Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 1.14.13 Weekend Recap - 18u Gold Captures 3 Wins - Janel Hayes commits to Kent State

1.14.13 Weekend Recap - 18u Gold Captures 3 Wins - Janel Hayes commits to Kent State

  Weekend Recap
  Keep up with the news...the NEws...

~18u Gold~

   Team practiced on Saturday then hosted and played at Discovery on Sunday.  Two players away on college visits, Janel (Kent State - Official)
and Natalie (Lousianna Tech - Official).
  Janel has committed to Kent State.  She cited 1. strong academics, 2. beautiful social campus and 3. great team chemistry as the main reason why she picked Kent.  Natalie is considering the strong offer from Lou Tech and is likely to decide this week.


 SCORES 1/13/13

 Players of the Week

NE 5

Lakewood FC 1 


 Taylor (6-6, 2 HR, 5 Runs and 8 RBIs)

NE 5

Raiders  2


 Ness/Koreen (excellent pitching)
Crystal/Cassie/Kam/Nadia (flashing leather)

NE 6

Riptide  3 playing in the Worth Cup tournamanet in Hemet.

Saturday - Worth Cup - Pool Play
Diamond Valley Park
Report 6:30am - Wear Black

8:00am DV 6 1B Nemesis Elite (Garcia) Worth Firecrackers (Rico)
9:45am DV 1 3B  USA Athletics (Mercurio) Nemesis Elite (Garcia)
1:15pm DV 1 3B SoCal Fillys Nemesis Elite (Garcia)

Sunday - Bracket Play
1st and 2nd in Pool in "Gold" Bracket
3rd and 4th in Pool in "Silver" Bracket


~18u Blue~

Nemesis 18u blue played at Discovery this weekend. The team played well for not seeing the competitive field for about 3 weeks. Maren & Ellie's pitching shows signs of their hard work starting to pay off. Both only gave up 1 walk. Even though our bats were a little flat we came up with big hits to keep us in striking distance to our opponents. Maren was the offensive player of the weekend going 4 for 6 with a triple in game 2. Cara went 2 for 4 , Sammie, Miranda & Inessa all tripled and Meritza broke out of her slump with a double in game 3. Defensive player goes to Miranda who gloved up some hot shots and 3b. A special thanks to Manny & the Athletics coach aiding our injured catcher Bianca in game 3. We wish her a speedy recovery.


 Players of the Week

NE 3

Impact 4


Maren (4 for 6)

NE 2

AP 3


Maren & Eliie (pitching)

NE 4

AA 4

Up next for the at Discovery.

~16u Gold~ 
NE 16U Gold hosted at Apollo Park and went 2 wins (Schutt Supreme and Arsenal) and 1 loss (OCBB).   We started off slow trying to work out the rust from having a month off.  But the girls played well.  Sticks were a little sleepy but Olivia cranked out her second HR.  Izzy struggled on the mound her first inning against OCBB after jamming her thumb and Zoe came in to relieve her.  Zoe came in with bases loaded and no outs and OCBB up by 1 run.  They managed to squeek out 2 more runs and after that, Zoe shut them down even striking a few out!  Zoe's rise ball was wicked!  Ally did a great job in CF even catching a ball that the 3rd base OCBB coach didn't think she would get to.  He told me "I did the cardinal sin and sent my runner from 3rd home and had to call her back".  Great job Ally for proving him wrong :)  Score finished up 3-0.  Girls are looking really good...we are going to have an awesome Spring season.  Very excited about this awesome group of athletes.
~16u Blue~
NE tied Punishers 
NE under OC Batbusters (Mcnee)
NE over SB Dynasty

The team started off slowly out of the gate from the break, but picked it up as the day went on.  Stephanie had a good weekend both offensively and defensively, and Andrea had a big clutch hit to scratch out a victory over the Dynasty.  The team suffered a variety of small injuries, which thrust players into different roles.  Players picked it up, and ended the day with a nice win!  All around an OK weekend.  Highlights:  Great Base Running  Low Lights: Poor Hitting Exhibition vs OC Batbusters. 
~14u Blue~

Report Forthcoming

~12u Gold~

Vs. Synergy  8-2 win
Vs So Cal Mirage 7-0 win
Vs. So Cal 3d   16-2 win
Sunday Nemesis Elite 12u Gold had a great offensive showing. The team hit early and often lead by the killer combination of Dejanae Davis and Stacey Surace hitting in the 1 and 2 spots keeping the opposing defense off balance as they would slap, bunt, and swing for power when ever the situation called for it. Stacey Surace went 9-10 for the day including  a homerun and a double. Stacey was joined in the Homerun department by Kiana Hinson, Kiarra Crocket-Pope, Daisy Torres (who came in to pinch hit with the bases loaded. Grand slam), and Kayla Rivas. But every player on the team drove had line drives, extra base hits, or a RBI.
The team was great on defense, that has become to be expected with this team. Kamryn Bellamy, Kiana Hinson, Mia Parker, Amanda Castro, And Daisy Torres all did a great job in the circle as they only gave up  4 runs in three games combined.

~12u Blue~
Report Forthcoming.


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