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Tuesday, May 13
5.13.14 - HS and Travel Ball - Striking the Right Balance - A Letter from Coach Manny

HS & Travel Ball
~The Right Balance~



This time a year (May), I am bombarded with High School softball questions. Generally, the questions pertain to the ability of players to participate in outside HS sofball activities during the CIF Softball Playoffs.  The concern of parents and players is maintaining their HS softball eligibility as governed by CIF.  My concern is physical overuse and the toll on the athlete's academic performance as NE teams prepare for their respective summer runs.  The key is to strike the "Right Balance" between HS and Travel Ball.  Read on...

Things You Hear
Did you make CIF?
We made CIF!
She cannot practice because she is in CIF.
Her HS Coach told her that CIF does not allow her to practice with her travel ball team.

First Some Clarification on Terminology
 photo cif-sections_zps9ercxo3r.png
CIF stands for California Interscholastic Federation. CIF is the governing body of High School athletics in California.  CIF is dividided into regions.  Typically players on NE participate in the CIF Southern Section #9 or the CIF City Section #8.  Kids "make" CIF as soon as they are selected to their HS team's roster.

CIF Southern Section - (Find and read Article 60...Blue Book)
CIF City Section -
 (Find and read section 239 on pg. 62...Orange Book)

CIF eligibility rules do not change during the play-offs regarding outside participation.  CIF has rules regarding eligibility and further defines expectations during each sport's "season of sport".  In general, CIF prohibits "outside competitions" or contests/games and does not prohibit practices of any type.  A high school athlete that violates the "no outside competiton" principle (CIF Article 60) is deemed ineligible and penalties apply.

Question: Can an athlete practice with Nemesis Elite during the HS Softball season?
Answer: Yes, practices are not prohibited by CIF.
Question: Can an athlete practice with Nemesis Elite during the pre-season?
Answer: Yes, practices are not prohibited.
Question: Can an athlete practice during the HS softball playoffs?
Answer: Yes, practices are not prohibited.

Games or Contests
Question: Can a High School athlete play in a game or contest outside of their HS team during the season of sport?
Answer: No, CIF prohibits "outside competitions" defined as contests during the sport's "season of sport".

Nemesis Elite wants its members to enjoy the High School softball experience and works not to interfere.  Notwithstanding, Nemesis Elite teams have goals and objectives and NE teams work toward those ends.  NE is very concerned about physical overuse and understands the need to have physical recovery.  Additionally, NE expects high academic performance and is sensitive to the athletes' academic workload.

General Guidelines for NE Managers, Coaches, Players and Parents...
1.  NE HS athletes are automatically excused from any weekday NE practice on a HS practice or game day.  For example, if the athlete practiced with their HS team on Wednesday it is up to the athlete to evaluate the load on their bodies from HS practice and their amout of school work that day.  This only applies during the HS season of sport (typically mid-Febrary thru mid-May...the last HS game).

2.  Since high schools are prohibitted by CIF from organizing Sunday activities during the season of sport and players do not have school, NE HS athletes have to attend and participate in all Sunday NE activities.

3.  High schools can plan Saturday activities such as practices or games.  If an athlete has a HS practice and an NE practice both on Saturday (again during the HS season of sport) the athlete is automatically excused from NE practice.  However, the athlete is expected to attend all NE activities on Saturdays if there is no conflict with their HS team's schedule.

4.  Striking the balance...high school activities have higher priority during the HS season of sport (Mid Feb thru Mid May).  Nemesis Elite activities have higher priority the rest of the year (Mid May thru Mid February) and Nemesis Elite owns all Sundays...all year long!

Play Ball...

Academics~Softball~College...not just words...deeds!!!

Coach Manny.
(This letter was first published on 5/17/2013)
(This letter was republished on 1/29/2014)










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