Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 6.10.13 Weekend Recap - All Teams in Action

6.10.13 Weekend Recap - All Teams in Action

 Weekend Recap 6/8-9/13
~Keep up with the News...the NE NEws~



   18u Gold 

      The 18u Gold squad participated in the "Zoom Into June" exposure event.  The team won 2 games and lost 3.  Leilani was the offensive player of the week going 5 for 11.  Ness earned the defensive player of the week.  Ness pitched 11 scoreless innings and captured two wins (Ks 11, W 3, WHIP 1.00).  There were some excellent defensive plays made by NE players (Leilani, Jazzy and Kam)...but none better than Jeanelle's homerun saving catch in right field to preserve a 3-0 victory.

On Sunday, Adrienne (from the 16uG squad) participated with the team and faced the very tough SC Breakers.  A good learning experience for Adrienne.

The team is looking forward to a full roster and the full time return of our dominant seniors after completion of their senior HS activities.  Next is the SoCal PGF Qualifier.

From an exposure event perspective, over 20 university and colleges evaluated NE players.  See Table Below:

 Tulsa - Coach Smart South Carolina - Coach Smith     
 Paris - Coach Dickson  more forthcoming    
 UC Davis - Coach Rios      
 La Sierra - Coach Neal      
 Colgate - Coach Finley      

  18u Blue

Nemesis 18u Blue plays in the JO Classic at Las Vegas.  See scores below: 

NE Blue vs. AZ Hotshots
NE Blue vs. Punishers
NE Blue vs. Wildcats
NE Blue vs. LV Blast    

4-3 (W)
-8 (L)
-2 (W)
0-3 (L) 

The Nemesis team not only battled tough competition but also battled the 120 degree  heat.


The team played very well defensively, Rocky lead the way as she showcased herself by making several fantastic plays. Allison and Cara lead the way with the offense as Allison went 4 for 8 ( .500) with a triple and laying down a squeeze that won game 3. Cara went 4 for 6 ( .667 ) with 3 doubles in her 1st 4 at bats. Ellie pitched very well who collected both wins for the blue team, She is starting to develop into a solid competitor on the mound. The girls showed a lot of heart playing hard in the miserable heat.

 16u Gold 

NE 16U Gold participated in the Zoom Into June Showcase this weekend in Menifee/Temecula.  See scores below:

NE Gold vs. Firecrackers (Pasco)
NE Gold vs. Fresno Force
NE Gold vs. Nor Cal Patriots
NE Gold vs. OC Batbusters
NE Gold vs. Teamsmith

1 - 2 (L)
- 1 (W)
 - 2 (W)
0-16 (L)
1-0 (W) 

    Coming off an outstanding weekend prior, we expected to have a stellar showcase.  Unfortunately, things just didn't go our way this weekend.  We pulled off 3 wins and 2 losses but struggled to perform to our potential. 
Our first game was against Firecrackers (Pasco) and we were flat.  Pitching was very slow and we just couldn't manage to slow down for the speed so our hitting died.  We managed to tie up the game 2-2 but it reverted back so we had a loss of 2-1.  We then played Fresno Force and finally got back on track and won 10-1 followed by another win vs. Nor Cal Patriots 4-2. 

Sunday we had a rough game against OCBB who took it to us.  Bad loss!  Again, faced slow pitching that we just could not slow down for and popped up a lot.  Our pitchers struggled to hit their spots and OCBB capitalized on it big time...loss was a brutal 16-0...ouch!
Thankfully we had a game break and the girls had a "come to Jesus" meeting amongst themselves.  During our hitting warm-up we worked on hitting it on the ground and it paid off.  We only had 1 fly out the next game and came back fighting to beat Team Smith (Blake) 1-0. 

We had quite a few coaches scouting our teams...mainly following up on letters received from our players so it's good to see they that our players are doing their homework.  We may have had a rough weekend, but this team will not let it stop them!  They are fighters and will come back fierce next weekend for our PGF qualifier.  This team is going places and I love being able to work with each and every one of them.  

