Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 11.5.13 - Playing Time - The NE Philosophy - A Letter from Coach Manny

11.5.13 - Playing Time - The NE Philosophy - A Letter from Coach Manny

 A Letter from Coach Manny... 
(this letter was first published in June 2013)   


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Question - Was the NE 18u Gold entitled to a PGF Berth last season? Go NE 18u Gold!!! Are players on NE teams entitled to playing time?

Congratulation to Nemesis Elite 18u Gold players and parents on the team's qualification to the 2013 PGF Nationals in Huntington Beach.  This was a major milestone towards the accomplishment of The Team Goal.  But what was this team's goal?...and more on entitlement later.

The goal of this team was: To win the 2013 PGF Premier Nationals.

Parents and players, please note that the goal of this team and every NE team is not to play everyone during competitive events.  Please read on...

This goal (PGF National Champions) was developed by the NE 18u Gold staff and players and was communicated regularly in various ways.  There were many steps required to accomplish this goal, player registration, fundraising, team travel, player development, coach training, recruitment, etc.  And of course...the team had to qualify...again a team goal.

In addition to team goals, we also have individual goals...the goal of player development (physically, emotionally, socially, academically, etc.) and college exposure opportunities/college commitment for all players.  Indeed, this team and every NE team has and continues to participate in events that support individual objectives.  But here is where the challenge arises because some events are developed for team goals (competitive) and others are structure for individual goals (participative) within a team structure. 

Typically, Nemesis Elite teams participate in four types of events.

1. Friendlies (Participative) - the goal is player development.  Everyone plays...even distribution.
2. Exposure Events with no Bracket Play (Participative) - the goal...player exposure.  Everyone plays.
3. Exposure Events and/or Tournaments with Pool Play followed with Bracket Play (Participative/Competitive) - the goal is player development during pool play and Win Baby on Sunday!!!.
4. Bracket Play Events (No Pool - Competitive) - the Team Goal is to Win.

Parents and players have a reasonable expectation of playing time during participative events.  Parents and players do not have a reasonable expectation of playing time during competitive events or during the competitive phase of the event.  During competitive events, the Head Coach with the input of staff and players decides (many tough decisions) who plays with the singular objective of winning.  For example, during the recently completed PGF SoCal Qualifier (June 2013) the goal was to win...there was no time to allow a player to "get back in the flow".  It's now!!!

Fact - Coach Manny does not want any of his players to be happy when they are not playing...but Coach Manny wants his players to support their team and the Team Goal.  Life lesson.

Fact - Coach Manny will go to great ends to help players meet their personal goals but never at the expense of team goals.

Parents and players are expected to support team objectives fully even though it means that in the short-term it may not support each individuals' personal goals.  Easier said than done.  That, in a nutshell, is the definition of a team.  This is a team sport.  Team objectives come first.  The better the team meets its objectives the more opportunities individual members will have.  During competitive events if a player's projected performance supports winning the player will play...if the projected performance does not...the player will not.  There is no entitlement and because of that our young ladies will step out in to the real world ready to compete.

We were not entitled to a PGF Berth.  We had to earn it!

Big Love,

Coach Manny

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