Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 9.28.12 - A Letter from Coach Manny - Using Exercise as Punishment

9.28.12 - A Letter from Coach Manny - Using Exercise as Punishment

PhotobucketI remember that my High School basketball coach used to keep us from drinking water to makes us tough...I hated that.

We now know that withholding water or sports drinks from an athlete at any time is dangerous.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOn a personal note...I detest the use of exercise as punishment and I have not punished players with exercise in my 20+ years of coaching.  Indeed, I regularly use exercise as a reward...yes a reward...not a punishment.  The winning team does the push-ups!  But is that just my opinion? Or my coaching philosophy?  Or is it the right way?

The Question - Is it ok to use exercise as punishement in order to correct behavior or improve performance?

The answer is increasingly NO!  It is not ok to punish kids with exercise.

Just consider the following:

1. California considers the use of exercise as punishement a form of corporal punishment.
2. The use of exercise as punishment is indefensible from a legal liability standpoint.

Nonetheless, it is common for coaches to use exercise as punishment in an attemp to "motivate" the athlete to perform.  "Drop down and give me ten!"  Miss the ground ball and..."see ya" run to the pole and back.  "Hey if you guys don't stop messing around you are all going to run (of course the coach never runs).  And my favorite...since Suzie was late everyone runs a mile.

According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE 2009):

NASPE opposes administering or withholding physical activity as a form of punishment and/or behavior management. School administrators, physical education teachers, class room teachers, coaches, parents and others working with children and young adults play a critical role in providing meaningful physical activity experiences. Therefore, teachers should see providing meaningful physical activity as a way to ensure that children and youths develop positive attitudes about physical activity and stop viewing physical activity as a means of punishment and/or behavior modification.

The literature is clear...exercise should never be used or kept from childern as a form of punishment.  Thus, on Nemesis Elite coaches are not to use physical exercise as punishment.

PhotobucketLet's encourge our children to view exercise as a positive part of life...something to be enjoyed...everyday...for life.

Want to learn more...look up the following:

NASPE Position Statement - Physical Activity Used as Punishment and/or Behavioral Management.

It just makes sense.

Coach Manny

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