Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 4.21.13 Weekend Recap - 14u Blue Hosts @ Discovery - 12u Blue/Gold Play @ Indy

4.21.13 Weekend Recap - 14u Blue Hosts @ Discovery - 12u Blue/Gold Play @ Indy

 Weekend Recap 4/21/13
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 NE Managers/Coaches

 OnOn Saturday 4/20/13 the Nemesis Elite organization performed a seminar for team managers and coaches.

 The three hour seminar covered the following main topics:

1. Organization Mission and Goals
2. Team Management
3. Effective Communications
4. Practices
5. Friendlies
6. Tournaments
7. Game Management, and
8. Technical - Pitching/Catching, Hitting, etc

Twenty-three managers and coaches participated.

High School Teams - Sun 4/21/13 

The Nemesis Elite High School teams worked on Sunday.

18u Gold - TPBC, CORE and Fld Practice
18u Blue - Fld Practice & TPBC
16u Gold - TPBC, CORE and Fld Practice
14u Gold and 16u Blue - TPBC, CORE and Fld Practice/Try-outs

14u Blue

14u Blue Report Forthcoming...   


 12u Gold

12u Gold  Hosts at Indy



 NE Gold vs. Pure Fastpitch

       9-3 (W)

 NE Gold vs. 3D Workman 

       5-5 (T)

 NE Gold vs. 3D Workman 

       9-6 (W)

 NE Gold vs. 3D Lombardi     

    1515-0 (W)

Offensive was the name of the game as we scored 38 runs on Sunday. The team goals were very simple this friendly "just be on time". Whether that meant being on time with the pitcher in regards to hitting the ball in the sweet spot, or base running and seizing any opportunity to advance, or producing a timely hit when runners were in scoring position. The theme was the same "Be ON TIME", and the girls responded. Everybody hit!! The team hit early and often up and down the line up.
It was great to see the improvement some of the young ladies made. Like Kayla Rivas and Kiana Hinson just to name a few as I could spend all day talking about each and every player's great performance I choose these two because the light is starting to come on at the plate for both ladies. Their biggest improvement at the "Dish" was them only attacking strikes. This may sound simple but was a concept Kayla and Kiana had to wrap their heads around and yesterday they were able to see the results.
The other component to the game that the staff was happy about was the pitching. Pitchers who we normally rely on were not available this weekend, allowing for our other pitchers to get some much needed work. Amanda Castro started the day off and did a terrific job allowing 2 earned runs in 11 innings pitched. Kiana Hinson provided more of the same as she too only gave up 2 earned runs in 5 inning pitched. Kiarra Crocket-Pope had her pitching debut of the season  as she did a fine job going 4 plus innings in the circle which allowed Kiana and Amanda some much needed rest to finish out the day.
The other great news the team received was the return of Kamryn Bellamy who was able to play defense and baserun.



12u Blue


   12u Blue played in a Friendly Hosted by the 12u Gold Team at Indy on Sunday.


 NE Blue vs. SC 3D - Lombardi      

           17-1 (W)

 NE Blue vs. 3D Workman 

             3-4 (L)

 NE Blue vs. Pure Fastpitch

            7-2 (W)




12U Blue played in a Friendly Hosted by the Gold Team at Indy Sunday. The team did an excellent job on all 3 games played. In total we had 27 runs scored out of 29 hits. The team had several Quality at Bats. In the first game Emilie had 2 RBI’s on a double . Lani had 2 RBI’s on a single and 1 RBI on a double. Both Clarissa and Morgan had 1 RBI each. Daisy had a bit hit down the middle for a 3 run RBI Homerun at her first at bat then had 1 RBI on a single at her second at bat. Our Pitchers were all given a goal before the start of the game which was to minimize their walks. Emilie did just that by striking out 3 batters and only allowing 1 walk.  

   The second game there was less action with our hitting, but Daisy had another fantastic hit for 2 RBI’s. Daisy also pitched a great game striking out 4 batters and allowing no walks.   

   Our third game of the day had a little more action. Again we saw more Quality at Bats. Morgan had a big hit out to right field for a Homerun. Briana had 1 RBI on her first at bat and had 2 RBI’s on a single base hit. Mia had 1 RBI on a single and Emilie with 1 RBI on a double. AC also stuck to the goal and did a good job striking out 1 batter and 1 Intentional walk. There were two highlights in this game. First one occurred top of 3rd inning, Lani (catcher) threw the ball to Morgan at 3rd base getting the runner out at 3rd base. Second was a great relay at the top of the 3rd innng. Batter up to bat hits the ball out to Haylee at center field, Haylee quickly got the ball and threw it to Mia at short stop who threw the ball to Morgan at 3rd getting the out.     

Players of the week: This week I cannot select just 1 or 2 players. This week all my girls deserve HIGH FIVES. They all did a fantastic job this week, and in some way big or small they contributed to the teams wins this weekend.   


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