponsor - B. C. Roosters - and distinguished itself as the team everyone else wanted to play for due to our good-natured, down-to-earth attitude. We weren't there to win, we were there to play.

This called for changes to the original logo. The "sun-and-ball" look was retained, but a rooster was added to show thanks to our sponsor. Our soccer team is now known as the NESC Roosters.

NESC Fall 2001 Team Picture

Kneeling: Chris McLaughlin, Carrie Zartman, Trisha Seiler, Linda Contakis, Andy Rauscher, Stephanie Morgan, Christine Lombardo, Pat Conroy, Richard Kingston, Maria Conroy.

Standing: Brian Rivera, Drew Johnson, Steve Sirk, John Rohrbacher, Tony Contakis, Andy Zartman, Ben Crispin, Keith Collette, Cindy Ellis.

Missing: Toni Sterling, Gus Torillo.

NorthEnd Soccer
NorthEnd Soccer
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