Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 2.15.13 Valentine's Weekend Friendy Recap 2/9-10

2.15.13 Valentine's Weekend Friendy Recap 2/9-10



Valentine's Weekend Recap 2/9-10/13
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High School Teams


The four Nemesis Elite High School teams participated in a Valentine's weekend of fun. To close the Fall Season before the girls all go on to play for their respected HS teams Nemesis approached this softball weekend by intergrating its four high school teams.  The teams were evenly competitive which made it fun to play against each other.

Recap from Manager Marney Wright
The HS teams this weekend were divided up to make four new teams to play in a two day friendly. There were four NE teams and 4 non NE teams. It was fun! We only had two players from our 16U Gold team so it was fun to get to know some other girls. We of course missed our team but I have to say it was fun playing with these girls as well. Some of them are fairly new to the organization so we got to teach them how NE plays...they all learned very quickly. It was nice to have some of the younger players play with the older players and learn from them as well. Although we froze in the very chilly weather this weekend, we had lots of fun playing 6 games...actually, some of us had to play a 4th game on Sat, making it a total of 7 games, due to the LV team getting stuck in some bad weather/traffic. They came all the way to Downey just to play on Saturday. Wow!

This weekend was our last before the girls all go on to play for their respected HS teams. We wish them all well and look forward to their return in May. We want to thank the following players for playing with us this weekend. Janel, Joanna and Nadia - 18U Gold. Allison and Janice - 18U Blue. Tanya and Amanda - 16U Gold. And Kassy, Brenae, Loren, Andrea, Marisa Taylor, Brianna and Janae 16U - Blue. And thank you to Art from our 18U Gold team for helping us coach. Great job everyone!

14u Blue


Nemesis 14u Blue participated in an away friendly in La Puente. The team won two out of three total games this weekend that includes a shutout and a come-from-behind win. The day started off slow on this cold morning and the bats were frozen as the girls only managed one run in their first game. But as the day went on and eventually the sun started shining, so did the girls and their hitting. Another dominant showing on the mound as well by all three pitchers.

Scores Plays of the Week
NE 14u – 1 Quickturn – 5 Offense The entire NE 14u team: Base running. The team was able to score at least 2 more runs because of aggressive and smart base running.
NE 14u – 5 SC Storm – 0  
NE 14u – 4 NE 16u Blue – 2
    Defense Samie Rivas with an unassisted double play in the outfield. Awesome diving catch in right field plus the extra out to pick off the runner!

 12u Gold

Vs 3D 13-0 (w)
Vs Batbusters 7-0 (w)
Vs NE Blue 6-0 (w)

Pitching and defense was outstanding. All 5 pitchers gave up NO runs and only 2 base on balls. Defense committed no errors and outfield was great, anchored by Kayla Rivas who started a relay that threw a base runner out at 3rd base. Mia Parker offensive player of the day. 3-4 with 4 rbi's and drawing 4 walks. Stacy Surace, defensive player of the week. Catching all three games and did a great job setting pitchers up for success.

12u Blue

12u Blue Team Hosted Valentine’s Day Friendly Sunday. The team really struggled this weekend. In the first game our defense did what they could to back up our pitcher who struggled in the first 3 innings. Too many runners got on base which was a huge factor in the team’s loss. In the second game things changed there were 2 RBI’s by Emily and Bailey. Emily also struck out 3 batters in the second inning and AC who had a rough first game; came back striking out 2 batters in the fourth and fifth innings. Our last game was with our older sister team. Too many errors were made in that game. Not sure what happened there, but will be addressed as we head to Triple Crown in Temecula/Perris this weekend.

Player of the week: Emily; who recently suffered an injury and was not able to pitch for a couple of weeks, came back to pitch some good games this weekend. Way to go Em!
NE vs. Bat Buster (L) 6 – 3
NE vs. SC 3D (W) 5 – 1
NE Blue vs. NE Gold (L) 8 - 0

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