Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 11.19.12 - Weekend Recap - Colleges recruit at Discovery

11.19.12 - Weekend Recap - Colleges recruit at Discovery

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11/17-18 Weekend - 16u Gold captures four wins in Surf City, 12u and 14u play in Downey. Below is a summary of the weekend's action:

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18u Gold
Team practice on Saturday afternoon, followed by a sleepover and more fun on Sunday.  Well deserved down time for the 18u Gold players and families.  Big thank you to Sandy and her family for hosting the team. See video below of Kam, Tay and Joanna dancing.


On Saturday Marshall University (West Virginia) "We Are Marshall" and Kent State University (Ohio) evaluated NE players at Discovery during practice.

Big thank you to Marney Wright and the 16u Gold squad for welcoming Kylie this weekend.  Kylie is being recruited by the University of Oklahoma "the Sooners" and they watched her play on Friday and Sunday.

The team practices on Wednesday and Saturday because softball players play and practice softball...all the time...even before and after Turkey.

18u Blue

The team was off.
Next up...Thanksgiving Tourney.

16u Gold
Report from Team Manager - Marney Wright:

Nemesis 16U Gold team competed in Surf City's Early Thanksgiving Showcase.  Friday had two games against two Firecracker teams and won them both.  Anessa and Kylie joined us for the evening and Kylie had Oklahoma there to check out her awesome hitting skills!  Kylie hit a shot to RC for a triple and then another for a single.  She batted 500 for the night and impressed OK so much their head coach flew out Sunday to watch her in one more game.  Anessa did a great job pitching the first game holding Firecracker's Brashear to 0 runs and 0 hits.  In the second game against another Firecracker's team, Erica and Zoe also kept them to 0 runs.  Erica only allowed 2 hits and Zoe 0 hits.  Great job ladies!  Hitters of the night...Tanya who went 4 for 4 (4 singles) and Madison who went 3 for 5 (single, double and triple).

Saturday was a little rough.  The rain held off all day until our game time...figures.  Rained about 80% of the game!  We played AZ Cats which was a solid team...beasts!  Amanda made an awesome diving stop at 2B to make the 3rd out of an inning!  They took it to us in the rain and we lost 9-2.  Our girls hit the ball well, just directly to all their players while AZ hit the ball in all the gaps.  Softball god's just weren't in our favor that night.  Game was called 10 minutes early due to the field being mud by then.  Our second game for the day was cancelled due to rain.   

Sunday started off on a weak note.  We played Kryptonite who showed up to play and hit the crap out of the ball!  Unfortunately our pitching didn't answer the call at the beginning of the game.  Kryptonite started off with 5 hits in a row followed by 2 walks and then 2 more hits and 2 more walks.  They scored 10 runs in the first inning!  However, that was all they scored.  Zoe came out in the 2nd inning ready to fight!  Not only did they not score anymore runs, they also did not get one single hit after that!  Great job Zoe! 

Our second game was against Bownet.  The girls kicked it up a notch and came to play.  We won 6-3 which was nice since Oklahoma came to watch Kylie play again.  Bownet used 3 different pitchers which did not affect us...we hit the ball very well off all three. 

Our third game of the day was against USA Athletics and our girls wanted the win bad!  They not only came to play, they came to fight!  They fought hard both defensively as well as offensively.  Outfield was not about to let anything by them or drop.  Ally made an awesome diving stop in CF to keep them to a single rather than a double. USA put 2 runs on the board in the first inning.  We put 0.  But in the 2nd inning, we answered them with Tanya leading off with a single, followed by Alyssa with a single, Erica with a walk and then Angie with a high bouncer up the middle to bring in 2 runs.  Angie "attacked" second with Erica on 3B and USA lost focus and went after Angie which scored Erica.  Score is now 3-2 NE up.  USA then answers with 1 more run...tied ball game top of 3.  Ari starts off the 3rd inning with a shot to Left Center for a double.  Madison follows with a single up the middle to score Ari.  Tanya lines out deep to CF to score Madison.  Ally follows with a shot over the pitchers head for a single.  Alyssa then follows with a shot to Left Center for a triple to score Ally.  USA then has their ups for the bottom of the 3rd.  Zoe strikes out their first 2 batters.  Top of the line up comes up and we walk her.  We allow her to steal 2B and advance to 3B on a pass ball.  We then walk the 2nd batter.  Runners on 1st and 3rd and we do not execute our play properly so runner at 3B scores and runner on 1B is now on 2B (scoring position).  Score is 6-4.  3rd in their line up is up (she hit a triple her first time at bat) and is fouling off some deep hit balls.  She sends a hard hit line drive to Jaycie in LF who sprints and catches it just before it hits the ground for the 3rd out.  We win 6-4. 

Played 6 games = 4 wins and 2 losses
Universities at Nemesis Elite Games
Kent State

Special thanks to Brittany for playing with us on Friday and Saturday! 

16u Blue
This weekend was another impressive string of victories for the 16u Blue Crew.

Continue the progress and follow the motto: "DO WORK!!!"

14u Blue

Up next: Turkey tournamnet.

12u Gold
Nemesis Elite played very well this weekend. Following  the teams best week of practice this season, was a team that proved to be very focused.N E exhibited a high level of communication defensively which was led by Kayla Edwards who did an exceptional job of making sure her team know what was going on with every pitch. The new  "Barrel" and "qaulity at bat" charts used in the dougout was a hit. As everyone on the team was able to sign their name on one of the charts. NE is looking forward to another week of hard work in preparation for the Turkey Tourney.
NE 6 vs Minors Gold 4
NE 9 vs Primetime   4

12u Blue
It was a very slow start to the day. First scheduled games were all pushed back by 1 hour. Our Wonderful Dads stepped right in to help get all 3 fields ready, but despite all efforts field 2 still needed more work so our first scheduled game was cancelled.
Our second scheduled game of the day started out very rocky. Defensive errors cost us 7 runs in the 1st inning and then 3 more runs in the second inning. These were not the same girls who just played their best games last weekend. Memo and Courtney regrouped the girls and girls pulled themselves together and did not allow any more runs against them. In the end however we were unable to score.   
Last game of the day was a different story. The girls had some good hits in the 1st and 2nd innings, but it was in the 4th inning that the girls really started hitting the ball. With 2 outs against them each girl that went up to bat got on base and it just kept going scoring 9 runs in just that inning. Our defense also put in work; they held the apposing team and did not allow any runs against them until the very last inning.
Player of the week: Dominique, for not only hitting a nice fly ball out to right field earning herself a Homerun, but as the only catcher on the team she has been working really hard behind the plate showing great skill and having a great attitude.
NE vs. Panthers (L) 0 – 10
NE vs. Cobras (W) 19 – 2
Up next for the 12u Blue Team is the Brenda Marsh Turkey Tournament. 

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