Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 3.5.13 - Kylie Lundberg Commits to the University of Oklahoma - How Did It Happen?

3.5.13 - Kylie Lundberg Commits to the University of Oklahoma - How Did It Happen?


Kylie Lundberg
is now a Sooner
University of Oklahoma

The Nemesis Elite organization congratulates Kylie and her family on her commitment to the University of Oklahoma.  The Sooners are a power house in the NCAA DI and are currently ranked #2 in the country.  Last year, the Sooners finished in 2nd place to Alabama in a tight series.

 How did Kylie and the University of Oklahoma build a relationship culminating in a commitment? 

1.  Goal Setting - Kylie first wrote the University of Oklahoma as her first choice during a Nemesis Elite college workshop.  Kylie wrote this goal as an 8th grader in 2010.

2. College Workshops - Kylie attended every Nemesis Elite college workshop and followed the instructions and suggestions offered.  Her "College Binder" was often used as an example during the workshops.

3.  Consistent Communications - Kylie wrote the University of Oklahoma at least eight times before they came out to see her play.  The communication work performed by her mom, Holly, was outstanding and consistent not just to Oklahoma but to various schools.  According to Kylie, "everytime I participated in a showcase I sent out emails.".

4.  Academics - Kylie maintaints a 3.8 GPA and seeks tutoring to maintain her academic performance.

5.  Hitting - Kylie is diligent with her hitting preparation.  She never misses a batting lesson.  Major conference teams are very selective and the ability to hit is foremost.

6.  D9 Showcase - Oklahoma comes to see Kylie play in November 2012 during the D9 showcase in Florida.  Kylie's Nemesis Elite team performs and so does she.  Following the D9 showcase in Florida, Oklahoma coaches contact Manny and make request to see Kylie more.

7.  Organization Cooperation - Although her 18u Gold team is off...Kylie is featured during the Surf City tourney by 16u Gold Manager, Marney Wright.  Kylie performs before the OU Hitting Coach.  Soon after Coach Gasso meets with Coach Manny and Kylie's "intangibles" are evaluated.

8. Unofficial Visits - Kylie plans and performs two unofficial visits as a sophomore.  First visit was to Marshall University.  Kylie and family are very impressed.  Marshall extends a strong offer to Kylie.  Kylie then visits Oklahoma last weekend, her first choice/dream school.  Oklahoma extends a stronger offer and Kylie verbally commits.  Go Kylie...Go Sooners.

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