Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 1.24.13 Weekend Recap - 18u Gold Finishes 14 out of 51 in the Worth Cup - 18u Blue goes 2 for 2 at Discovery

1.24.13 Weekend Recap - 18u Gold Finishes 14 out of 51 in the Worth Cup - 18u Blue goes 2 for 2 at Discovery



Weekend Recap 1/20-21/13
~Keep up with the News...the NE NEws~



18U Gold

 The 18u Gold participated in the Triple Crown Sports "Worth Cup" in Hemet.  The tournament was a gathering of the best 18u "Gold Level" squads in SoCal.  The 1st and 2nd place finishers in pool-play were placed in the Gold Bracket with the 3rd and 4th place finishers dropping into the Silver Bracket for Sunday single elimination.

This was a "tape-measure" event to see how well the team has developed.  NE finished second in Pool Play.  No easy start.  First off the gate...the Worth Firecrackers (Rico).  This was a very good game with the Worth FC winning by a score of 4-3.  NE was the only team to score against the eventual chanpions (Worth FC) in Pool Play.

On Sunday, NE faced off against the SD Legacy.  The SD Legacy finished first in their pool and played well on Saturday.  NE won a very good game by a score of 3-2.  Moving on to the 2nd game of bracket play NE met Team Bownet.  Team Bownet also won their pool going undefeated with wins over the SD Rebels, Lakewood Firecrackers and CA Rage easy task.  Bownet defeated NE by a score of 4-2.  NE was dealt a heavy loss in the first inning with the injury to team leader and lead off batter, Taylor Glover.  Taylor injured her elbow making an outstanding effort in going over-the-fence after a fly ball (speedy recovery to Taylor).  Additionally, NE was on the wrong end of a couple of calls that were...let's say "interesting".  Specially, a call at first base that ended the game after NE pushed more runs across.  The reaction from the NE parents said all that needed to be said about that call.

Nemesis Elite finished in 14th place out of 51 teams.  Overall, this event clearly demostrated that the team is ready to compete at the highest level and identified areas were improvement is needed.

Taylor Glover - Offensive Player of the Week
Crystal Cano and Kamryn Watts - Defensive Players of the Week practicing on Saturday and hosting at Discovery on Sunday.

18u Blue

Nemesis 18u blue dominates at home field.  Nemesis 18u blue was very much in sync as they took control of both games from the very beginning. The offense strikes first in both games and never let their opponents get back into the game. The offense was lead by Rocky who went 5 for 5 with 1 triple ( 1000avg ) and Cara who went 4 for 5 with two triples ( 800avg ). The team executed bunts, delay steals and two squeeze plays. The defense was very solid. We were short handed and called upon two 16u players Haley and Brianna. Brianna caught both games and did an exceptional job and came up with 3 hits, 1 being a triple. Haley executed a sac bunt played good defense and used her running skills to score twice.  Maren & Elli both pitched very well only allowing 1 walk. We did not get to play the third game due to a team dropping out.
The parents did a great job running the snack shack and prepping the fields.

Nemesis 7     Lionettes 3  ( Elli pitched)
Nemesis 8     Bomb Squad 1  ( Maren pitched )

Next up...friendly Sunday Jan 27 La Mirada Reg Park

 16u Gold

The NE 16U Gold team came back fighting this weekend scoring 24 runs in 3 games.  Had some awful calls from the blue which took away a couple more hits and runs but we were still happy with 24 runs.  Girls were ready to play but then our schedule got a little messed up when one team was a no show.  Went from a schedule of 4 games pretty much all in a row to 3 games spread throughout a very warm day.  We played very strong our first two games and then fell flat in the 3rd game.  Served up a few too many meatballs to the Strikers who pounded them!  We still had a great day.  Girls are jelling nicely, communicating more and playing very well together.  They are an absolute kick to work with!
NE over USA 5-2
NE over Arsenal 17-0
NE under Strikers 2-8 (we will get 'em next time)

16u Blue


 14u Blue

The team spent almost the entire weekend together as we hosted a doubleheader on Saturday evening at Discovery Park after a long day of practice earlier in the day, then followed with a day-long away friendly in La Mirada the next day. A few of the girls played out of position and was very impressive in doing so, while their teammates sat out due to injuries. A very special thank you to Gabby from the 16u Gold team for helping out and playing catcher on Saturday night, and even contributing two highlight plays! Thanks Gabby!

Scores Plays of the Week
NE 14u – 2 Pure Fastpitch – 3 (Sat) Offense Kirsten Rhoades, Samantha Rivas with
NE 14u – 4 Pure Fastpitch – 0 (Sat)   each hitting a homerun!
NE 14u – 2 Punishers – 3 Defense Jojo Hernandez, CJ Apacible – held down the mound and behind the plate. Jojo pitched full back to back games and CJ played catcher all 3 games Sunday while their teammates recuperated; Kayla Yoshioka also with a diving catch at center field!
NE 14u – 3 SC Pumas – 4  
NE 14u – 7 Pure Fastpitch – 5  

 12u Gold

vs. Punishers 0-0 T
vs. Irvine Sting 1-5 L
vs. blue Ladies 8-1 w
vs. Nemesis Blue 2-2 T
vs. Easton 7-0 L

Nemesis 12u Gold struggled this weekend. A huge part of the teams struggles was the inability to capitalize when having opportunities to score runs. We left to many people on base when in scoring position. Also the team missed signs and ran into too many outs, as well as being unable to get bunts down when called upon to do so. Their was a lack of discipline at the plate. This will be address immediately as the team heads in to the triple crown tournament this weekend. Player of the week goes to Kiana Hinson as she has constantly shown improvement. She hit a triple and a Double as Kiana continues to show her ability to apply what she has learned to her hitting game.Great Job!

 12u Blue

12u Blue played a friendly on Saturday at Discovery against the Punishers.  Pitching by AC and Marlene was outstanding as they took turns on the mound.  A few defensive errors were made and the girls hitting improved, but it was not enough for the win. 

NE vs. Punishers (L) 4 – 8.

On Sunday, 12u Blue participated in the Easton Elite Friendly at Los Angeles College in San Fernando Valley.  With two of our pitchers still out due to illness/injury, the pitching duo of AC and Marlene did an amazing job and held their own as they took turns on the mound.  All the girls played well, we had some good quality at bats and our new players; Lani, Bailey, Marlene, Morgan & Brianna make great additions to the team.

NE vs. Easton Elite (T) 2 – 2
NE vs. Lady Angels (W) 9 – 3                                                                                             NE Blue vs. NE Gold (T) 2 - 2


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