Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 5.19.13 Weekend Recap - High School Teams Back in Action

5.19.13 Weekend Recap - High School Teams Back in Action

 Weekend Recap 5/19/13
~Keep up with the News...the NE NEws~



   18u Gold 


  18u Blue


 16u Gold 


16u Blue


16u Blue Host Friendlies at Discovery. It was 16u blue inaugural weekend. The girls played very aggressive and looked good. The girls did not want this being the first time playing together as an excuse for mediocrity. After the day was done the girls ended with a 1-1-1 weekend

NE Blue vs. M-80's 
NE Blue vs. AA
NE Blue vs. M-80's

17-2 (W)
3-0 (L)
4-4 (T)

Players of the Week:  

Defense: Great Pitching 
Ireland Diaz captures a win with no earned runs.
Marisa Juarez with a WHIP of 0.65

Marisa Taylor with 2 hits and 4 RBI's
Emma Carruth with 3 hits and 1 RBI

 1st game summary-A 10-run explosion in the first inning led Nemesis Elite 16U-Blue to a 17-2 win in four innings over M-80's at Discovery Sports Complex on Sunday. Marissa T racked up four RBIs on two hits for Nemesis Elite 16U-Blue. She doubled in the first inning and homered in the fourth inning. Ireland got the win for Nemesis Elite 16U-Blue. She allowed two runs over four innings. She struck out three, walked two and surrendered four hits.   

2nd game summary- Lost to AA 3-0 in six innings. Hard fought game but we did not capitalize on our scoring opportunities as well as allowing AA to score two runs on two errors.


  3rd game summary-M-80's and Nemesis Elite 16U-Blue played to a 4-4 tie. M-80's jumped out to an early 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first. Being the 3rd game of the day in a row as conditioning and heat began to take its toll on our team. Came back to tie the game with clutch hitting and small ball. Time ran out as it took some time to get back into rhythm. 

Overall it was a promising start to this group of girls. Our versatility and speed will be something to build upon as we proceed to the following weekends of softball. We also want to say welcome back to Jessica Cotton as we welcome her to our Nemesis Elite 16u-Blue coaching staff.

 14u Gold


NE Blue vs. Roadrunners
NE Blue vs. Punishers
NE Blue vs. Pure Fastpitch

4 - 7 (L)
5 - 2 (W)
5 - 3 (W)


The Team did well, considering it was the first week playing together.  Janae and Jelissa anchored the team defensively, while Loren, Rebekah, and Ali produced in the batters box posting high batting averages.  Mya'h and Kassy both had strong performances in the circle and where effective in hitting their spots, and controlling the opposing offenses.  The game of the Day was against the Punishers, in which NE battled, and came from behind to beat the Punishers 5-2.  The biggest area the team will be foucsed on this week, is conditioning and endurance, and building depth at all positions.  The lost of mental focus down the stretch almost proved to be costly, and the team was bailed out due to time. 
Key Stats: Record 2-1.  2 Horrible Innings lead to 10 combined runs, while the other 11 innings netted 2 runs. Team BA: .358 OBP: .460

 14u Blue

   Nemesis 14u Blue played in an away friendly hosted by the USA Athletics.     

NE Blue vs. AA
NE Blue vs. Cal Cruisers
NE Blue vs. Courage

4-2 (L)
2-1  (L)
7-2 (T)


The team continued to struggle on the offensive end as they couldn't produce a win, losing all three games. Mini Mendoza returned in her first game back in two months after suffering an injury in her pitching hand. Mini looked very promising like she never left and did a great job on the mound. 


The first game was against American Athletics and once again NE 14u Blue assisted the opposing team by having its own players play in defense for the opponent. NE 14u Blue couldn't hold on to their lead, losing 4-2. Up next was against Cal Cruisers and NE 14u Blue was only able to get one across, losing 2-1. Another lead that was blown late in the game. The third game was against Courage. NE scored 2 early in the first inning but that’s all we could get with very little hits. Courage consistently hit giving them runs every inning for a score of 7-2


 12u Gold

        The 12u Gold team played a double header on Saturday vs. Hotshots.
2-0 (W)
5-0 (W)
There was tons of things that the team should  take away in a positive manor as they are getting ready for ASA STATES. First comes to mind is the battery. Kamryn, Emily, Mia, and Kiana combined for 10 innings pitched: 9 hits, 9 strikeouts, 13 ground outs, 4 fly outs... 113 total pitches; giving up Zero walks!!! Producing a WHIP of 0.90!
The Catching looks to make continuous improvement as IO, Stacey, and a cameo by Mack allowed no pass balls and Stacey threw out the only runner who attempted to steal. The rest of the defense looked extremely sharp, led by Deja who was  a human vacuum at shortstop making play after play.
Offensively: Deja and Stacey again showed their versatility both played small ball to get on base and later in the day Stacey dug in to hit a double with runners in scoring position to score 2 and Deja swung away to hit a homerun in left centerfield. Kiarra Crocket-Pope hit the ball well as she sprayed the ball to left, center, and right field. Mia, Kianna, Kayla R., and Kamryn all consistently hit the ball hard.
On Sunday The team had a mid season team party. I would like to thank "Raider" Pete, aka "Cuban" Pete, aka Emily's dad for opening up his house to team. The girls swam, played pool, air hockey, and Ms. Pac Man. The also ate tons and watched a movie. Good times was had by all!!!    

12u Blue


12U Blue participated in the USA Athletics Friendly on Sunday

NE Blue vs. Rage
NE Blue vs. USA Athletics
NE Blue vs. Batbusters     

1 - 1 (T)
5 - 2 (L)
7 - 4 (W)

Player of the Week:  

Lani – Not only for hitting a Home Run in the 3rd game, but as captain of the team Lani has strong presence, she works hard and is very vocal on the field. Keep up the good work Lani!                   


      First game we had a total of 3 hits with several QAB's.  Haylee had a nice sacrifice bunt in the 1st inning to advance the runner.  Lani hit one down the center for a triple and not to be outdone by her lil sis, Rayann also had a nice bunt for 1 single to advance the runner on base. There was also a good defensive play in the 1st inning; Mia at second caught the ball and quickly threw the ball to Lani our short at 2nd base to tag the runner not on base. Daisy pitched 3 innings and had a rough start walking 4, but had 2 strike outs, Emily pitched 1 inning and no walks but no strike outs.

Second game we again did not have many hits totaling only 4. In the 1st inning Emilie and Briana both had single base hits and in the 3rd inning Daisy also hit single out to right field.  Our newest player Marisa had an RBI on a single base hit.  Emilie pitched 2 good innings; having no walks and 2 strike outs. AC also had no walks but no strike outs. 


In the third game AC, Daisy and Emilie all pitched one inning each and all had no walks.  Marisa pitched 2 innings, and had 1 walk. We had a total of 5 hits in this game.  Brianna had a single in the 2nd inning then had an RBI in the 4th inning. Bailey and Rayann both had RBI’s. Highlight of the game was definitely Lani’s homerun hit down the middle in the 4th inning.   


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