Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 5.23.13 - Welcome Back from High School Softball Weekend

5.23.13 - Welcome Back from High School Softball Weekend

Welcome Back
~Welcome Back...Your Dreams are your Ticket Out...~


Over the last few years, Memorial Holiday Weekend has been the offical return of the Nemesis Elite High School age teams to travel ball.  This used to be called "Hell Weekend" we call it "Welcome Back Weekend".  The four teams participating this year are 16u Blue, 16u Gold, 18u Blue and 18u Gold.

There is a slight difference between High School softball and the Nemesis Elite softball world.  In high school, a team typically plays one game per day and usually never on back-to-back travell ball a team rarely plays only one game per day.  Actually, championship teams play multiple games on multiple days.  Not the same movie!

 The weekend begins at Discovery Sports Complex with a vigorous 2-hr work-out for the players conducted by SoCal Premier gain.  This is followed by a series of activities aimed at performing on (the academic and softball fields) the Nemesis Elite way.  One parent is required to attend the College Workshop along with his/her daughter.

On Sunday we have games.  Players from the four aforementioned teams are split into 4-mixed teams and play a 3-game round robin.  Games start at 9:00am at Discovery (all players are to report by 7:30am).  Game times are 9:00am, 11:00am and 1:00pm...1:45 drop dead or 7-innings.  Please support the Snack Shack...hosted by 16uB

See below for Saturday and Sunday details.

Saturday 5/25

(NE 16uB, 16uG, 18uB and 18uG...all players to attend) 

Saturday Location Activity Notes
7:45am Disc Report to Discovery Wear -  Grey Top & Black Pants/Shorts
8:00-10:00 Disc Boot Camp & Coaches Seminar (Manny) Come Energized & Hydrated
10:00-10:15 Disc Healthy Snack Break Hydrate & Recover!!! (bring your own)
10:15-11:30 Disc College Seminar (Manny) Bring Your College Binder & Chair
11:30-1:00 Disc BBQ $5 Per Person (head count required)
1:00-2:00 Disc Technical Practice (Manny) 18uG Demonstrating Drills
2:30-5:00 See Flds Team Practices (Teams on Their Own)  
    18u G Discovery East Additional Notes:
    18u B Discovery West 1. One parent required at College Workshop
    16u G Indy F1 2. Players complete your college binder
    16u B indy F3 3. Parents bring chairs & EZ-Ups

Sunday 5/26  

On Sunday teams comprised of the players from the aforementioned NE teams are mixed and play a 3-game round robin.  Games 1:45dd or 7 innings.  Four teams, White, Black, Blue and Gold...Nemesis Elite colors.  First is the table with the game schedule followed by the team rosters.






White vs Black

Blue vs Gold


Gold vs Black

Blue vs White


Blue vs Black 

Gold vs White

*Team listed 1st, takes 3b side.  See rosters below.
Ground Rules:
1.  Every player bats every game.
2. You pick up in the line-up where you leff off previous game.
3. Players run bases except pitchers/catchers...last out is courtesy runner.
4.  Pitching work load evenly balanced.
5. Defensive field work load evenly balanced.


HS Black

HS White

HS Gold

HS Blue

Staff - 18uG

Staff - 16uG

Staff - 18uB

Staff - 16uB

Black T-Shirt
Black Pants
Blue Socks

White DryFit
Blue Pants
White Socks

Black ButtonUp
Black Pants
Gold Socks

Blue DryFit
Blue Pants
Gold Socks





Adrienne Guerrera

Koreen Orozo

Anessa Cepeda (n/a)

Janel Hayes (CIF) 

Erica Aguello

Maren Waldner

Zoey Meinelschmidt

Elli Ponce

Marisa Juarez

Isabella Mejia

Amanda Garcia

Ireland Diaz

Cara Hylland

Natalie Moran

Crystal Cano

Bianca Gonzalez

Sammie Saucedo

Gabby Rosales

Sabrina (18B)

Lelani Miyadi

Haley Dulken

Rocky Norzagaray

Justine Andrede

Wendy De leon

Madison Wright

Zoe Juarez 

Kamryn Watts

Nadia Amezcua

Tayna Galvan

Jaslin Rivas

Vivianna Gomez

Jaycie Bruno

Brianna Lopez

Amanda McCalip

Miranda Hernandez

Sara Reyna

Cassie Grana

JoAnna Peruccio

Inessa Lopez

Allison Fonseca

Kylie Lundberg (CIF)

Ari Vessa

Olivia Campion

Jenise Alvarenga

Alyssa Esparza

Katelyn Morrales

Andrea Oliande

Brianna Peralta

Angie Gonzalez

Mariah Tovar

Marisa Taylor

Tristen Moranchel

Ally O'niell

Karina Montoya

Bernae Martinez

Lauren Blevins

Taylor Glover


Jeanelle Medina

Sydney More (n/a)

Note.  If your name is missing or misspelled.  We apologize...please contact your manager immediatelly.


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