16u Blue

The team hosted friendly at Discovery.  See scores below:

NE Blue vs. Storm
NE Blue vs. Punishers
NE Blue vs. Extreme 

2-7 (L)
-8 (L)
-1 (W)


Game 1
Nemesis Elite 16U-Blue brought home one run in the fifth inning, and matched that run total in the sixth. In the fifth, Nemesis Elite 16U-Blue scored on an RBI double by Gabby, scoring Zoe. Unfortunately we also had 6 errors .

Game 2
Second game was a lot like the first with 6 errors on defense. A few timely hits developed into our 2 runs but we were unable to overcome the errors.


Game 3
 Team had
 six-run explosion in the first inning carried Nemesis Elite 16U-Blue to an 8-1 win in five innings over Similar Valley Extreme at Discovery on Sunday. This along with 0 errors is a great combination that we can hopefully duplicate more often





 14u Gold


Nemesis 14u Gold played in a So Cal ASA States in Lancaster.  See scores below:  

NE Gold vs. Storm
NE Gold vs. SD Renegades
NE Gold  vs. Strike Force
NE Gold  vs. OC Elite     

9-2 (W)
6-7 (L)
6-5 (W)
5-6 (L)

   Team did pretty well going 2-2 on the weekend.  Positional Depth still is an issue as we go deep into days.  Injuries forced extended innings for several players, but the team battled until the last out of every inning.  We where 1 run shy away from an improbable comeback on OC Elite putting up five runs in the last inning, but ran out of gas in the last inning.  We where able to battle through adversity, but also learned we make our path difficult by not focusing on execution every play.  Overall the team gelled together this week, and learned how to play with each other.  The effort was there all day, and this was a great weekend for the team to understand what it takes to make it even further in our next event.  Player of the Day was Janae for both her Defensive and Offensive Tenacity.  Stephanie played well at third this week, while Cynthia played every inning in CF.  Myah and Jules worked the circle and dish effectively for 20+ plus innings, and where warriors throughout the day.  This week's focus is getting Healthy, Small Ball Defense and Small Ball Offensive Execution. Unearned Runs are outpacing our Earned Runs, so a commitment to defense will be on the agenda as well.     

 14u Blue

Nemesis 14u Blue participated  in a So Cal ASA States in Lancaster

NE Blue vs. Bownet Black
NE Blue vs. American Athletics
NE Blue vs. Storm USA

5-8 (W)
-9  (W)
-6 (L)

NE14u Blue traveled to scorching hot Lancaster on June 8th for the 2014 ASA State Championship Tournament. The team displayed great hitting this weekend led by Celeste Borza, Jocelyn Hernandez, and Paisley Petruzzelli. Destiny Cerda was also on her offensive game after closing all three games on the mound.

NE14u Blue scored early and had the lead for most of the first game until errors allowed Bownet back in the game, eventually losing the game 8-5. The heat certainly had its effect on the team this day, as some of the players showed signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration. NE14u Blue bounced back for the second game against American Athletics and got back on the board early, scoring right away in the first few innings. This time the team didn’t let up and continued to put runs, followed by great defense for its first and only win of the tournament.
The long exhausting day finally caught up to the team for the third and final game as NE14u Blue gets eliminated by Storm USA, 6-2. Base running errors removed the chance of a comeback late in the game, but ultimately three long 1 hour and 40 minute games proved too much for just two pitchers. Great total effort by the team during this tournament.

 12u Gold

NE Gold vs. Players Edge
NE Gold vs. Bustos Elite
NE Gold  vs. So Cal Sliderz  

6-1 (L)
8-0 (W)
8-2 (W)

The team learned a valuable lesson in the first game as they left 6 runners in scoring postion, including bases loaded with no outs and was unable to get a run across. As a team the girls were strongly encouraged to be more aggressive hitters and asked to not allow a pitcher to get a strike for free. This was evident in the next two games as 12u gold did a much better job of driving in runs and more importantly hitting pitches that we as a team wanted to hit.
The outstanding player of the day was Amanda Castro, who showed signs of having a higher understanding of what she wants to accomplish at the plate as well as showing good leather in right field. Stacey Surace was super solid at the plate and Sera Dennis played with a lot of passion this weekend, something that has not always been apart of her game as of late.
All in all the team played well as they gear up for PGF this weekend.

12u Blue


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