Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: Goals... Academics - Softball - College... A Letter from Coach Manny.

Goals... Academics - Softball - College... A Letter from Coach Manny.


Nemesis Elite Players, Coaches and Parents...the Power of Goal Setting.  

The Nemesis Elite organization is goal driven.  One of the many goals that the organization has for this season is to conduct 3 college workshops, two have been conducted and one more is scheduled in May 2014.  The purpose of these workshops is to educate our parents and motivate our players to set very specific goals.  Indeed, each player has or should have their college plan worksheet (High School and Middle School) as part of their college binder to drive behaviors into outcomes.  One step at a time...see video below then continue.  

One step at a time...but just because we perform a college workshop does not mean that we are done.  It's just one of many steps.  As we know, the New Year is a time for resolutions, a time to stop and think about what we really want and to formulate a plan.  With that in mind, every Nemesis Elite player is required to prepare a one-page document that outlines their academic, softball and college goals (action statements) for 2014.

As an example, below is a picture of a goal that I wrote on 6/21/94.  The goal was..."To Earn a BSBAM (Bachelor of Science in Business and Management) degree from the Univ. of Redlands with a 3.9 or higher GPA by December 1996.  Result, I graduated Summa Cum Laude, 4.0 GPA.  Note the date on the degree, 12/31/1996.  This is the power of goal setting.  Players, now is the time to set your goals for 2014 and beyond.  I have attached a couple of videos to stimulate the thought process below.  The first video is about how to write SMART goals and the second is about being clear and very specific.  Again, every NE player, 12u through 18u, has a goal writing assignment.  The assignment is detailed below.  

 photo 9f90ced3-2fe1-47ed-bbf0-efa589c72c41_zps1c400bc2.jpg

Assignment for All Players

Players write your academic, softball and college marketing/recruitment goals for 2014.  Apply the following SMART criteria (see video below):

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable/Actionable
R = Realistic/Responsible
T = Tangible/Time Bound

   Write your goals in nice 8 1/2 by 11 paper and place in a frame.  Complete sentences.  The frame will be hung somewhere where you will see it every morning.


Example 1: To earn all As on my next report card.
Example 2: To earn perfect attendance at school this year.
Example 3: To earn a spot on my HS varsity squad.
Example 4: To execute 3 unofficial visits to colleges by Dec 2014.
Example 5: To earn a spot on the HS All-League First Team.
Example 6: To commit to a college program by August 2014.

Very Important - Players and Parents signatures required on the document. 

Make it NICE!!!  As it reflects on YOU!!!

Below are a couple of video clips to help you with the process


 Video Clip #1 - How To Set SMART Goals



 Video Clip #2 - Anthony Robbins - Clarity & Purpose of What You Ask For...   









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