Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 8.31.13 - A Letter From Coach Manny About College Softball...

8.31.13 - A Letter From Coach Manny About College Softball...

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This letter was first posted on 8/16/12...

Nemesis Elite parents and players... 

So Many Questions... 

Player - How do I get a college interested in me?
Parent - How do I get a college interested in my kid?
Player - Which college should I attend?
Parent - Do I just pick a school for her?
Player - What should I study?
Parent - The kid has no clue what she wants to study? Is there a Facebook degree?
Player/Parent - Will Coach Manny make me attend another college workshop?
Manny - YES!!!

Here Are Some Facts "According to the NFCA Top Recruit July 2012 Publication"
1. Only 25% of the 1,100 college programs are at the NCAA DI level...odds are that you will play at the DII, DIII, NAIA level or Junior College level.
2. Full Rides Are Rare! DI fully funded programs have 12 scholarships for about 20 players.  Most players will receive partial "athletic scholarships" or attend school on academic scholarships, parent's money, financial assistance and/or loans.

Now that I have your interest, I have the opportunity to cover the areas that I find families/players are most deficient when it comes to the college marketing process...

1.  Research: Little or no research into what schools fit.  Families and players have to do their leg work and learn about conferences and colleges to build their knowledge base.
2. Zoom In: No focus.  Pick 5-10 schools and get to work, do their camps, write to the coach, visit the school.  Again visit the school.  Focus, focus, focus.
3. Testing: Athletes wait too long to take tests.  Take the SAT and ACT early! These scores are very helpful to college coaches and quickly identify a fit between the school and the student athlete.  Furthermore, taking these tests early allow for time to improve.
4. Video: No Skills Video.  Players are going to need a skills video. First thing out of a coaches mouth "Manny do you have a video for this kid?"

Hope this get to work!






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