Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 4.7.13 Weekend Recap 12 Gold & Blue Away and 14u Blue Hosted at Disc

4.7.13 Weekend Recap 12 Gold & Blue Away and 14u Blue Hosted at Disc

 Weekend Recap 4/7/13
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High School Teams

The Nemesis Elite High School teams work on Sunday:
CORE Fusion and hitting practice at TPBC.  
2. SAT prep at TPBC.

14u Blue

14u Blue Report Forthcoming...   


 12u Gold

12u Gold  participated in the TCS Big League Dreams/Cathedral City  


NE Gold vs. Hot Shots      

6-4 (W)

NE Gold vs. So Cal A's       

6-3 (L)

NE Gold vs. HB FC     

7-4 (W)

   12u Gold performed pretty well on Sunday, scoring them a B- grade for the day. Deja and Stacey did a very good job setting the table all day and the heavy hitters Kayla E, Mia, and Kiarra. C-P hit the ball hard time and again.

 The team had some hiccups baserunning and on defense that caused the team to miss opportunities to put games away. On the other hand the pitchers Mia, Amanda, and Kiana did a very good job attacking batters and allowing the defense to make plays. The catchers Kiarra and Stacey showed some improvement and the team benefited from the help of catcher Lani, courtesy of the 12u blue.
With all that said the player of the weekend was Savannah O'Neil who hit the ball hard all day and made play after play in left field.






12u Blue


   12u Blue Report Forthcoming...



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