Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 9.24.12 - Weekend Recap - College Workshop a BIG Success!!!

9.24.12 - Weekend Recap - College Workshop a BIG Success!!!
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9/22-23 Weekend Recapweb3_zps9b15b1d0 w ne logo

*Congratulations to Senior Bianca Espinoza on her commitment to Western Texas College.
 *College Workshop a Big Success (Saturday 9/22) as approximatelly 80 players and their familes learned about the college process.

18u Gold
The 18u Gold squad participated in the College Workshop on Saturday and performed during the softball clinic.  The 18u Gold squad was off on Sunday, 9/23/12.

The 18u Gold squad practices this Wed/Sat and hosts games at Discovery on Sunday 9/30/12.

18u Blue
The team hosted a 8-way friendly at Discovery (won 2 lost 1).

After the loss to the USA Athletics in which the team allowed too many runs, Eli Ponce went the distance for the win vs the Punishers in game 2.  In this game, the hitting was supplied by a Rocky, Maren and Sammie double.  Eli was supported by solid defense from Rocky & Cara who turned two double plays.

Maren went the distance in game 3 for the win vs the OC Dynasty.  Maren was supported by strong performances from Rocky, Sammie, Mari and Jessica.
A special thanks to the parents again for running a successful snack shack and keeping up with the fields.

NE 5 - USA Athletics 8
NE 4
- Punishers 3
NE 7 - OC Dynasty 4

Player(s) of The Week: Rocky  According to Coach Mike "Rocky hit the ball well, played solid defense and put pressure on the opponents all day with her base running. She definitely displayed her leadership capabilities."

Upcoming for the 18u practices on Wednesday and is playing in the ASA's Heartland Showcase on Saturday and Sunday.

16u Gold
Team was away at the SoCals Finest exposure event in Hemet.

See Report from Manager Marney Wright below:

This was our first showcase and we started off very bad!  The girls never showed up to play Sat...very flat way too many errors.  The list is too long to even note.  Thankfully we only had two games that day.  And then Sunday they were back on track!  Two of the three teams we played Sunday were much tougher and the girls finally showed up to play.  Turned 4 double plays, a squeeze, stole bases (I've got 4 runners that can steal on a pretty regular bases, Ally, Erica, Jaycie and Madison) and had an awesome and successful rotation!  Ball hit to Jaycie in left field who came up with the ball very quickly, fired it home, "cut" was called, Alyssa cut the ball (runner was too close to home) and threw to 2B and got the runner out for the 3rd out.  Text book!!!!!!!  Our first game was a battle with Lil' Rebels out of NV.  We ended up losing 5-6 and the behind the plate blue after the game said "I could have umped that game all day long...that was fun!".  Mercied our next team by the 5th inning and tied the last game.  We batted all 14 players the entire weekend...we were the only team to do that amongst the teams we played :)

About half our team stayed in Hemet and in trailers at the park.  Very fun weekend even though it was super hot, humid and no covers over the dugouts...yuck!  Dave made sure everyone was fed and hydrated :)

SATURDAY (played horrible)
NE 2 vs Firecrackers Rice 7
NE 4 vs SC 3D 8

NE 5 vs Lil' Rebels 6
NE 13 vs NY Dynasty 0 (mercied in 5th inning)
NE 3 vs Minor's Gold 3
Player(s) of The Week: From Marney "This week I am nominating the entire team.  Saturday was an epic team failure and the girls could have let that take them down.  But instead, they came back bright an early (6:30 AM) Sunday and brought the defense and the sticks!  They came back hard and succeeded as a team!  Couldn't have asked for more!  Great group of girls!"

Upcoming for the 16u Gold...the team is off and going to Dysneyland.

16u Blue
Team played at Discovery on Sunday.

NE ? -
NE ? -
NE ?

Player(s) of The Week:

Upcoming for the 16u Blue...the team practices on Wednesday, College Workshop and Softball Clinic on Saturday and games at Discovery on Sunday.

14u Blue
The 14u Blue hosted at Independence Park.

See report from Manager/Coach Emil:

The Nemesis Elite 14u team successfully hosted its first full-day friendly of the season on Sunday, Sept 23rd at Independence Park. It was a busy day for everyone as the team played four games straight while the parents and families worked the snack bar and prepared the fields all day long.

All attention was on deck during the games as the new players got their first taste of Coach Manny Garcia and the returning players missed his presence in the dugout. The hits came in spurts today as Kirsten Rhoades hit a screaming line drive that ended up being a "game winning" homerun and Jocelyn “Jojo” Hernandez and Elise Oliande each hit a solid triple. CJ Apacible also got robbed of a homerun (a big bomb that went behind the Snack tent) in her first at-bat of the day and just settled for a triple...the "Blues" called her back.

All of the pitchers got more than their fair share of the mound as NE rotated five different players to pitch. Dominica “Mini” Mendoza showed her potential as an ace pitcher by not letting any runs scored in the 2nd game, and Jojo Hernandez followed with a similar performance as well.

Player of the Week: Jocelyn “Jojo’ Hernandez – known as Shorty amongst her peers, but she surely played BIG on Sunday. Jojo was 4 out of 7 on the plate including a triple, and also did it on the defensive end by pitching 5 innings and only allowed 3 runs. Who you callin’ Shorty?!?

Nemesis Elite vs Boombah – W, 4-3
Nemesis Elite vs SC Heat – L, 8-0
Nemesis Elite vs Roadrunners – L, 11-4
Nemesis Elite vs Stealth –L, 5-2

Upcoming for the Nemesis Elite 14u team... the team practices on Wednesday and Saturday and is on the road for Sunday for an away friendly

12u Gold

The team was off on Sunday. 

Upcoming for the 12u Blue...playing at Discovery on Saturday evening and at Indy on Sunday.

12u Blue
The squad played in an away friendly at Case Batbusters in Hacidenda Heights.
NE 1 - 5 Wicked
NE 0 - 11 SD Aztecs
NE 12 - 5 Trinity

Player(s) of The Week: Offense - Joleen and Defense- Alyssa
Upcoming for the 12u Blue...the team hosts at Indy on Sunday.

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