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Tuesday, September 16
NE Skills Videos

Parents and players, the Nemesis Elite organization offers a convinient and affordable Skills Video alternative to its members. Below is a sample and some details.

Joanna Perruccio's
Skills Video - Dec 2012 

PhotobucketGoal - To create a skills video that "showcases" the skills of Nemesis Elite players and meets the recruiting need of college coaches.  To provide a convinient and affordable alternative for parents.

Video Layout

Skills Video - 3-4 mins (see above link for sample video)
Player Introduction (the athlete introduces herself)
Statistical Tables
Fielding or Pitching/Catching

One player shoot $250, two+ player shoot $175 each (up to 4 at a time). $100 non-refundable deposit to schedule the shoot...balance due once satisfied with product.  Make checks payable to Nemesis Elite.  Note.  You can provide your own filming and editing...the price is reduced by approx. 50% for the direction and drills for the videographer to record and edit.

Shoot Time - 3 to 6 hours. 

Web Platform
Videos uploaded on the SoCalNemesisMedia YouTube account, cross-linked on the NE web page and loaded to any YouTube account or college profile application.

Hard Copies
1 CD/DVD provided...not copy protected.

Reasonable editing...will integrate additional game footage provided by families... high school games, friendlies, tourneys, etc. No additional cost as long as players is a member of Nemesis Elite.

Best time to schedule shoots are during the summer break, the holiday break or during the HS softball season.  Priority is given to seniors, then juniors and so on.  Email to schedule your session.

preview Shinning Star
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