Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 11.26.12 - Weekend Recap - Teams Play in the Turkey Tournaments

11.26.12 - Weekend Recap - Teams Play in the Turkey Tournaments

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11/23-25 Weekend - Teams Play in the Turkey Tournaments.  Below is a summary of the weekend's action:

18u Gold
Team was off.

The team practices on on the weekend.

18u Blue

Nemesis 18u Blue played in the Punishers Big Turkey Classic at Artesia Park.

Nemesis faced the tough 18gold Punisher team lead by their D1 signed lefty pitcher. Ellie was given the start and did a great job going the distance. She gave up 1 earned run which was unfortunately a HR in the 5th inning. The Nemesis defense played very solid supporting Ellie. The Punisher pitcher shut down the Nemesis offense by throwing a no hitter.  Nemesis 0   Punishers 2

Game 2 - Nemesis started off hot as Rocky lead off with a triple and the Allison singled to bring her in. After a Sammie sacrifice and a single from Bianca E & Jessica should have lead to a big inning but poor base running stopped a big Nemesis attack. Maren doubled in the 2nd which was the last of the offense threat. Cougars 6  Nemesis 2
Game 3 - Sunday single elimination: Nemesis faced the Punisher 18u team. Nemesis came out swinging After Rocky lined out to the pitcher, Allison doubled, Sammie doubled, Bianca singled then Cara came up with two on and drove in two runs she was thrown out on a controversial call at 3rd that ended the rally. Ellie was given the start and did a great job until the 3rd inning when a couple of walks and two home runs let the Punishers take the lead. Nemesis answered back in the 4th when Bianca E singled and Maren singled driving in Bianca. In the 6th Punishers scored the final go ahead run. Nemesis 5  Punishers 6
I would have to say that the stand out players of the week was the whole team. Even though we came out on the losing end we fought hard and never gave up. Special prayers go out to Rocky hoping that her arm injury is not serious.

Next up Toys for Tots.

16u Gold
Report from Team Manager - Marney Wright:

Nemesis 16U Gold played in the annual Brenda Marsh Thanksgiving Tournament.  Although we did not win as many games as we would have liked, we still played well.  In pool play we faced American Pastime 18U and we lost in the last inning 5-4.  Our next pool play game was against Pure Fastpitch and we did not fight as hard as we needed and lost 7-3.  We had to immediately play our first bracket game which we won 9 - 3 against American Athletics. 

We showed up the next morning (Sunday) to face Smash.  It was a very good and hard fought game with each team gaining a run or two throughout the game.  We entered the 6th inning tied up.  Olivia comes up to bat and CRUSHES the ball to left center for an easy HOMERUN to drive in 2 runs.  We are now up 5-3.  Smash is home team and has last ups.  Smash came out fighting and beat us by 1 run.  We lose 6-5. 

Girl's are playing very well and just need to play "smarter softball".  This is a very talented, hardworking group of girls that are perfecting their "softball smarts" and when they do, watch out!  They will be tough to beat. 

Outstanding plays of the games go to Amanda who caught two amazing over the shoulder catches in our last game to save us from getting those awful duck fart hits that just make you want to scream. Great saves Amanda. 

Outstanding hit of the weekend goes to Olivia!  She hit the hardest home run hit I have seen yet.  Rolled so far on that astroturf field that they had just picked it up when she was rounding 3rd base while laughing.  Yes, I could see her laughing as she was running into 3rd and all the way home.  Awesome!

Great job ladies!

16u Blue
Report not submitted.

14u Blue
The Nemesis Elite 14u team had a great showing in their pool play games as they go undefeated and finishing 1st place in Pool C. In the first pool play game, Mini Mendoza held American Pastime scoreless and the team made great defensive plays to back up their ace pitcher for a 2-0 victory.

In the 2nd pool play game against Strike Force, the team couldn’t do wrong and the bats came alive right from the start when the girls scored 10 runs in the first inning alone! That big lead provided a healthy cushion for Jocelyn Hernandez as her and Destiny Cerda only allowed 3 runs the entire game, while the team kept the runs coming with good solid hits and smart base-running.

All those pool play victories came to a sudden halt when we faced USA Athletics in bracket play, and the team couldn’t continue their hot hitting as they struggled against the opposing pitcher.

Nemesis Elite 14u vs American Pastime, W 2-0
Nemesis Elite 14u vs Strike Force W, 15-3
Nemesis Elite 14u vs USA Athletics Austin L, 3-1

Overall the team played well this weekend and we saw how good this team can be with the right winning attitude.

12u Gold

NE 12u Gold participated in the Brenda Marsh tournament.
vs. Irvine Sting  9-3 (L)
vs. LTG Lions   9-4 (W)
vs. Team California 2-1 (W)
vs. Grapettes 5-0 (L)
The team battled against steep competition and showed flashes of brilliance defensively this weekend. This was especially the case in regards to relays where NE throw out two base runners in a close ball game, one being at home and the other at third base. Kamryn Bellamy lead the charge with her pitching. In the 2-1 victory against Team California, Kamryn struck out ten of the seventeen batters she faced. NE did struggle a little at the dish and is looking forward to gettingback to work as they prepare for the 'Toys for Tots' tournament this weekend.

12u Blue
We saw lots of improvement with the girls over the weekend, not many errors were made. Our pitching trio of Macey, Emilie & AC all worked hard over the weekend, as did our only catcher Dominique. There were some great memorable hits like Dominique’s big hit down the middle in the second game of the 1st inning for a triple and Alyssa T hit a sweet fly ball in the third game of the 4th inning for a double. There were also some memorable defensive plays made like Joleen catching a high fly ball out in left field as did Emilie when one was hit out to her in right field both in the 3rd game. Mia also caught a line drive ball hit off the third base line.

Player of the week: Haylee “Lil Bit” she may be small but this kid gives it her all every single time. A fly ball was hit out to right field in the third game. Haylee ran for it, dove and she did catch the ball but just as she raised her glove to show she caught it, the ball slipped out of her glove. She is a great slapper and is quick when she on base.  
Saturday’s Scores
NE vs. California Cruiser (L) 6 – 2
NE vs. Team California (L) 10 – 3

Sunday’s Score
NE vs. USA Athletics (L) 9 – 2 a very slow start to the day.

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