Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 11.5.12 - Weekend Recap - NE team Travels to FL & Captures 5 wins - 40+ Colleges Present at Games

11.5.12 - Weekend Recap - NE team Travels to FL & Captures 5 wins - 40+ Colleges Present at Games

PhotobucketKeep up with the NEws...The Nemesis Elite News!!!
11/3-4 Weekend - Nemesis Elite teams in Florida D9 Sun Classics wins 5 Games.  Ne 18u Blues hosts at Indy and wins 2 games. Below is a summary of the weekend's action:

D9SunClassicNov2012-TeamPicture 2 
D9SunClassicNov2012-TeamGetsaRide 2 

18u Gold/D9
A 14-month project for the Nemesis Elite organization culminated on Sunday on a  2-2 tie vs the Illinois Chill.  Planning and the selection of players for this event started in September 2011.  Great job by all involved, Sandy, Marney, Craig, Holly, Bob, Art and all of the Nemesis Elite players (and their parents) from the 3 different teams: 18u Gold - Leilani, Crystal, Ness, Ky, Koreen, Janel & Nadia; 18u Blue - Maritza; 16u Gold - Maddie, Ally, Alyssa and Tanya.  Excellent job representing the organization.

Planning and selection for the 2013 D9 Sunclassic team starts now...the plan is to enter a 16u and an 18u squad.  For details contact your respective team managers or search the D9 article detailing the process.

Key Performers
Leadership - Crystal and Ness
The Battery
 - Janel and Crystal - 4 wins, 1 tie.  (Coach Craig...great job with your staff)
With the Stick - Ky 20 at-bats, .421 Avg, .895 Slugging 2 Homeruns (over the fence); 10 RBIs: Maddie .400 Avg.: Koreen 2 Homeruns (over the fence), 6 RBIs; Crystal .667 On-Base.
Swing of the Weekend - Maddie's Homerun over the center field fence to tie the Illinois Chill on Sunday...her first over-the-fence homerun!!!

Flashing Leather - Outstanding performance by Senior Catcher, Crystal Cano.






NE 8 - Wa NW Sidewinders 0
NE 11 - FL Gainsville Gold 9
NE 7 - Team Florida Gold 3

NE 3 vs CT Charmers Gold 1 
NE 1 vs Vienna Stars Gold 10
NE 4 vs Lady Gators Gold 2

NE 2 vs Illi Chill 2


College of Charleston - NC
Marshall University - TX
Kent State - OH
Longwood University - VA
Lehigh University - PA
Fordham University - NY
Charlotte State - NC
Fairfield University - CT
Stonybrook University - NY
University of Pittsburg - PA
Monmouth University - NJ
Marist College - NJ
Boston University - MS
Florida Gulf Coast Univ
Mercer University - GA
Youngstown State Univ - OH
Florida Atlantic
Ole Miss - MS
Bryant University - RI
St Peters University - NJ
Elon University - NC
Oklahoma University - OK

Bethune Cookman - FL
North Carolina State
Rollins College - FL
Boston University
Marist College (2)
Oklahoma Univ (Sooners)
Central Carolina Univ
St Joseph Univ - Penn
Marshall Univ - WV
Longwood Univ - VA (2)
Florida Gulf Coast Uni
Lyscomb University
Texas Tech University
Villanova University
Elon University
St. Peter's university
Kent State - OH
Univ of Kentucky
Virginia University
Monmouth Univ (2)
Stoneybrook Univ (2)

Lynn University-Fl
Univ of south Florida
Stoneybrook univ
Bradley University
Providence Univ
Colgate Univ
Fl Gulf Coast univ
Fairfield Univ
Boston Univ
South Carolina
Michigan State
Univ of Delaware
Bryant univ
North Carolina state

18u Blue

Team hosted at Indy on Sunday.

NE 8   Cal Storm 2
NE 1   Lady Hawks 4
NE 5   Chaos 2
Players of the Week: Brittany 3-4 ( .750 avg ) Cara 3-4 ( .750 avg ) and Allison 5-7 ( .714 ) But the stand out was Ellie who went 6-6 ( 1.000 ) with 2 home runs. Awesome!
The parents did a great job on the preparing the fields and running a successful snack shack. our team chemistry is really starting to come together.

Next up USA Preps Invitational National Showcase Palmdale/Lancaster.

16u Gold
16u Blue
Off - Team went paintballing on Sunday.
14u Blue
12u Gold
12u Blue

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